Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Favourites ver. 5

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, every Friday!

1. TODAY! Is my last day of work before I'm on holidays for TWO. WEEKS. So many things are going on over the next two weeks I'm sure it'll fly by

2. I made more Christmas cooking this week including these Monster Cookies from The Pioneer Woman (with xmas coloured smarties, duh) and these Peanut Butter Etc Blossoms from Bakerella. Both are super easy and make lots of cookies.

Peanut Butter Blossoms. I found a variety of kisses (cookies & cream, almond, etc) and even tried different chocolate cups (caramel, peanut butter, etc).

3. This soup. It is O.M.GOD. Amazing. Seriously. Even if you just make the soup, but the cheese topping is worth it. It's super simple, you could use an immersion blender if you don't have a food-pro. Trust me. Make this. If you're not following Smitten Kitchen you're missing out.

Straight out of the oven. I used marble rye on top. I could eat this everyday.

4. Tomorrow night, PK & I are hosting a board games night at my place. There will be puppies and games. And puppy games. and Guesstures.

Not quite small enough to fit on the stairs but nice try, bud.

5. We're going to see Stuart McLean on Tuesday for his annual Christmas concert. I grew up listening to the Vinyl Cafe on CBC Radio. It's a classically Canadian outing and I hope to continue to go as long as the show comes to Kitchener. Technically this item is for next week but I'm so pumped for it, I think I will listen to podcasts all weekend.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Murphy's Law Strikes Again

Whenever something inconvenient arises in my life I tend to reference Murphy's Law in some capacity. Usually a combination of "if things can go wrong, they will go wrong" and "If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong" with the corollary "at the most inopportune time".

Here's the thing though, it's never an 'opportune' time for your car to break down. It's never an 'opportune' time to lock yourself out of the house. And today, it was not an opportune time for the dog to get sick in about 6 different ways.

I could say that it was most inconvenient because:
1. It's Monday
2. It's the week before I leave on holidays and I have lots of work to get done,
3. It's the week before the holidays and dropping my Visa card at the vet is not on my wish list.

But really, had it been 6 months ago I would have said it was inconvenient for 3 other reasons. Some things just aren't ever convenient. Sick dog is one of them.

I'll spare you the bad details. The jist of it is that he needed to go to the vet. X-rays were taken, meds were prescribed, home we went. I put all THREE soiled dog beds in the wash and hoped for a better afternoon.

Not so much.

So now here I am at 6:20pm pretty much just starting my workday. Awesome.

I can't WAIT to have kids. I bet I'll become a regular contributor to Murphy's Law.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Friday Favourites ver. 4

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, every Friday!

1. I added a 'pages' toolbar. It's just above this post, below my header. It's not very exciting at the moment but it's a good way to add more permanent information lik
e my Life List and where else you can find me on the internet. I'd like to start a 'books' page that lists what I'm reading as that seems to be one of my favourite things to tell you wonderful people

2. I'm almost done reading 'Two Towers' and my mind continues to be blown. Should I be ambitious and commit to finishing 'Return of the King' by the new
year...? We'll see...

3. I made this Sausage and Lentil Soup last night and it was so very tasty and came together in one pot. Always a good feature. I made it with a combo of ground turkey and

4. I also made these Christmas Cherry Cookies last night. I was feeling like I hadn't done much Christmas baking (and mostly Christmas crafting) so it was time to whi
p up a Christmas classic.

5. I had another puppy date
this week. I'm pretty sure this is going to be a weekly thing as I was informed that the puppy slept for 8 hours afterward. PK was quite pleased with that. Boomer is getting used to being pushed around.

6. The snow, it's coming. 'bout time!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Gift Guide for your GF

I am a girlfriend. Apparently I'm hard to shop for. I'm going to make this easy, here are a handful of ideas to get for your girlfriend:

1.Circle Scarf from American Apparel. It's super cozy, available in 80+ colours. At $34, get her 2 in her fav colours.

2. 'Hank' earrings from Jill Schwartzentruber. I have purchased earrings from Jill's booth at the One of a Kind Craft Show for the past two years. They are durable, feminine and very reasonably priced for hand-made jewelry. Also available in many colours. Looks like free shipping, too!

3. Cosmetic bags by Stephanie Johnson. These travel pouches range in sizes good for a night away or a week away. Available in cute colours (I'm liking the Lima Purple). Pick up a few based on your GF's travel habits. I have a whole collection of these pouches, I use them for electronics, as a pencil case and for make-up. You can never have too many.
4. BAGGU reusable shopping bags. A few weeks ago I ordered 10 of these so I could give one to every person on my list. They come in fun patterns and fold up super small into your purse so you always have one on hand.

5. lululemon Cuddle-up Sweater/Jacket. My brother's gf got me this last year for xmas and I'm certain I wear it at least twice a week. It's so cozy and great for lounging around the house, running errands, or changing into at the office xmas party (I didn't do that...). lululemon also offers *free* shipping. Which is awesome and dangerous.

Good luck to you in your shopping trips! All items above are available for online order which means you don't even have to leave the house :)

Friday, December 02, 2011

Friday Favourites ver. 3

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, every Friday!

I have been obsessed with Christmas crafts lately.

I finished making my stockings, tutorial here, except for my own. Putting effort into something for myself is not a priority. I'll probably make it on December 23rd. Meh.

Onto some favourite things!

1. I'm almost finished all my Christmas cards! Last year I made all my cards and decided to go the same route this year. I get all my stuff through a friend who is a Stampin' Up demonstrator. Their products are awesome and everything matches which fulfills my OCD tendancies.

2. THIS CHRISTMAS WREATH!! I've been contemplated making a wreath like this but all the tutorials involve a lot of glue. This tutorial is brilliant and I will likely make it on Sunday. Pics to follow.

3. These paper crafts. Pretty sure I'll also make these on Sunday. Easy and totally cute.

4. My work Christmas Party is tomorrow and we are going to Langdon Hall. It is the most exquisite restaurant in the area. It was also named the best hotel in Canada and was ranked 77 on top 100 restaurants in the world in 2010. I think we'll have fun, it's always an awesome night.

5. And finally, the picture below. This pretty much embodies me and my two closest girlfriends. I'm pretty sure I'm going to frame the originals.

Do you have any Christmas or holiday crafts on the go?