Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Gym

I purchased a gym membership almost a year ago. I love my gym, it's clean, friendly, mostly gym-rat free, and very welcoming. I have enjoyed my membership but it wasn't until this past month that I really started getting my monies worth.

As I mentioned in my previous post I've been really good about getting to the gym this month. I'm trying not to think of it as a New Year's Resolution because I don't like to think that I need a new year to reconsider my health. Instead I'm seeing it as a 'NO MORE EXCUSES' endeavor. Last fall I was buying a house and then moving into a new house, then I was working in Barrie for a month and then it was the holidays. Now, in January, there are no more excuses. I'm so happy that I've been sticking with it. Finally.

My approach these days is to just do classes. I have no problem doing my own workout but I don't work nearly hard enough to get any results. The classes on the other hand are challenging and you have to sign up for them. A bit of accountability in that. I've also met so many nice people. I'm a social exerciser so I really enjoy having other people around to encourage each other. This here, this is working.

Based on a recommendation from one of the class teachers I signed up for an intro personal training session, specifically to work on posture. My posture is that of a hunchbacked ogre. Like Shrek and Qusimodo had little hunchbacked ogre babies. Translation: shitty. I spent everyday at a desk and every minute throwing my left side forward. This has resulted in a shoulder-approaching-ear problem, a one-leg-shorter-than-the-other problem, and a general-pain-in-the-ass problem. This here, this AIN'T working.

The session went well and I was happy with the exercises that he suggested. He then asked if I was interested in booking more sessions. Up until now I saw personal training as something for people who needed added encouragement to work-out or didn't know the basics of working out. While that's true, a personal trainer is also another set of eyes and another brain helping you reach your goals. This means more ideas, corrections, and even more encouragement. So I asked my trainer if he was up for a challenge. I have no problem making it to the gym etc. What I have a problem with is my literally non-existent left bicep and tricep. Actually. I can fit my fingers around my arm as if it were my wrist. Please don't try to beat me up, you will win. I'm sure you can imagine the problems I have with trying to work-out these muscles and I'm all out of troubleshooting ideas. My trainer accepted the challenge and I hope to hear back from him in a few days.

We'll see how this goes!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Screw this...

... I'm no longer going to search for that perfect topic and make sure it's perfectly executed. That's being an author, not a blogger. I'm going to make a genuine effort to post more. Quality not guaranteed.

A few things on my mind these days:

1. I finally saw 'The Social Network'. I. Loved. It. I'll be honest, I have a bit of a crush on facebook, I've had an account pretty much since it became available to Canadian university students. I've been through all the updates and the backlash and then the forgetting of the updates and the start of the newsfeed and... etc etc. I loved this movie because I felt like it could have happened in my life. I was studying at a supreme geek university in a supreme geek program. Those guys could have easily been my friends. I've heard those conversations and I've seen guys ditch girls so they can get home before their idea is lost. In addition, the music is amazing (Trent Reznor FTW) and the acting is awesome (if Jesse Eisenberg would cut his hair I might even extend my crush to him).

2. Home improvements have finally started. Oh right, I never got around to telling you I bought a house... 3 months ago... blogger fail. I painted a few rooms, hung some curtains, started collecting things to hang on the walls, it's coming together pretty nicely. I'm trying hard not to spend too much money because we need a new roof come spring. Stupid uninspiring, boring but necessary projects.

3. I don't want to jinx it but I've been to the gym at least 4 times per week since the first week of January. I'm finally taking this shit seriously. No more excuses. I'm also going to Jamaica in February so that's a bit of inspiration. I've also booked an appointment with an RMT and have a session with a personal trainer to work out some posture issues. Turns out I'm crooked and it's painful. It's unlikely that I'll sign up for a package with a PT, they are hella $$. Have you ever used one? Was it worth it?

4. My dog is still cool and awesome. He also has a fully fenced backyard. Based on what I spent on the fence my dog is also crazy spoiled in addition to being awesome.

Until next time.