Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Favourites ver. 23

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, semi-regularly... every-other... randomly... on Friday!  

1. Well, what I like most this week is... THIS. Maybe I should show you a picture, too? Ok. Now, figure out how I took this picture...

Hello beautiful...

2. These pants. I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole coloured pants trend but this raspberry/burgundy/red wine colour is just so GD festive. Also, these pants are crazy comfortable. Seriously crazy. I haven't yet ventured into pairing them with other colours, mostly neutrals, but I have a mustard sweater that might need a friend...

3. We were on vacation last week. We took a 'stay-cation', my first that was longer than one day. It was AWESOME! I recommend it. I got so much laundry done! And cooking! And cleaning! We went swimming at the rec centre which was pretty awesome. It was just great to be at home with no obligations. We had planned on using the week to build our deck but other things took priority and we didn't finish it. I'm not heartbroken, we had fun instead. The dog is dealing with the new obstacles.

Who decided to build a deck in October... I oughta punch her...

4. Wedding planning is weird. People like weird things. My mentality so far is not to stress over any of it. Really, none of it matters. What matters is that Rob and I want to be married and all we need to do that is an officiant, each other, and a witness. Everything else is just for fun.

5. While we were on vacation, Ontario decided to go all nutso with the colours. It was beautiful.

I think I took 30 pictures within 10 minutes

6. Oktoberfest came and went! Did you know that the city I live in, Kitchener-Waterloo, has the second largest Oktoberfest IN THE WORLD? The first being Munich. Fair. Yep, we rock the shit out of schnitzel eating and beer drinking. Also, polka dancing and keg tapping. I love it.

Polka dancers doing something that I don't think is polka dancing...

7. Sign of a good night

Have you played this game? You should. Purchase here

8. Links this week:

What are you doing this weekend? Watching baseball? Good. That's the only acceptable answer. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stuff I Love: Calvin Klein 'Push Positive' Bra

Sorry boys. Go away, please.


On Saturday, about 1.5 hours before we needed to leave for a wedding, looking very un-showered and dishevelled  Rob and I were in The Bay picking up a wedding gift. And a shirt and tie for him to wear. And a dress for me to wear. When I mentioned to the sales clerk that we were heading to a wedding that afternoon she commented "Oh I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone in doing everything last minute". To which I replied politely but screamed in my head "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? THIS IS THE ONLY THING I'VE EVER DONE LAST MINUTE IN MY LIFE AND WILL GO HOME AND PLAN TWO MONTHS WORTH OF DINNERS TO MAKE UP FOR IT". I hope she didn't read that from my smile and "oh, totally!" response.

En route to check-out we passed the women's underwear (lingerie? unmentionables? wtf is this section called?) and I saw a giant display of Calvin Klein bra's - specifically the 'push positive'. I'd read a review for this style online - I think it was this one - and as a sucker for well-reviewed products I decided to buy two.

This bra has 'soft-wire' which means there aren't any stabby bits and they won't poke out the side after you... very gently hand-wash them (ie: throw them in the washing machine). It's crazy comfortable for a non-sports bra. There are also many colours!

I'm a bit ashamed to share the video for it, though. It's not exactly inspiring... to women anyway.

But, don't let that turn you off. This bra is awesome. I went back on Sunday and bought a third.

Side-note: a friend of mine, a much more 'well-endowed' friend of mine, tried this on and said that it might be 'a bit too much push' for her but eventually decided to get it 'just for fun'. Because, we girls do that. We buy bras that are massively boob enhancing... just for fun. True story.

I'd recommend this bra but maybe that you try it on first just in case it's 'too much push'. It's more comfortable than anything I've purchased at Victoria's Secret thus far.

BONUS - The Bay is having 'Bay Days' which means that the whole store is on sale. This bra is normally price at $50 but is currently on sale for $35 until October 30th.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

In which I get fooled by my whole family...

So. You want a story? Here's the story.

Sunday morning. The day after Thanksgiving, two days after Oktoberfest. I'm tired. I want to sleep in. I have no plans for the day. The dog, per usual, comes upstairs at 7am, Rob gets up and takes him out. All very normal and expected. He comes back to bed and says "I'm going to go down and make breakfast, you come down whenever you're ready." I fall back asleep until 9am. I get up, I go downstairs.

Rob gets breakfast out of the microwave (where it had been sitting, waiting... for two hours). We eat, I ask him if he's just been napping on the couch, he says yes, etc etc. All very normal. We finish eating. Rob gets up and walks around the couch and calls the dog. uhh what? I hear the dog (I can't see him over the couch). The dog walks over to the table, and, like dogs do, he shakes. Something flings off his collar onto the floor. *ping* I see it, Rob grabs it, dog goes back to sleep. Crying, laughing, hugging, etc etc. I said yes!!

So, that's all very nice and simple and wonderful. I have a beautiful ring on my finger and I'm happy all over. I start calling the following people:

1. My mom: my mom had previously told me that she was going to Winnipeg for an MRI. Pretty normal. I call her on her cell phone - she's happy etc etc.

2. Rob's parents: I call his dad, he's happy, etc etc.

3. I call my brother. Him and his fiancée scream and cheer etc etc.

I make a few more calls and we go on with our day.

I ask Rob what he wants for dinner, I suggest I make pizza and I'll get groceries this afternoon. Rob tells me that he's actually made a reservation at our favourite restaurant so we can go celebrate. What a lovely thought, that sounds delightful.

The day goes on, fairly uneventful. I start to get ready for dinner. I suggest going early, Rob kiboshes that. Ok, whatever. Finally we get into the car and we head to the restaurant. We arrive and Rob walks up to the hostess and tells her the reservation name. All very normal.

She asks us to follow her, we walk through the restaurant and pass all the tables, pass the washrooms and.... walk right up to the door of the private dining. The door is swung open and inside awaits MY MOM, my brother, his fiancée, Rob's sister, her boyfriend, Rob's parents, and my brother's fiancée's parents. All waiting for us for our immediate engagement party.

I was VERY surprised. It was so wonderful to be with all the people you love most so quickly and all at once. We had an awesome dinner and came back to our place for champagne and cake and some board games. It was perfection.

Did I mention I hadn't seen my mom in over a year?

Oh, did I mention ALL OF THE LIES THAT EVERYONE TOLD?? So. many. lies.

My mom wasn't going to Winnipeg. Rob's parents didn't cancel their family dinner because they had a wedding to attend. My brother and his fiancée weren't busy with friends that night. This plan had been in the works for a month and all of these people knew. All the calls I made Sunday morning were fake - my mom was actually taking the call from my brother's place in Toronto.

There were many other small things that were seamlessly executed and it turned into a massive, awesome, seriously crazy surprise. We are SO happy. Rob's had a month to get used to the idea - I'm still working on having it set in!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

October 1st

I can't get over saying 'Holy shit it's (every month) 1st!'. Gretchen Rubin uses the line 'The days are long but the years are short' and it seems to be more true as every month passes.
September was a whirl-wind and we're hoping for a more relaxed October.
Some fun things I did in September...

Brought an old armchair to my BFF. The final placement is still TBD.  

Niagara wine tour with work colleagues  We drank much, played 'Wine Tour Bingo' and had a seriously wonderful day.  

Work trip to Niagara for interviews. I'm going to hurt something good when this dog has to move on to her advanced training.  

Oh did I make traffic signal cookies? Yes, I did make traffic signal cookies. Are you really surprised? 

First attempt at cinnamon buns. Mildly successful. Worth a second shot. Need to roll tighter.  

One of my favourite soup recipes ever. Freezes well. Feeds many. Do it. 

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