Friday, April 17, 2009

On Twitter

In searching through my twitter history, I realized it is my one year anniversary. My first tweet was on April 14th, 2008. I'm pretty sure I had about 4 followers until this January when it exploded and... became stupid and useless (for me).

For me, twitter was one of those dorky internet indulgences that few had discovered and sort of went hand-in-hand with my blogging and blog reading. One of those little secrets between me and the internet. That little secret is now EVERYWHERE!!!!! IT'S EVEN ON OPRAH!!!

Everyone and their mom now has twitter! It is no longer my little daily indulgence into the secret life of Barack Obama or John Mayer. It now hosts scads of my friends, who I'm obviously following (how rude not to!) and I have to censor my posts like I would on facebook.

I liked it when twitter was unknown. Now, I feel obligated to post, like it's my duty as a user of this newly popular internet mecca (literally: a place many visit or want to visit).

So now what? I can't deny that I enjoy John Mayer's cute and witty updates or being able to text the world which bar I'm at in hopes that they will join. Well... I really have no answer, I imgine I will either continue to update or randomly start forgetting and end it like that.