Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The List

I registered for Camp Mighty back in June. I'm still nervous to go but I've already chatted with a few other attendees and it is getting VERY EXCITING. The weather in Waterloo is also cold, rainy, and smells of wet dog. The wet dog downstairs isn't helping the cause.

What's that - 39 days until Palm Springs? Woo!

A component of the conference is discussing your Life List. While I've definitely considered different things I'd like to do in my life I haven't compiled them into one place.

Note that this list is not to be confused with a 'Life Goal' list... which is an entirely different story. This is more of a bucket list.

Here are a few items I have been considering:
1. Spend time in all 10 Canadian provinces (layover in an airport doesn't count) (so far I'm at 9 haha does that make this goal too easy? nah)
2. Make macaroons with perfect feet
3. See every NHL team play (I'm at Detroit, Toronto, Carolina, Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh)
4. Get 1000 hits on my blog IN. ONE. DAY. Haha I better start brain storming for intriguing topics... or keywords...BOOBS.
5. Ottawa for Canada Day
6. achieve 'curb appeal'
7. Successfully plant, grow, and eat something (the miracle mint in my backyard doesn't count)
8. Be a vegan for 30 days
9. 'lay out' and catch a frisbee point
10. Score a second goal in hockey
11. Get a penalty in hockey
12. visit Thailand
13. Host a 100 mile feast
14. Re-read all of my favourite fantasy series (Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, His Dark Material, The Hunger Games)
15. Do a 30-day challenge every month for a year
16. Successfully complete NaBloPoMo (I signed up to do it in November of this year!! ee!)
17. Go on that 3-week Southeast Asia trip I keep talking about with RB
18. Take a food tour in Europe
19. Attend TED (speak @ TED??)
20. Read LOTR trilogy (The Hobbit was KILLLLLEERRRR... and as of this week I started book 1))
21. Hike the Inca Trail in Peru
22. Host xmas dinner for my whole family
23. Do a downward dog and have my heels touch the floor
24. Make pierogies
25. Write a cookbook
26. Own a cottage
27. Rent a cottage in PEI, drive there with dog & stay for a week, no technology, only cookbooks
28. Send xmas cards to my family every year for as long as I am capable (going on 2 years now)
29. Go to San Francisco
30. Give only homemade gifts for Xmas one year
31. Be half-decent with a camera
32. left-side plank, arm & leg up!
33. PIE CRUST, make it, and make it GOOD
34. Mentor a high-school girl who is interested in engineering

That's all I've got for now, I'll add more items in new posts as NOVEMBER 10th gets closer. I'm trying to get to 100, erp!

Update Oct 19.11

35. skinny dip
36. have a conversation in sign language
37. attend Munich Oktoberfest
38. build something with my dad
39. Read all previously awarded Man Booker prize winners and continue to read each yearly winner

Update Oct 20.11

40. learn how to change a tire on my car (have my dad teach me?)
41. convert someone from a roundabout-hater to a roundabout-LOVER!
42. make my grandma's pickles (have mom teach me?)
43. train my dog to be well behaved off-leash (maybe not this dog... next one!)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Old School

There's a bookcase in my office that has held the same books for 2 years now. I haven't really spent the time to think if I could get rid of any etc. Good thing because I noticed a small green book up there... my high school journal! Pretty much the 3 years I spent in boarding school... ya, this shit is real.

I've seen a few blogs that have had the guts to post old journal entries in their entirety, word-for-word. They are braver than I!

Damn, I was a smart mouth! What language! I can't stop cringing.... here are a few snippets but no full entries... yet...

Dec 14, 2002 6:56pm
"On January 30th, I'm going to see my most favourite band in the whole world, Our Lady Peace!!"

{Oh how much I had to learn...}

Dec 14, 2002 11:40pm
"I'm not very good at physics and I have an exam on Monday that is gonna make me shit my pants"

{Good thing I decided to study engineering...}

Dec 21, 2002 10:52am
"apparently my mom has gone on a cleaning spree and I'm supposed to be a part of it. I disagree. Sure lots of it is my stuff but it is Christmas VACATION! I asked her if she understood that concept and she said that she'd never had a vacation so no"

{holy ANGST, I called my mom and read that to her and we laughed. I guess that's part of parenting - allowing the success of your adult child to overshadow the angst you had to put up with when they were teenagers/shit-heads... or something...}

Have you ever re-read your old journals? I think it might take me a few years before I post full entries. I think it'll take me at least another 10 years before I get over how strange/odd/angry/weird I was/...still am?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DENTAL CHAOS! Ok, not really.

I had a dentist appointment this morning. I needed 3 fillings and I was getting them all in one go. "It'll be a quick visit, for sure" they told me. "In and out, not a problem!". I swear everyone who works in a dentists office is on some kind of upper . They are so darn cheerful! Rightfully so, I suppose. It's not like anyone LIKES going to the dentist (except my girl CR, holla!). So I guess it's good that they are so cheerful? Good work, dental team!

Anyway, I had a cleaning 2 weeks ago. The thing about a cleaning is that there isn't a lot of pressure to be perfectly still or to ruin anything. It's easy enough to have the hygienist take breaks frequently so you can do things like breath, swallow, cough, etc. You know, normal things. Teeth cleaning, no big deal, NBD.

The bad part about the cleaning, however, is when the dentist comes in and takes a look. Now, this is their job and this is really why you go. The dentist can say 1 of 2 things.

1. You're fine, see you in 6 months!
2. Something is wrong and we're going to have to put you in incredible discomfort to remediate it.

Pretty much #2 is the blanket statement for all dental work. None of it is enjoyable.

2 weeks ago, my dentist told me I needed 3 fillings. 2 on my top wisdom teeth and 1 right beside one of those teeth. Or, in plain English "we need to do work on 50% of the most awkward, hard to reach teeth in your mouth".


So I go in today, sit down on that big ol' chair, and immediately start sweating and jittering. This is where the sit-still-don't-move-don't-shut-your-mouth-DO-NOTHING-UNTIL-I-SAY-SO comes in. So dentist says this and what is the only thing you can think of?

Why is my saliva suddenly so think and slipping in my throat? Oh my god I am going to choke on it? Is this what it feels like to choke on your own spit? Ow, my lips are cracking, they have never cracked so much in my life! I wish I could lick my lips! I wish I could have a drink of water! WHY DOES NOBODY SEE THE PAIN I'M IN!!!!???

Pretty much impossible to clear your head.

It's like going to the lady-doctor and they start chatting with you. You can't just chat away that discomfort.

Over-share? Sorry boys

Anyway, I had my 3 fillings finished. It really wasn't so bad. I'm just a giant baby and I haven't had much dental work done so it all seems stressful to me.

I walked out much poorer and my whole left-side-face is numb.

My eye is leaking, my nose feels like it's running, and I think I might be drooling. In other words I look about normal.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Emergency Room

I have never broken a bone and have never really done anything that has warranted a trip to the emergency room (that I can remember....)

I have, however, taken two of my friends to the ER on separate occaisions. One is a hilarious but painful story and the other is pretty standard.

Story #1
It's first year. I live in residence. My residence friend and I decide to go to a party in the apatrment complex across the street. It's a 'theme party' of sorts. The theme being the guys who are hosting have purchased a large inflatable pool and have filled it with a variety of slippery substances. This is a KY Wrestling Party.

I was actually on a date that night so I decided to keep it classy and NOT jump in. My friend however had a different idea. In she went, wrestled it out with another girl to the cat calls of the crowd. Yadda yadda yadda, it was a pretty good party. The end of the night came and my friend and I (not remotely sober) headed back to rez. End of Story.

Oh wait, there's that 'emergency room' part I forgot about!

So it's a couple hours after we got home and I'm completely asleep. BANG BANG BANG. Someone is hammering on my door. I try to ignore it (sorry, friend!) but eventually go answer and see my friend standing outside my door in tears telling me that she has had a killer ear ache for the past few hours. This is one tough cookie of a friend so to have her in tears and telling me she's in a lot of pain I'm going to take her seriously.

Thankfully I was sober and we hop into the car and head to the ER.

Upon arrival we have to explain to the triage nurse the situation.

And then we explain to another nurse the situation.

And then we explain to the Doctor the situation.

"She has a really intense ear ache... maybe there's dirt in it... maybe there's a combination of.... dishsoapvaselinewaterKYjellylubeotherslipperysubstance in there..."

Eventually my friend get's prescribed some pain killers and is given a tetanus shot. Home we go.

Story #2 is way less dramatic.

My friend hurt her ankle at a frisbee game and I drove her to the ER. Pretty standard and pretty awesome bruises. I obviously took pictures.