Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I just had a strange thought. I wish I were in school.

I am really disliking spending my whole day at my computer. What I really want is to be sitting in the 4t year room (which has perfect summer sun) with paper and pencils. You know, I could even be doing homework.

I feel like this has 2 catalysts.

1. I'm peeved at how often I'm on the internet (read: always) but because it's here, I'll use it. The only way I won't use it is if I can't.
2. I miss writing... even taking notes!

I suppose it's a good thing I didn't choose such a technology driven degree as I would have gone crazy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh hello, remember me?

It's been a while, don't sass me.

Currently on co-op in Waterloo.
Currently enduring a cleanse.
For breakfast I had 4 kiwis and a cup of hot water w/ apple cider vinegar. The smell brings back memories from 2 weeks ago when my friend drank too much and then hurled over the fence at the bar. Ah yes, I love my body.

Other fab news!
This term is very busy!
I have something planned for just about every weekend. If I don't have something planned the I will plan to relax and thus all weekends are planned!
Some fun things I'll be doing:
- Birthday dinners with friends
- Wine tour with work
- Pub crawl(s)
- Seeing Girl Talk in Toronto
- Seeing Mamma Mia in Kitchener
- Role in EngPlay
- Playing hockey
- Fitness classes with B&L

It has literally been impossible to plan anything new this term. I'm booked solid until I leave for Christmas. I shouldn't be complaining, all of this stuff is fun stuff. It's not like I'm booked solid with homework. I guess I'm sort of feeling like I wish there was more time to do nothing. Does that make any sense? There's just never enough time.