Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Food for Life

Have you ever been asked the rhetorical question "If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?". I have been asked and also asked this questions many times. The most popular answers seem to be pizza, steak, hamburgers, or some kind of pasta. (My friends sure love their carbs and meat... who can blame them?). For so long my answer has been lasagna. Similar to pizza it covers all the important bases - crispy and gooey cheese, variety of meats, and salty goodness. My answer is typically welcomed with "Oh ya, good one" or "only if there's sausage meat in it" and really, uh duh.




CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I know, right.

My world is turned upsidedown. Apparently that isn't one word?

My world is turned up side down! Upside down!  Up sidedown!

My world has been turned on it's head. I have found a new lifelong lover that I could eat everyday until the end of time if necessary, and probably will despite it being unnecessary. But who's being dramatic, really?


I just can't deal. I want to eat it at every opportunity and have taken to ordering it from every menu put in front of my mac and cheese hungry face.

Some notes:

I think you get it. Go Google "Mac and Cheese" and you will find the answer to "What does Erica want to cook tonight?". 

With all this drama (Oh, you noticed?) I think it's time I start the pursuit of my favourite Mac and Cheese recipe and my favourite restaurant Mac and Cheese. I think it's safe to start with Martha, especially since so many others quote her recipe as their inspiration. I will find my favourite recipe, and determine my favourite add-ins (don't faint) and then I will return and I will tell you about my adventure. I will also go broke buying Gruyere, but maybe I will find a cheaper replacement that I love as much. Who can know! 

So, not that I'm biased, but what food would you want to eat for the rest of your life? Do you have a favourite Mac and Cheese recipe? I'm asking... for a friend...