Thursday, January 31, 2008

As I'm in a bit of a transition, I felt it would be nice to have a bit of honesty and sharing on my part. The following are a few things that I am not ashamed of.

- I love watching television
- I especially love crappy reality TV (Supernanny) or cliche teen series (OC)
- Having TV on makes me comfortable, while cooking, studying, even reading, not while
sleeping though
- I am very comfortable talking about taboo subjects, too comfortable for some people
- girls poop, deal with it
- There really is nothing that grosses me out, no matter the time of day or if I'm eating
- I have a soft spot for hockey players
- especially that sweaty hockey hair
- I could do without the smell
- I enjoy children's books, especially novels and series regarding fantasy (His Dark Materials,
Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter)
- I almost always cry when reading
- Chick flicks involving Christmas are my favorite (The Family Stone, Love Actually)
- I am a sucker for pop culture, I read gossip columns obsessively
- I try to eat healthy and exercise but good food is just that, its good.
- I will never give up good food for a diet or health regime
- I will never give up baking
- Sometimes I just need to eat junk food, I will never swear it off because then I'll just
disappoint myself
- Considering all of this, I still try to eat well and stay in good shape, 'try'
- I am a firm believer that there are no rules when it comes to relationships. If you want to call
him, call him. If it takes you 2 years to get over him, it takes 2 years.
- You can learn something from every situation you are thrown in, which also means you should never turn down an opportunity
- Every day is a new opportunity
- Arguing is a part of my life. This is what I am and I don't think I will ever completely quit
- I was once told that if a couple walks into a room arguing that it is much better than a couple
who walks into a room with nothing. A least with arguing, there is energy, and you can work
with energy.
- I am ok with spending time on my hair, make-up, etc. I enjoy these things and so it is not
wasting time.
- I'm ok with spending money on hair and make-up. My last hair appointment cost $170, but
it's my money and that's how I chose to spend it.
- Good make-up is expensive, but I appreciate it
- Sometimes I have an excess of emotions and I just need to share them. I don't mind if you just
- I am obsessively clean and organized.
- Everything has a place
- I will probably find a better place for it tomorrow
- Everything in my room gets re-organized daily
- No one folds laundry as well as I do
- I always hang up my coat
- Cleaning calms me down, maybe it's just the fumes
- I think it's important to stay in contact with old friends.
- Old friends quit judging you a long time ago, what have you got to lose?
- I will write back, no matter how long it takes, I will always write back
- I do my best to remember small details about other people, it means I'll have something to talk
about next time I see them, this makes easy acquaintances and wonderful friends

Oh ya, I also love to blog. Get over it.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Les pros et cons de my job

Enough crappy surveys that are cop-out excuses for a real blog post.

For the first time since I started university.... FIVE YEARS AGO... I have a co-op placement in Waterloo.

Pros of this workterm:
I didn't have to move. I packed for Christmas holidays, came home, voila my house was perfectly set up as I had left it. This was wonderful as I have moved...13 times since I started school. Yep, not sweet.

I know where everything is. There is no exploring necessary.

The grocery stores are open 24 hours around here. What a novel idea... and useful.

I can take the bus to work. I have a school issue bus pass that I pay for anyway, no driving to work, yay environment!

Lots of friends around, and easy to get to. You can walk anywhere in Waterloo so you can always walk to see your friends... or take the bus. w00t

I work at the school, lots of friendly people here, double w00t

I go to school everyday... just like when I'm IN school... but THEN I come home... and I DON'T HAVE HOMEWORK. What a fabulous feeling.

From that last point... I have lots of free time!
I can exercise, bake, cook, whatever. It all fits.

Les cons de my workterm:
The sidewalks of Waterloo are not ploughed frequently enough.

I miss my friends

I also miss having NEW things to do. I find I'm just doing the same things I've always done in Waterloo

The school is kind of gloomy. Especially in Engineering. The building aren't very attractive... everyone is in sweatpants and dorky. I guess that's engineering though.

As I work in a grad office, everyone sort of works on their own things so there is no social interaction, that's the best part of coming to work!

Overall, I feel that it is a pretty decent co-op term. It's been nice to focus on work and play rather than settling and adjusting to a new environment. I will try to iron out my 'cons' as I go.