Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Favourites ver. 16

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, (almost) every Friday! 

What a crazy few weeks! Since my last post on (gulp) June 6th about 100 things have gone down. Most of them wonderful and therefore deserving a space on my list!

1. Kennedy Space Centre: I WENT HERE. I took a crazy last minute (book trip on Monday, left on Wednesday) trip to Orlando to meet RB's family on their vacation. It was more spontaneity than I'm used to but it was very awesome nonetheless. One of the days that I was in Florida we went to KSC and it blew my mind. We spent 5 hours there and probably could have made it 8. Bus tour, Imax, simulator, GIANT ROCKET SHIPS. Ya, do not miss this amazing attraction sould you find yourself nearby. Also lots of fun for kids!

2. I emptied a box of 500 cupcake liners. This means I have made more than 500 cupcakes in approximately 3 months. Holy what the! In the past week alone I delivered more than 200 cupcakes. I am completely overwhelmed by the awesome support of this community! I also had a photoshoot with a very generous friend to get some promo pics.

My cupcakes at this year's Steel Rails event - my biggest order yet! Photo by my wonderful photographer friend, Christine Reid

Oreo Cupcake from promo shoot

Red Velvet Cupcake from promo shoot

Chocolate Cupcake w/ Chrysanthemum piping from promo shoot

3. Generous friend also took awesome picture of the local fur baby.

4. Speaking of fur babies - I am once again in the awesome company of a TEENY TINY FUZZY puppy. Thank you to my friends for satisfying my need for puppy exposure. (Pictures coming soon...)

5. It's a long weekend. MOST FAVOURITE! What are you up to? We're having a BBQ but otherwise chilling the eff out... and cleaning the house!

6. Bookmarks this week:

Enjoy your long weekend!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

DIY Round-up

In the past two years I have become a bit of a DIY junkie. If I want something new for the house or for myself I pretty much always consider if I can make it before looking to buy it. While I love going to the mall, I still want to maintain a certain unique factor to my style and home. What better - and usually cheaper - way to spice things up?

Some DIYs that I've been looking to start:

1. Beaded Statement Necklace from Making it Lovely - looks relatively inexpensive to make. Michael's offers a 40% coupon every week and you can print it online. Michael's is one of those stores where you shouldn't ever buy anything at full price. **I just looked on the Michael's site and they have a coupon for 20% off entire purchase!!**

2. Mini Makeup Bag from Say Yes to Hoboken - another inexpensive project with umpteen variations. You could make three different sizes to use for travelling or make them as bridesmaids gifts full of makeup! So cute. Check out the scraps bin at the fabric store for small bits perfect for this project.

3. "Freaktastically Awesome Rug" from Vintage Revival - LOOK at that thing!! What a way to make a huge, unique statement in your home! Homesense carries rugs in a variety of sizes and also has good sales. Ikea also carries basic, cheap rugs that would be good for this, too.

4. Men's Shirt Pillow Covers from Ducks in a Row - any easy way to avoid sewing a button or zipper on a pillow case and a cute, preppy result! Re-purpose that stack of old shirts instead of donating them... if only they could maintain the cologne smell.

5. Neon Rhinestone Bangle from For the Love Of - Neon is huge right now and this is a very cheap way to add a bright pop to an outfit without buying those neon pink jeans that you'll get one season out of from H&M.

6. Colour-Block Tote from Say Yes to Hoboken - what a cute beach or market tote! I love carrying a bright, one-of-a-kind tote and this one looks very simple. Maybe this will happen this weekend...

Do you have any fun DIYs planned for the summer?

Monday, June 04, 2012

Stuff I love: PINK Brand Cotton Tees

After last week's heavy post, let's lighten it up a bit!

Oh gawd I can't believe I am even saying this...

You know that psychotic, terrible, nauseating store, created by Victoria's Secret, lovingly called PINK?

Ya, it's crazy nutso walking by there... why would anyone over 15 go in there...

Well folks, I did it. I went in. And I hit the JACK POT.

You know those crazy soft, wear-everywhere, own-every-colour, v-neck, cotton t-shirts? The ones that are everywhere but seem to cost $5 more every time you see them?

PINK has them. And you can get 2 of them for $28. They are 60/40 cotton/polyester and they are crazy super soft. I wear a lot of t-shirts in my work-from-home life and I have 4 of these. While they do sell these in their typical fluorescent pink/green/etc they also have them in plain colours suitable for the 15+ crowd.

I have white, charcoal, bright orange, and dark grey and I love em' all

I'd like to point out that I have cotton v-neck t-shirts from Old Navy, The Gap, Joe Fresh, Smart Set, and The Bay and the ones from PINK are the big winner. Aren't you glad I did all that research for you?

So, if you want an awesome, reasonably priced t-shirt, trust me when I tell you to go to PINK. I don't say that lightly. I make sure to look both ways before entering to make sure no one sees me go in.

*Not a sponsored post, I just love this stuff!