Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I spent a good chunk of time in my car today. I had my radio tuned to CBC and naturally heard the news again and again. Here are some of the stories and my useless (yet witty!) comments:

Harper to add more estrogen to his cabinet
I don't actually have a comment on the topic but rather on the fact that there were clips of Harper speaking. I heard his voice and was not reminded of anything. I have heard his voice so few times that I likely could not recognize it had he not been introduced or was talking about something random. I can recognize Obama's voice instantly, Stephane Dion's voice pretty quickly, etc. Do you agree that it's strange that I can't recognize my own Prime Minister? I'm not saying I did/did not vote for him... but he is still the PM... maybe I just don't listen to the radio enough.

Environmental Crisis
Some University in some country came out with a study that if we keep on as we are (wasting energy, resources, yadda yadda) we will need 2 earths to support us in 30 years.

Wait... what? Wait... we are wasting energy? Wait... I should start recycling? Wait... what?

This was NEWS. Root word being NEW. Come on.

Barack Obama's Infomercial
If i hear one more 'But before the first pitch of the World Series, there will be another pitch' or 'Obama is really pulling a fast ball'

Good thing I don't have TV because I might be tempted to throw something at it... like a baseball... or something.

Mmk, thats all. It was all pretty useless and uninteresting. Everything seemed so fascianting but after I'd heard it 4 times it was all useless. I think I will stick to my gossip columns and country radio.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pet Peeve

I have no idea why I thought of this considering I'm just at home...

The details:
- You are at someone elses house
- You use their bathroom
- There is either a) no toilet paper initially, or b) not much left

What is your first thought?
'Well gee, I'm in the bathroom... where people need toilet paper... there's likely more toilet paper in here somewhere.'

But there isn't.

Pet Peeve:
When people store their toilet paper outside of the bathroom OR it is not stored in an obvious spot in the bathroom.

Seriously, where else in the house do you need toilet paper? Ok, paper towel, kleenex, etc. These can all be stored elsewhere as they are used all over the house. Toilet paper though, only in the bathroom.

So you have more than 1 bathroom.
Well, split that package of 12 rolls in 2!

So its a small bathroom with no storage space.
There is always the tank to put a couple of rolls on.
Really, I feel silly even stating that. It is not rocket science.

I'm making it sound like I reaaaallllllyyyy need toilet paper. Not so. I just like that it is there.

If you come over, the extra toilet paper is in my bathroom, in the cupboard next to the toilet. Heck, you can reach it without even getting up! I call that innovative.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm currently waiting for my third vacation album to load on FB. This past weekend was everything I wanted it to be. The weather was great, we partied, we ate, it was pretty much bliss. Oh yes, and great company also. Look at my pictures and you'll agree.

The downside of going away for the weekend is making up the time at work. I took 1.5 days off, or 12 working hours. I really should have done a few extras last week but work wasn't so busy. This week on the other hand is outrageous and I feel like I'd have to put in extra hours anyway! Two nights ago I had a terrible realization, I didn't disconnect myself from work once I had finished for the day. Normally I go through a process where I shut everything down, check my email one last time, and close my work computer to move to my personal computer or leave the house etc. This process has been skewed three days in a row now and it is messing me up! No longer am I work-free after hours but rather my brain is clogged with deadlines and things I need to write down before I forget. What am I becoming?? Oh right, my parents. I guess I will just have to make sure I go through that end process very carefully. I should also try not to blog about work. Annnddddd today is not going to be different because it's 9:30 and I just finished work. Good grief! I want french fries :(

Monday, October 06, 2008


WHAT a weekend!


You could say it started early-ish with a trip to the arena for lunch-time skating and then a lunch date. I had to work for the rest of the afternoon but my job is pretty decent so no complaints there.

Friday evening was supposed to include dinner with my old roommate and his gf but they decided to cancel at the last minute. Little does Pie-man know I made his favourite, lasagna. Hah, sucker! As they had canceled last minute, all of the food was already prepared. Big dinner for small group (2) really isn't so bad. Ate LOTS but drinking followed so probably for the best. Details on food at the end!

After dinner we joined up with the Pub Crawl, ALWAYS a fun time. Though, never the same without BBomb. Dancing and kareoke and drinking and good company. What more do you need in a pub crawl?

Saturday... SATURDAY!
Saturday, October 4th, 2008. May this day go down in history as one of the best.

The PTSL crew headed out to Niagara-On-The-Lake and toured the region for the day. 4 different wineries, tastings at each, delicious lunch, great company. What more can I ask for? Well, the 8 bottles of wine I bought helped... and the 15 different tastings...

Ok so Saturday looks pretty good so far. I probably just came home and went to bed early after such a long day. LIES! I DID NO SUCH THING!

But wait Erica, what could make this day better? What could be more fun than free booze, beautiful scenery, and good company?

Well, WELL. Let me tell you.

After the wine tour I headed into Toronto with a pair of tickets to see not just my favourite NHL team play... BUT BOTH OF MY FAVOURITE TEAMS PLAY EACH OTHER!! Yep, Detroit played Toronto and I was there and it was glorious. I was bouncing the whole time.

Drinks and a nice walk in the city ended off my night. What a day.

Back to the food part:

Lasagna is easily my favourite thing to make/eat. I like to think I'm pretty good at it and I've gotten good reviews. My issue is that it's just about the same everytime. I want to change it up. Ideas? Thoughts? I'm currently at homemade sauce with ground beef, onions, garlic, zuccini, other veggies I have on hand (carrots, peppers, etc). I then layer noodles, sauce, cheese (cheddar and mozza), sometimes spinach. I haven't added cottage cheese because I don't especially like it. Is ricotta any good? What can I do so jazz up my lasagna?

I did try once and it tunred out quite nice. I made a veggie lasagna full of roasted red and green peppers. It was so simple but had an awesome flavour. Also not too shabby on the health side of things.

I'm making dinner on Wednesday and I'm planning a bit of an 'ultimate guy' meal. Naturally I'm serving steak and potatoes but haven't determined how I will prepare either and what else I will serve. Ideas welcome!

Jst realized I used the word 'favourite' a lot here, that's a good sign.