Friday, June 24, 2011

Right-handed Kid Gloves

On a regular basis, Boomer and I pass a group of young kids playing across the street. These kids run up to Boomer and pet him and talk gibberish to me. A few months back, I guess I was wearing a t-shirt for the first time and the little boy was shocked by my arm and ran away. After that he never came up to pet Boomer.


Boomer and I walk up, kids run to pet, etc etc. The following conversation unfolds

Little girl: What happened to your hand?

Me: I was born like that, just like you were born with brown hair

Little girl: I think the doctor made a mistake

Little boy (who hasn't spoken to me in months): Why didn't the doctor cut off your leg too?


I don't exactly recall my response but it was something like "the doctor didn't cut off my arm, I was born that way" or something equally polite because that's exactly how I wanted to respond.


Eventually I walked away with Boomer but not before the little girl could yell "I hope your arm gets better!"

Me too kid, me too.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My dog has fleas. It's my fault.

For the first 2 years I had Boomer, I lived in an apartment. All of Boomer's outside time was spent on a leash or brief stints in my brother's backyard. This all adds up to a highly unlikely chance of catching fleas.

When we moved into the new house in the fall we had a fence put up so Boomer could run free at every waking opportunity. Squirrels and rabbits carry fleas, both of these things exist in my backyard. Yard + rodents + no flea protection = Unhappy & itchy Boomer.

So now what? My dog has fleas, caused by animals that uncontrollably enter my backyard.

I read several articles about how severe a flea problem can be. They carry disease and can be very annoying to your pet and they can also bite you. No good. Now that Boomer has them, they are likely everywhere in my house. However, they are surviving because they are feasting on my dog.

Enter solution! I called the vet, they said that while pet store products will work they are not a complete solution. The vet recommended a product called 'advantage 55' which is a topical treatment that you administer once a month for 6 months. It will cure the fleas he has and prevent further feasting. Win, Win. I picked it up, he's treated, we're set. Now to wash everything in the house to settle my anxiety.

Next year I will know better. There's an all-in-one booster available that combines other meds that he's taking to prevent a variety of pests. We'll get started on that right away in the early summer and hopefully I'll never see another flea again!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some news

3 Great things happened yesterday evening

1. Ignite Waterloo 6 was held at Whistle Bear Golf Course
I can't say enough about this event. If you haven't been, you should try it. You won't be disappointed. More info here, my previous recaps here, and here

Jackie's comments here
Darin's comments here
My co-host David's comments here
(more to come)

2. The Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup!
Which is... AWESOME!! Haha, don't hate me!

3. Regional Council voted 10-1 in support of the Light Rail Transit plan.
I am so happy that we will be getting trains but also that a decision has finally be made. More info here. Hilary's comments here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What have I done...

I just registered for this because it looks AMAZING!!!

(a conference/camp in Palm Springs)

The whole thing just looks outrageous and something that I would thoroughly enjoy.

But now that I'm looking at others who are also going I am outrageously intimidated.

Guess I better start being awesome-er so I don't look like a fool :s

Anyway want to teach me some cool party tricks?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Toy

Oh hi, remember me?

To my credit I did write a post a few weeks ago and then blogger crashed and lost it. I like re-writing blog posts like I like stabbing my eyes with spoons. Sorry :(


It's rectangular, fits in my purse, and comes in high def.

Hm, I realize the answer could be a DVD. It's not. It's a playbook!

Note that I suffered some anxiety over writing this post. I'm a non-tech in a high-tech community. My comments seen very pedestrian and in this community you get laughed at for making such a faux-pas. In my favour, these devices are designed for 'pedestrians' to use so my comments are seemingly more valuable than those who got a device for free. Put that on your cake and eat it!! Or something...

It's so cute and small and I can take it everywhere! It has an e-reader app (Kobo) which is very exciting. I read a lot and have considered an e-reader but didn't want to make the investment for something that I would only use while traveling (which isn't as often as I'd like). So I like the idea that the e-reader part is just one piece of an otherwise cool device.

Another thing I like is the 'blackberry bridge' capabilities which essentially connects everything from my blackberry to my playbook. Email, task lists, apps, etc. It can also be used anywhere for web browsing provided my phone has service. Good thing my parents live in the land of dial-up... (yes, that still exists).

Anyway, it's pretty fun so far. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes when connected to the TV via the HDMI output and also traveling with it this weekend. How many eps of Weeds can I fit on it...

Some other interesting things:
- I got central air and it is THE BEST. No more face melting when drying hair, no more everything melting when trying to sleep!
- I have a new roof! That's really boring.
- I'm going to Winnipeg this weekend for a friends wedding and I'll get to see my mom
- I'm considering going vegetarian for a month, change up my cooking habits, probably lose my BF in the process :p
- THIS is fun stuff