Saturday, February 07, 2009

25 things about me

I don't like posting facebook notes so I'm doing it here.

1. I am naturally blond and will always say I'm blond no matter how many times I keep dying my hair brown.

2. I was TERRIFIED to learn how to drive and then my mom conned me into taking this test. Now I have my own car and I'm very confident in my skills.

3. I am obsessive about folding laundry and making my bed. Both are always perfect. This also means my sheets are cleaned very often.

4. Any money I made when I was growing up went to 'book orders.' I spent everything on books, I got the Narnia series for $20 out of those things.

5. (much like Marcia) I can bake, cook, knit, sew, craft, etc BUT I am a TERRIBLE gardener

6. Most of my daydreams involve what I want my house and family to be like and stupid mom things that I will do for my kids.

7. I have been trying to lose the same 15 pounds for 4 years, I came very close but it all came back. I say this as I'm eating a 1kg bag of mini eggs.

8. I love word games and I will OWN you at them (crosswords, scrabble, boggle, etc)

9. I love dogs more than words can say and I can't wait to have a big, stupid, drooling, pooping monster running around my apartment. However, thinking of those things WRT babies grosses me out.

10. I spend a crap-load of money on my hair, shoes, and clothes.

11. I believe 99% of what Oprah says.

12. My mom is the greatest human being and the most important person in my life. I can only hope to someday be half the mom she has been. I call her 5+ times a week usually.

13. I use my google calendar as if my life depended on it.

14. I will spend hundreds of dollars and hours cooking for others but I will make KD for myself and be happy

15. I am so thrilled with the program I have (just about) completed and happy to say I'm heading into a job that I really enjoy and hope to do for a while.

16. My brother's approval is paramount to pretty much anything I do. I have no idea if he knows this.

17. I ALWAYS have my blackberry on me and it's always on. It's a terrible habit.

18. My nails are painted 80% of the time. If I had enough money I would get them done pretty much everyday.

19. I thoroughly enjoy crappy television; specifically 'The Bachelor'; 'The Batchelorette'; 'America's Next Top Model'; 'American Idol' etc.

20. My favourite foods are strawberries and french fries, favourite meals are lasagna and pretty much all Indian food.

21. I drink coffee, I have made it 4 years surviving one 1 cup per weekday. This past month I upped it to 2 cups and now I'm having trouble going back. I drink it black.

22. My most prized possessions are my cookbooks & notes, my stuffed dog, and my shoes.

23. I am NOT competitive. One exception are things I feel especially good at. So I'm competitive at baking and cooking and NOTHING else. I play sports for fun and get mad if you're too competitive and then I will quit.

24. I have one hand and I don't think I would be anything like the way I am if I'd always had it. It is one of my biggest blessings and humbles me to no end.

25. I have never broken a bone. I fear the day that I break my arm and my significant other must do (pretty much) everything for me. If I have no sig. other, I fear for the worry it will cause my mom.