Monday, May 17, 2010

#4 Exploit the Youth

"Why be a parent, cousin, aunt, or uncle - if not to exploit children for blog content?"

While there really aren't any kids in my life these days I did have the wonderful opportunity of spending Christmas holidays with my cousin's son (let's call him Monster). I've never really spent time with kids or had any desire to hold babies and I'll be honest... I find them kind of boring. As such, I was a little nervous as to how Monster would take to me. Well, turns out you give a kid 5 minutes of attention and you are his new best friend.

Before leaving for holidays, my cousin and her family had been practising names with Monster. They had a little book with people skiing in it and had helped Monster name each person after a member of our family. It was great to see him, having never met him, and have him scream out ER-RICK-UH!!! Though it tended to be in a low growling voice I still took it as a good sign. Even better was the fact that my cousin's family had told Monster than my dad should not be known as Uncle Duncan but rather as UNCLE DUNCLE, which he insisted on repeating 10 times, every time.

Monster was at the famous stage where he repeated everything we said and so the 'swear jar' rules were instituted. Thankfully Monster had exhausting days on the ski hill, fell asleep early, and we could rebel with our curse words and rousing games of 'Things'*.

I'm sure my cousin appreciated the fact that we were 10 adults and one kid for the two-weeks we were away. That little guy was never without a companion, especially if it involved jumping on Uncle Eric's bed.

*If you don't have this game, you need to get it. It is without a doubt the most hilarious time you can spend with your family. Be warned however, you may find out certain things about your parents that you never wanted to know....

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