Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Foodie Goodness

Very quick update...

Last week I made the following:


This is my favoutite - EVER!!! I double the sauce part at the end and it is great... I never put in cashews because I never have them... and I serve it with jasmin rice.... it is still FAVOURITE the next day after it has festered overnight... hot OR cold... sometimes I can't wait the 2 minutes to heat it up. I love it, you should try it and then let me know :)

I Also made this pie... which was ok. It's really important that you let it sit in the fridge for a bit otherwise you will have pie soup. It was pretty tasty, espesh with Ontario strawberries and rhubarb.


Juicy SS Update to come soon!! xxoo

Saturday, July 11, 2009

SS update: Date #4

Well, WELL! Date #4 was last night. It was great!


On Canada Day, there are fireworks north of campus and pretty much the whole city goes. Naturally, I went with a few friends. We are chilling on the grass waiting for the show to start and I see my friend Mike standing nearby... I go over and say hello and then introduce myself to his friend.

"Hi, I'm Erica"
"I know, we've met"
"Uhhhh....*sticks foot in mouth*"

Later that evening, me being thoughtful/caring/nice/polite (like you thought any other :p) I found him on facebook and wrote a message:

"Hi D4,

I promise to never forget your name again


I get a nice reply 'Ya, no problem... etc" but then, 2 days later... I get the cutest most perfectly eloquent message asking me out for drinks. This message should be used in some sort of 'How to ask a girl out and get good results' manual. I obviously said yes... though with the exception that we need to hang out at my place because Suicide-Boomer can't handle me leaving just yet. I did JUST get him after all.

Friday, 8pm rolls around. D4 shows up with dog treats. Not only that but fancy dog treats from the posh pet store in Uptown Waterloo. Points man, points. So with Boomer tied to the porch and chasing Squirrels, D4 and I chill out in on the porch enjoying some Stella and Apple Crisp (I made it... you know, just in case... haha, I'm so smooth) After who knows how long, I'm starting to fade, I had gotten up with Boomer at 5am. So I bid adieu to D4 but not before giving him my number (he asked!). We both said we'd like to hang out again , "Ya, maybe for dinner?" (he said) I suggested I could MAKE dinner... "I'm not even going to pretend I can cook so that would be awesome"..... *le sigh*

So it was great! Good convo, loved my apple crisp... no complaints!

Also, this afternoon (not 2-4 days later... what a stupid rule) I got a text saying he enjoyed the evening and is looking forward to next time.

So now I have to figure out what the heck I'm going to cook!! Any suggestions?? I'm thinking spinach & strawberry salad... (AKA 'First Date Salad' as I dubbed it last summer after making it for just about every first date I have)... maybe Butter Chicken? Maybe a pie? Boys love pie... ladies, make pie for your man. It is an easy win.

Boomer actually walked into his crate on his own just now and is having a nap... this is a good sign!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Single Style Date #3 & Boom Boom the super dog

This post should be a report on Date #3... except Date #3 didn't happen.

I started talking to this guy a few weeks ago. I would say it was going pretty well and then he asked me to go for drinks on Wednesday but that we would discuss the details later (I think he asked me last Friday). Sure, why not. That makes sense.

Sunday rolls around and I ask him about his weekend, leaving out the date plans... I figure this gives me another excuse to talk to him Tuesday/Wednesday. Wednesday comes, I message him:

"Hey... still on for tonight?"

That was at about noon on Wednesday... no reply. Oh, he is in Toronto so I scheduled dinner with a friend (Bryan) that night to, just to make the hour drive a bit more worth it. Well, 5pm comes and I still haven't heard anything. I don't want to stand Bryan up so I decide I'm going to drive to Toronto regardless of if I hear from D3 or not. Before I go, I leave the following:

"I'm heading to meet my friend for dinner, give me a call/text if you still want to meet up"

(He knew I had made dinner plans with Bryan and that we were going to meet for drinks once I was done).

No answer, no call, no text...

I get home later that night and there's nothing... and now there's still nothing...

Pretty much I'm going to drop this one. Too bad really, he seemed quite nice but now I just feel like he was rude. Boys - say SOMETHING! Don't just leave a girl hanging like that. No matter what - say something. Make up an excuse if you have to, as long its something.

Moving on. I actually have Date 4 tonight. He's a friend of a friend and he's coming over to my place to chill with me and Boom Boom. I have more faith in this guy, we'll see if I'm right!

Also, Boomer is settling nicely. Last night was his first in my apartment. I put him in his crate at about 9pm, turned the lights off, shut the door to the office. I sat down to watch tv and he started barking... waiting... barking... ok fine, I'll come see you. I went in, said hi, and then sat down at my desk for a few minutes. Eventually (maybe 5 mins?) he settled. I left the room and then he was FINE. NO NOISE!! I woke myself at 5am to the sound of what I thought was him whimpering but it was just stupid brids outside. I was awake so I took Boom Boom out, he was still totally passed out! Haha, he didn't eat breakfast yet and he's back asleep now! What a cutie... I hope this behavious keeps up! I'm going to test what he's like with me leaving him mid-day... I NEED milk so he's just going to have to deal with not being next to me.

Happy weekend y'all!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I have found my +1.

I went to the SPCA today and met Boomer the Beagle. I fell in love. I adopted him. He has infected stitches from having his peanuts chopped so he can't come home until Thursday. You bet your britches I'll be posting pictures.