Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Gift Guide for Your Girlfriend

I don't know about you but I'm knee deep in Christmas organization mode. We have our schedule largely worked out and the shopping list is about 75% complete. We're heading to the outlet mall to shop for ME the rest of the gifts soon and then we'll be smooth sailing for the next 2 weeks (oh JC 2 weeks? ack...).

Here's last year's gift guide and 2011 and here are my ideas for this year:

1. Slippers - Minnetonka Cally Slippers. This puppies are warm and have a rubber sole so if she needs to hop outside to meet the UPS guy there's no worry. Also: pink.

2. Watch - because she's classy and always on time. Ok, at least she's classy. I like this one but Fossil also carries these great interchangeable watch faces + bands. You know, for that rare individual who changes her mind. Who me? No...

3. Jewelry - because, duh. I am an incredibly picky jewelry wearer. If it's anything beyond a basic or classic piece, I want input. When in doubt get a gift receipt. If it's in your budget, diamonds go with everything but if you're a normal person and would rather spend your money on snow tires these puppies should do just fine.

 4. Scarf - I put one on every year because I don't know any girl who has too many and there are always so many cute new patterns every winter. This one is a nice rich red - a a little bit Christmas, a little bit lumberjack.

5. Weekend bag for all those romantic trips you're taking her on this year. This one comes in a million colours but so does this one and it's a bit more wallet friendly (and comes in 'mountain goat').

6. Subscription to Audible - Does she have a long commute? Audiobooks will make it bearable. With a year's subscription she can get a new audiobook each month. Bonus free book with subscription.

7. Hot Water Bottle - Maybe this one is a bit odd but it's at the top of my list and maybe your GF sufferes the same frozen lizard toe affliction as I do. Maybe you're lucky and you scored one of the 10% of us who is a human pizza oven? Maybe we should just count our blessings? We follow a strict heating schedule in our house and it goes something like this: leave the heat off as much as possible. Reason? Money saving. Result? Cold bed at night. Solution! Hot water bottle in bed. It's a cheap way to get some extra heat without the inconvenience of a heated blanket or space heater (hello fire hazard). Also: maybe she'll stop jamming her fridgid lizard toes in the back of your knees. Also: probably not.

What are you shopping for this season? What's on the top of your list?