Tuesday, December 16, 2008

That time of year... likely more to come :)

1) Where did you begin 2008?
Edmonton, on a pub crawl with engineering friends, great times!

2) What was your relationship status by Valentine's Day?
Single and loving it

3) Were you in school anytime this year?
All summer

4) How did you earn your money?
Jan-Apr at the school, Sept-Dec as a Junior Transportation Engineer

5) Did you have to go to the hospital?
Nope, just standard doctor's office

6) Did you have any encounters with the police?
Not that I recall... hah, so that could mean YES

7) Would you relive 2008 over and over again?
Some parts of the summer, LOTS of this term :)

8) What did you purchase that was over $1000?
School, Cuba trip

9) Did you know anybody who got married?
A few random friends, yes.

10) Did you know anybody who passed away?
Belle, the dog of my former landlord :(

11) Did you know anyone who had a baby?
A few, no one close though

12) Did you move anywhere?
I DID, out of crappy Elgin and into Character-filled Albert

13) What concerts/shows did you go to?
GIRL TALK! Mamma mia

14) Are you registered to vote?

15) Do you still have the same job as you did in 2007?
No, co-op makes that tough.

16) Has anyone betrayed you in 2008?
Oh probably, nothing that rings true though

17) Where do you live now?
In Waterloo, and it's great!

18) Describe your birthday?
Well... it hasn't happened yet but I hope it's as much fun as last year.

19) What's one thing you thought you'd never do but did in 2008?
Go to the east coast... twice! Fall in love with Boston, Dye my hair brown again

20) What has been your favorite moment?
Course in Halifax was amazing, best partying.

21) What's something you learned about yourself?
Being alone doesn;t have to mean being lonely

22) Any new additions to your family?

23) What was your best month?
August - Halifax, Home, Frosh Week

24) Were you in a relationship this year?
Sure am!

25) What music will you remember 2008 by?
Girl Talk!

26) Who has been your best drinking buddy/buddies?

27) New friend?
Will & Julia, love you guys :)

28) Favorite night out?
First pub crawl in September was awesome

29) Would you say you changed since the beginning of the year?
Yes, in all good ways

30) Do you think 2009 will be better or worse?
If it's better tat would be great but if it's the same, I'm ok with that :)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Dear Internet,

I'm sorry for the neglect. It's not you, it's me. I promise to try to stay friends.

The past month has not necessarily been so busy it's more that everything I've been doing has caused me to be exhausted. Blogging is at the top of my 'things to put off so that I can un-do my jeans and watch 2.5 Men' list.

On the bright side, many relaxing opportunities are coming!

Work is finishing up so my days are getting easier. I have my flights booked for Banff and I'm super excited to read books and watch mountains. Between now and then I have 3 Christmas parties and a case of wine to get through.

All in all, things are pretty great, busy, but great.

Though... I'm ending this post early to work... sshhhh. I'll be back soon.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I spent a good chunk of time in my car today. I had my radio tuned to CBC and naturally heard the news again and again. Here are some of the stories and my useless (yet witty!) comments:

Harper to add more estrogen to his cabinet
I don't actually have a comment on the topic but rather on the fact that there were clips of Harper speaking. I heard his voice and was not reminded of anything. I have heard his voice so few times that I likely could not recognize it had he not been introduced or was talking about something random. I can recognize Obama's voice instantly, Stephane Dion's voice pretty quickly, etc. Do you agree that it's strange that I can't recognize my own Prime Minister? I'm not saying I did/did not vote for him... but he is still the PM... maybe I just don't listen to the radio enough.

Environmental Crisis
Some University in some country came out with a study that if we keep on as we are (wasting energy, resources, yadda yadda) we will need 2 earths to support us in 30 years.

Wait... what? Wait... we are wasting energy? Wait... I should start recycling? Wait... what?

This was NEWS. Root word being NEW. Come on.

Barack Obama's Infomercial
If i hear one more 'But before the first pitch of the World Series, there will be another pitch' or 'Obama is really pulling a fast ball'

Good thing I don't have TV because I might be tempted to throw something at it... like a baseball... or something.

Mmk, thats all. It was all pretty useless and uninteresting. Everything seemed so fascianting but after I'd heard it 4 times it was all useless. I think I will stick to my gossip columns and country radio.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pet Peeve

I have no idea why I thought of this considering I'm just at home...

The details:
- You are at someone elses house
- You use their bathroom
- There is either a) no toilet paper initially, or b) not much left

What is your first thought?
'Well gee, I'm in the bathroom... where people need toilet paper... there's likely more toilet paper in here somewhere.'

But there isn't.

Pet Peeve:
When people store their toilet paper outside of the bathroom OR it is not stored in an obvious spot in the bathroom.

Seriously, where else in the house do you need toilet paper? Ok, paper towel, kleenex, etc. These can all be stored elsewhere as they are used all over the house. Toilet paper though, only in the bathroom.

So you have more than 1 bathroom.
Well, split that package of 12 rolls in 2!

So its a small bathroom with no storage space.
There is always the tank to put a couple of rolls on.
Really, I feel silly even stating that. It is not rocket science.

I'm making it sound like I reaaaallllllyyyy need toilet paper. Not so. I just like that it is there.

If you come over, the extra toilet paper is in my bathroom, in the cupboard next to the toilet. Heck, you can reach it without even getting up! I call that innovative.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm currently waiting for my third vacation album to load on FB. This past weekend was everything I wanted it to be. The weather was great, we partied, we ate, it was pretty much bliss. Oh yes, and great company also. Look at my pictures and you'll agree.

The downside of going away for the weekend is making up the time at work. I took 1.5 days off, or 12 working hours. I really should have done a few extras last week but work wasn't so busy. This week on the other hand is outrageous and I feel like I'd have to put in extra hours anyway! Two nights ago I had a terrible realization, I didn't disconnect myself from work once I had finished for the day. Normally I go through a process where I shut everything down, check my email one last time, and close my work computer to move to my personal computer or leave the house etc. This process has been skewed three days in a row now and it is messing me up! No longer am I work-free after hours but rather my brain is clogged with deadlines and things I need to write down before I forget. What am I becoming?? Oh right, my parents. I guess I will just have to make sure I go through that end process very carefully. I should also try not to blog about work. Annnddddd today is not going to be different because it's 9:30 and I just finished work. Good grief! I want french fries :(

Monday, October 06, 2008


WHAT a weekend!


You could say it started early-ish with a trip to the arena for lunch-time skating and then a lunch date. I had to work for the rest of the afternoon but my job is pretty decent so no complaints there.

Friday evening was supposed to include dinner with my old roommate and his gf but they decided to cancel at the last minute. Little does Pie-man know I made his favourite, lasagna. Hah, sucker! As they had canceled last minute, all of the food was already prepared. Big dinner for small group (2) really isn't so bad. Ate LOTS but drinking followed so probably for the best. Details on food at the end!

After dinner we joined up with the Pub Crawl, ALWAYS a fun time. Though, never the same without BBomb. Dancing and kareoke and drinking and good company. What more do you need in a pub crawl?

Saturday... SATURDAY!
Saturday, October 4th, 2008. May this day go down in history as one of the best.

The PTSL crew headed out to Niagara-On-The-Lake and toured the region for the day. 4 different wineries, tastings at each, delicious lunch, great company. What more can I ask for? Well, the 8 bottles of wine I bought helped... and the 15 different tastings...

Ok so Saturday looks pretty good so far. I probably just came home and went to bed early after such a long day. LIES! I DID NO SUCH THING!

But wait Erica, what could make this day better? What could be more fun than free booze, beautiful scenery, and good company?

Well, WELL. Let me tell you.

After the wine tour I headed into Toronto with a pair of tickets to see not just my favourite NHL team play... BUT BOTH OF MY FAVOURITE TEAMS PLAY EACH OTHER!! Yep, Detroit played Toronto and I was there and it was glorious. I was bouncing the whole time.

Drinks and a nice walk in the city ended off my night. What a day.

Back to the food part:

Lasagna is easily my favourite thing to make/eat. I like to think I'm pretty good at it and I've gotten good reviews. My issue is that it's just about the same everytime. I want to change it up. Ideas? Thoughts? I'm currently at homemade sauce with ground beef, onions, garlic, zuccini, other veggies I have on hand (carrots, peppers, etc). I then layer noodles, sauce, cheese (cheddar and mozza), sometimes spinach. I haven't added cottage cheese because I don't especially like it. Is ricotta any good? What can I do so jazz up my lasagna?

I did try once and it tunred out quite nice. I made a veggie lasagna full of roasted red and green peppers. It was so simple but had an awesome flavour. Also not too shabby on the health side of things.

I'm making dinner on Wednesday and I'm planning a bit of an 'ultimate guy' meal. Naturally I'm serving steak and potatoes but haven't determined how I will prepare either and what else I will serve. Ideas welcome!

Jst realized I used the word 'favourite' a lot here, that's a good sign.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I just had a strange thought. I wish I were in school.

I am really disliking spending my whole day at my computer. What I really want is to be sitting in the 4t year room (which has perfect summer sun) with paper and pencils. You know, I could even be doing homework.

I feel like this has 2 catalysts.

1. I'm peeved at how often I'm on the internet (read: always) but because it's here, I'll use it. The only way I won't use it is if I can't.
2. I miss writing... even taking notes!

I suppose it's a good thing I didn't choose such a technology driven degree as I would have gone crazy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh hello, remember me?

It's been a while, don't sass me.

Currently on co-op in Waterloo.
Currently enduring a cleanse.
For breakfast I had 4 kiwis and a cup of hot water w/ apple cider vinegar. The smell brings back memories from 2 weeks ago when my friend drank too much and then hurled over the fence at the bar. Ah yes, I love my body.

Other fab news!
This term is very busy!
I have something planned for just about every weekend. If I don't have something planned the I will plan to relax and thus all weekends are planned!
Some fun things I'll be doing:
- Birthday dinners with friends
- Wine tour with work
- Pub crawl(s)
- Seeing Girl Talk in Toronto
- Seeing Mamma Mia in Kitchener
- Role in EngPlay
- Playing hockey
- Fitness classes with B&L

It has literally been impossible to plan anything new this term. I'm booked solid until I leave for Christmas. I shouldn't be complaining, all of this stuff is fun stuff. It's not like I'm booked solid with homework. I guess I'm sort of feeling like I wish there was more time to do nothing. Does that make any sense? There's just never enough time.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh how it feels so good to cry again!
It was completely simple and totally perfect. I was watching 'Practical Magic,' a movie I have seen many times, and there it was.

This is significant for a few reasons. The first being that I've seen this movie before and never cried. Also that I never cry in movies! I have gotten puffy eyes but never drawn tears. Crying is just not in me. Crying was not in our family, we just didn't do it. I have seen my mom cry a handful of times and my dad only twice, my brother... perhaps never. Who knows why, this is just the way it was.

I suppose when I say 'crying is just no in me' I really mean that I don't do it very often and when I do it's likely only my mom who hears me over the phone. Mostly due to school and being overwhelmed. So I do cry, it happens often enough to notice when it hasn't happen for a while.

The next reason is just that, I have not cried since January. That is close to 6 months. Long enough to notice. I think because there were so many tears in January that I tried to avoid it and eventually forgot that I could cry. There were cry-worthy events that have come and gone and I have kept a tough exterior and acted with poise, even after getting home and being alone.
Today I was reminded why this is not always the right way to handle things. It felt so good and I hope that I won't forget about it ever again.

School is busy and I'm involved in so many things with council, it's tough to find time for blogger but I think about it often. I will try to post more!

p.s. I miss hockey so badly.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Effin Detroit, don't you dare blow it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back at it...

Now that school has started again I don't expect to be posting much. Just the way it is.

My work-term finished up really nicely, I really enjoyed my job and I'm heading back for a second term come September. It's a pretty good feeling not worrying about updating my resume and going through interviews. Less on my plate = more partying.

My trip was AWESOME!!! I hope y'all have looked at my pics on facebook. It was so pretty everywhere and I hope I get to go back someday when it's warmer.

School is already moving too fast, I haven't even done laundry since I've been back. I have no class hours though so it won't be hard to catch up again. It is also an extremely long weekend next week, I have Monday AND Tuesday off. I'm sure I'll fill it with cleaning and playing outside. 2 of my favourite things.

I don't have much else to say, I have a report due on Tuesday that I have to finish up. Detroit is doing SO WELL in the playoffs... up 2-0, I can deal with that. Next game tomorrow! Philly is currently winning... I hope they can win a couple of games against Pittsburgh, they deserve it. Pittsburgh does not deserve the cup at this point. Just my opinion.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Detroit took Nashville in 6 games... not so bad. The last game was a bit of a joke... oh well.

Monday night Montreal won 5-0 in game 7. It was a glorious game and they deserved to win. The mtl goalie (Carey Price) is merely 21 YEARS OLD!!! and a dreamboat.... call me ;)

Last night I turned the TV off when it was 5-2.... oh Calgary... You started so very strong... and then crapped the bed.... let's all hope the cup does NOT end up in California yet again. It was a great series to watch I must ad.

Onto Round 2 Predictions!!

Montreal vs. Philly... this is a tough one to call and also a historic battle. I am going to hope for Montreal in 6 but it could really go both ways. Briere does have highest points AND goals so far.... who knows!!

Detroit vs. Colorado... yet another tough match up! Detroit played supremely in their last game with Nashville, if they can keep that up then they will take it in 6 also. If they lose right off the bat I have an awful feeling Colorado could take it in 5-6.

Pittsburgh vs. New York... this is a tough call, Fleury (yet another young goalie at only 23) played really well against the Sens... I think I will stick with the Pens on this one.... in 5

SJ vs. Dallas.... no contest, SJ is going all the way. The are favourites and proved that in the series w/ Calgary

Ok whatever, no more hockey chat. I'm planning my trip to the East Coast and I'm pretty excited, I hope the weather holds up!!

No... I can't forget hockey... I have watched hockey everyday for the past 13 days... I'm sorry if you don't hear anything but HOCKEY for the next little bit...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Do you know that I am happier than I have ever been?
I feel great 99% of every single day.
I love being me, finally.

Have a fabulous weekend y'all! I hope you have as much warm sun as we do!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Found this cool addition to feed my blogging addiction. It's called twitter and it's to the left of this post. They are mini updates and they are fun and easy. If you go to twitter and sign up, adding it to your blog is SO EASY. Even I can do it.... and I (clearly) suck at html.

Anyway, just anther fun thing to waste time with!

Monday Monday

This week I will finally be back to work normally. I even took the bus to work today like I should be... only to forget my power-cord and have to walk all the way home. What a piss-off.

As I hoped, my weekend was full of hockey, shopping, and friends.

Detroit is making me proud, way to go boys!
Montreal lost last night but I think it's for the better, I don't think they would perform well in the next round if they got through round 1 in only 4 games.
Calgary is back on track, I hope that one goes to 7 games, those are great games.

That's all I care about right now.

Yesterday I drove into Toronto avec L & H, what a great day we had! We left early and the sun was shining!! We made it to the Eaton Centre by 12:30 and had great success at H&M, met R for lunch and E & J met up with us later on. It was just perfect, great weather, great buys, and GREAT friends. I can't wait for the summer when we are all back together.

Friday night I went out with my *new* friend from EngPlay and we danced our faces off!! Then proceeded to do cartwheels on my neighbours lawn... where I broke my boot and we met a cat! It was pretty sweet. My body is sore though... the price I pay for being crazy.

This weekend I really felt that summer was legitimately on it's way. The sun makes such a differences. I can't wait to wear the dresses I bought and to pack up my big sweaters.

OH YES, I also spent some time planning my trip!! April 26th I depart for the EAST COAST!! I can't wait for some vacay!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

PREDICTIONS.... not that any of you care...

DETROIT over Nashville in 5 ... but really it will be 4....
San Jose over Calgary in 7 (though this could go either way AND I want Calgary to win...)
Colorado over Minnesota in 7
Dallas over Anaheim in 6

Montreal over Boston in 6
Pittsburgh over Ottawa in 5
Philly over Washington in 6
New York over New Jersey in 5

Final: DETROIT over Pittsburgh

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Currently trying to update my template.... not going so well!!!!!

UPDATE: So I sort of achieved what I wanted... mostly a large picture of Stevey Y holding the cup. It should really be bigger though...

NHL playoffs start today and everyone I know is studying for exams, I'm going to watch the opener ALONE.... I will be cheering for Pittsburgh, FYI

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No patricular theme...

My days of busy/crazy work are over today, I should be able to sit at my desk for more than 20 minutes at a time now. This means more posting! (HIP HIP HURRAY!! - I know you all said it too)

This morning I had an internal argument that I have had way too many times: cost vs. health. I of course mean eating out. I don't have a lunch today because I haven't been home long enough to make anything and I HATE sandwiches. Thus I must pick something up for lunch. I of course want to eat something good but it's going to cost me!! Yesterday I had a few errands to run and some necessary things to pick up (underwear, soap, etc - NECESSITIES!!!) well... $100 later... I have everything. How did I blow that on pretty much NOTHING!! That underwear better be the greatest stuff I've ever had... Now today I just renewed my passport, another $100 out the window. Everything I bought yesterday and today was completely necessary but come on now, that is just unreasonable. I suppose I am put slightly at ease by the fact that I am working a few extra hours and my tax return will be here soon.

So that's the first half of the cost vs. health battle. The health part is pretty obvious. I have been busting my butt at the gym but I'm only putting in a little effort on the health side. I feel like if I really kicked up my healthy food intake I would be having much greater success. Oh crap....I just had a thought that I have had way too many times in the past month.

I have to give up french fries.

If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, there is no question AT ALL that it would be french fries.

Let's try 1 week. Seriously, I'm at everyday right now. Next Tuesday I will try to post and hopefully I will be able to say I haven't had one of those devil sticks all week.

This is the hardest thing I've ever done.... Engineering is easy compared to what I'm about to embark on. Here goes nothing....

Monday, April 07, 2008

Great weekend!!!

What a difference great weather makes!!!

This weekend I had the EngPlay. This is a play put on entirely by engineering students. This year it was 9 small skits, I starred in 3 of them. IT WAS AWESOME!!! My brother managed to make it to the Friday show and loved it, my aunts and cousins came to the Saturday show and thought it was wonderful also!!! My mom got some very sweet phone calls afterwards, too bad she couldn't make it. It is a bit of a drive.

Friday night was also the End Of Term (EOT) party. So after the play I headed over to the engineering lounge, had some drinks and then headed TO THE SPUR!!!

Side note: The Silver Spur is a karaoke bar in Waterloo, it is also 4 blocks from my house. I love going, it is almost always full of my friends and if it's not I ALWAYS make new friends. Oh, it is slightly sketchy but... I really don't notice it anymore. Thank goodness!

I sang Meatloaf, John Michael Montgomery AND Bon Jovi. What a great lineup!

Saturday was pretty relaxed. I got a much needed sleep in and then went for a run through the park. It was so sunny and tons of people were out walking. It felt really good to be outside.

DAVELA also came back to town to see my show. DAVELA is my roommate/BFF. He is my most favorite person ever. He is also moving to Saskatoon in 2 weeks. I am mildly upset. He's moving with his girlfriend, whom I love, so I really should just be happy for him. It's hard though considering we have only been a couple of hours apart for the past 4 years, if not just down the hall from each other. This past term has been awesome, it's been Dave, Me and Pete (lived w/ Pete since rez). We all got along so well and I will be sad to give that up.

ANYWAY, Dave and I went for lunch of PIZZA and BEER. What a combo. After which I came home and got ready for the last show!!

The show went really well, there were some extra lines thrown in that were... slightly raunchy. I don't think my family minded though. Afterwards I got 2 gorgeous bouquets of flowers and big hugs from everyone. What a great feeling! I love my family so much!!!

Saturday night was YET AGAIN The Spur... for a friends birthday. Dave and I went out with intentions of having tons of fun as it was most likely our last party night together. Well, we had fun. We sang, we danced, we laughed, we (I) almost cried. It was perfect. AND I didn't even have to wear a jacket it was so warm!!!

Sunday was more sleep in and then I decided it would be a great idea to do a work-out with my roommate... who is a work-out fiend. The first part SUCKED!! Sprinting and running is not my think it seems. Once we got to the park and started doing other things though it felt really good. He knows what he's doing and I kept up for the most part.

I was super exhausted when I got home but I felt awesome. Then it was COOKING TIME!! The agreement that Dave made with me was that if he drove up to see my show, I would have to make him dinner. I made chocolate cupcakes (per request), bacon wrapped tenderloin, roasted veggies, salad, and cheese/bread platter. Everything turned out great and Dave enjoyed it all also.

I know weekend updates are sort of boring but I had the BEST weekend so I had to write it down somewhere so I wouldn't forget it.

I hope it is sunny where you are!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

as if

David Beckham is super hot.

He was on Leno tonight and he does not have a hot voice. It's dorky and high pitched. What the eff dude?

I guess I'll have to do the talking ;)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fill-in-the-blanks fun

(Thanks Jan, I needed an easy post!)


Hi, my name is: Erica

but you can call me: crazy

Never in my life have I: eaten a fast food burger

The one person who can drive me nuts is: my brother

My high school is: (was) MBCI and SJR

When I’m nervous: I'm really awkward

The last song I listened to was: 'I'm just a guy' - Brad Paisley

If I were to get married right now it would be to: no one, not in the mood today

My hair is: short, really blond, and AWESOME

When I was 4: I cried because I never wanted to stay 4 forever and didn't want to leave my mom

Last Christmas: I spent a lot of time with my mom and my brother took me out for my birthday

I should be: filling in my time sheet

When I look down I see: my crappy work desk

The happiest recent event was: going to my aunt's in Ancaster for Easter yesterday, I have the best cousins

If I were a character on ‘Friends’: I would be dead... as the show isn't on anymore

By this time next year: I will be frantically preparing for the LAST EXAMS OF MY LIFE!

My current gripe is: the freaking winter won't end. I'm cold and grumpy

I have a hard time understanding: italian

There’s these girls: that are at Laurier and not here, ever.

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: my mom. always my mom.

I want to buy: new shoes

Where do you plan to visit: Halifax

If you spent the night at my house: you would be very comfortable, warm, and well fed.

The world could do without: poverty?

Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: a parking ticket this morning

Most recent thing someone else bought me: a coffee on Friday

My middle name is: Ruth

In the morning I: hit snooze way too many times, then watch Breakfast Television

Last night I was: really tired but glad to be home

There’s this guy I know who: can beat me at scrabble

If I was an animal I’d be a: giraffe

A better name for me would be: purple monkey dishwasher

Tomorrow I am: working way too much then watching a movie

Tonight I am: going to the gym and doing laundry

My birthday is: really far away but always a good time

Monday, March 17, 2008

crazy work schedule for next 3 weeks. blog on hold. only time to read. post lots. I need all the love I can get.


Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm having a great day. Here are some pictures!!

These are the lovely ladies of Civil '09. Mostly my favorite people :)

I took a cookie decorating class last Winter, I learned a ton of stuff but much of it is quite tedious, these are my favorites.

This makes me laugh

I love this picture. Halloween '07. I Was Minnie Mouse, not 'slutty' minnie mouse, just the regular type. That's Jess in the corner... she's a slutty green crayon.

Erin is in my class and it was her birthday. It was also midterms. Instead of going out, I made a huge feast for us. That's my first roast beef, it was perfect. I'll never try again.

I went to a conference in Ottawa in October. I drove and we stopped at every cool place we saw. We are drinking milkshakes from this big castle shaped milk factory. We also stopped for pie from the Big Apple.

This is my family!!!
We are awesome.

This is my Dad and I. He's pretty awesome. Taught me stuff like grilled cheese sandwiches taste better when cut on an angle, how to drive, raw cookie dough is not dangerous.

This is an old picture of me and my dogs, Dexter and Molly. They were pretty much the best dogs ever.

Well, that's all for now. I pretty much started going through my Pictures folder and made it to the 'family' folder. I'll continue some other day and maybe make it to the 'Whistler' folder.

My weekend ahead includes doing (much deserved) NOTHING tonight. Can't wait. Tomorrow I have rehearsal for EngPlay and then a work/party thing. Bowling, beer, and food. My kind of party. Sunday is a dinner 'thing'. Between those 2 events I have to pull a bus 14kms. Yearly Engineering charity event. I also need to get new glasses, more contacts, passport photos AND go to the tea shop. I do this to myself. You know, stretch way too thin and never say no. I'm awesome.

Have an AWESOME weekend y'all!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This term has been ssoooo full of future planning. Well, future freaking out anyway. I'm nearing the end of my UG (finally) and so big decisions need to be made. I think I'm freaking out about it because it's SO uncertain. It's real life, this is it. No second chances. Being an adult really sucks. Being in my UG is a bit of a shelter to me, I feel like I can go wherever, do whatever, and I'll always have Waterloo to come back to. It's not going to be like that forever, my mistakes are going to be more serious, my choices are going to be more important, it's the real deal. When did the memo about 'Growing up' go out? I must have missed that day. I feel like I have a huge exam and I didn't take any notes or do any assignments and I have nothing on my side to get me through it. Seriously, this blows.

If I had the answers to these questions, or guarantee that some of these things will come true, I would be at ease:
I want to take a trip at the end of April, where? how? with who?
I want to have an awesome summer without losing my head by taking on too much.
What am I going to do in September? I keep saying I'm going to take time off because I want it so bad but it's hard to say 'no' to co-op jobs that will pay me so well. (If you have ideas, let me know, I'm really up for anything!!!)
What is going to happen when I graduate? Will I still wake up in the morning? Will the grass still grow?
I want to do more once I'm done, but what? Grad school? Another degree? WHAT???
What if I take a job? Do I want a transport job or a construction job? Where do I want to take this job?
What if I hate my job? How easy will it be to quit?
What if I become so absorbed in my job that I become a loner forever?
What if I become a work-a-holic and therefore never manage to meet anyone and start a family?
What if I never meet anyone??
What if I'm a miserable old cat lady??

Seriously, this next year is going to be a large sac of stress. I know I will still be alive at the end of it but I have NO CLUE what the hell I'll be doing.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

As it is a slow day at work, I find myself doing what I ALWAYS do when it's a slow day. I'm planning trips. Trips that I'll never take.

It is looking like I'll have 2 weeks off at the end of April to cover the intense overtime I'll be working over the next 3 weeks. Well what the hell am I going to do? Pissing the time away in Waterpoo does not sound appealing and so I move on to more exotic, romantic, exciting adventures.

Most elaborate: Singapore
Cost: Way too much
Pros: I have a friend there right now, I really have no idea what I would do there. But it would be grand
Cons: Price, my mom would flip

Next in line: Europe
Cost: Not as much... mildly affordable
Pros: Fly into London, parade around there, go to Paris, forget about everything here
Cons: My mom would flip, many people will be going once we graduate so I should probably go then

Next up: Hot hot hot
Cost: ditto as above
Pros: it's been winter for way too long and there's WAY too much snow here (when there's more snow here then there is at home, something is wrong)
Cons: I'm taking this trip next reading week

Lastly: Road trip to: Halifax, Winnipeg, etc
Cost: Decent, affordable
Pros: See the last part of Canada that I have not seen yet/hang out with my old friends for more than a few hours
Cons: Lots of driving

Also, a common 'con' here is that I have no one to go with. Minor detail.

Why do I feel so much pressure from my mom to save save save and take these trips later? I don't really have much of a 'later'. So I take a trip after I graduate and then what, never again? I suppose that's how she sees it. Also, it seems as though she would not approve of me getting a line of credit or similar. Why am I making these decisions based on her?

Because she's my mom and if she's mad at me... I might as well be dead for all the suffering I will endure.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Some facts:

The University of Waterloo has approx 22000 students in a variety of programs, most famous for Math, Computer Science, and (my personal ball and chain) Engineering.

Engineering at Waterloo has an approx ratio of 8:1 (Guys: Girls). If you're female you're probably thinking 'Sweet, that's a lot of ass to be had!' If you're male you're probably thinking 'What a nightmare.' Well guys, you're right. As for you ladies, you're wrong.

And so continues my saga as a socialized female in a unsocialized male dominated nightmare.

Where am I going with this? Unsure. Mostly a collection of thoughts that have this theme. Onwards and Upwards.

This term I am working at the school so my social dynamic has varied little. The one change is that I have more free time without homework. I decided to put a bit more effort into my appearance and my dress. Namely, I do my hair and make-up everyday, I have also being trying to wear skirts to work 3/5 days per week. Personally I have loved this decision. I enjoy this time that I am committing to myself and it makes me happy doing so. It's the rest of the world that pisses the cheese out of me. And there's a lot of cheese in there.

The people that inhabit these walls have little social grace and even less fashion sense.

(Vertical Horizon - Best I Ever Had is on my radio, what a great song)

The effect this has on me is a constant parade of 'What's the occasion?' "Whoa, way to over-dress for school!' 'Who are you trying to pick-up?' Like really, are you kidding me? Have you really never seen anyone spend time on their appearance? I'm not even trying that hard!! Since when is a denim skirt with tights and a cute top 'trying hard'??

So, that's my dilemma. However, it makes me feel good so I can ignore the lack of social aptitude of this dungeon.

Next, I'm so sick of seeing people do the opposite of what I'm attempting. Sweatpants. Pajama pants. C'mon people. Do you have any respect for yourself? I'm cool to brush off first years, you don't know what you're doing, you want to have the true university experience. Whatever. I did it to. But now that you are a touch older, bring some respect to the table. You are trying to make a career, you are trying to get into grad school. Why not practise now and get used to it.

As I write this many many other spawns of ideas are being born. Namely, my social development over the past 5 years with no female friends, my immense attachment to any female characteristic I find myself showing... just to name a few.

As I'm nearing the end of my time here I am truly realizing what psychological terrors I have created within myself. Whether avoidable or inevitable, this is me now and I suppose it's a good thing that I'm recognizing it now instead of down the road. This way I'll be more accepting of the sexual harassment and social awkwardness I'll be exposed to and give the guys a break.

Erica + Engineering = Extremities of Love & Hate

Friday, March 07, 2008

deux chansons

Below are the lyrics and youtube links to 2 songs that I am in love with at the moment. Take a minute and have a listen.

'I'm in love with a girl' - Gavin DeGraw

So many people gonna say that they want you,
To try to get you thinking they really care,
But there's nothing like the warmth of the one who has put in the time and you know he's gonna be there,
Back your border when she knows someone crossed it,
Don't let nobody put you down, who your with
Take the pain of protecting your name, from the crutch to the cane to the highwire

I'm in love with a girl who knows me better,
Fell for the women just when i met her,
Took my sweet time when i was bitter,
Someone understands,
And she knows how to treat a fella right,
Give me that feeling every night,
Wants to make love when i wanna fight,
Now someone understand me,
I'm in love with a girl(I'm in love with)(x2)

Out the many broken backdoors and windows,
Through the valley of the love of the lost,
Is a hole that is cut through the souls falling down from the thrones without leaving any windows,
But you drown in a piece for the moment,
The moment was over in time,
Then its gone the hit and run the tactless one has a short life

I'm in love with a girl who knows me better,
Fell for the women just when i met her,
Took my sweet time when i was bitter,
Someone understands,
And she knows how to treat a fella right,
Give me that feeling every night,
Wants to make love when i wanna fight,
Now someone understand me,
I'm in love with a girl(I'm in love with)(x2)

Gonna tell you what you do to think you practice what you preach,
Now i know there's nothing we cant preach,
'cause the heart can't erase once it finds a place to be warm and welcome,
To be held in shelter

I'm in love with a girl who knows me better,
Fell for the women just when i met her
Took my sweet time when i was bitter
Someone understands,
And she knows how to treat a fella right
Give me that feeling every night
Wants to make love when i wanna fight
Now someone understands me
I'm in love with a girl(I'm in love with)(x3)
Who knows me better
Wants to make love when i wanna fight
now someone understand me

'Into you' - Carolyn Dawn Johnson
...ok there's no video.... but this song is the bees knees

If he doesn't call when he says he'll call;
Or if he doesn't even call at all,
Well, he just might not be that into you.

If he's too busy to see you on the weekends;
An' he doesn't introduce you to his friends,
Well, he just might not be that into you.

'Cause if he was he'd be hangin' on your every word.
He'd put away his little black book an' put you first.
He'd bein' doin' double back flips to make it work out.

If he's a month late for your birthday,
Or if he calls you by another girl's name,
Well, he just might not be that into you.

'Cause if he was he'd be hangin' on your every word.
He'd put away his little black book an' put you first.
He'd bein' doin' double back flips to make it work out.

Well, if he says he's not the marryin' type,
An' he only calls you in the middle of the night,
Well, he just might not be that into you.

Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I got you now,
Whoa hey, yeah.
You gotta listen girl:
If you're not the centre of his world,
He's not that into you,
Hey yeah.

Yeah, 'cause if he was he'd be hangin' on your every word.
He'd put away his little black book an' put you first.
He'd do whatever it takes to make it work out, yeah.

Well, if he says she's just a friend, like a sister,
Then one day, you see him up an' kiss her.
Well, he just might not be that into you.
Yeah, you just might wanna find somebody new.
Oh, that's what I would do, girl if I were you.

Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Find somebody new.
Yeah, he's not that into you.

Yeah, yeah.
(Find somebody new.)
Yeah, yeah.
(He's not that into you.)
Girl, find somebody new.

(Find somebody new.)
You know you gotta find someone who loves everything about you.
(He's not that into you.)
Somebody: listen now, it's worth it, yeah.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

2 things that would complete me:

1. Companionship
2. Vacation

The first could easily be satisfied by a dog, or a person. Whichever comes first. Both would be even better!
The second comes with me being done school, if ever. I'm getting pretty sick of it, though the next year is going to be quite a show. I fully intend to go out in style, as quickly as possible. I'll let you know how that goes.

Monday, March 03, 2008


Everyday, at 11:11am I make the same wish.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A much needed follow-up

The concert came and went and it was EFFIN AWESOME!!!!

I have never felt so much nostalgia in one building.

All five girls looked amazing and their outfits looked so hot. All of the effects and dancers were great too.

One of the highlights for me was when Geri came on stage for her solo piece and sang 'It's Raining Men'. She did such a great job!! Another highlight would obviously be the encore when they came out and started chatting to each other 'You know what I really really really want?' 'No, what do you really really really really want??' .... into song. The crowd went ape shiz, myself included.

It felt great to be there with girls my age, reliving our pre-teen years. I'm really glad I went.

In other news... I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow... perhaps like this:

Monday, February 25, 2008

A dash of spice

In 1996 I was in grade 6 and almost 11 years old.

In 1996 Spice Girls released their first full-length album "Spice"

It is only obvious that I was a Spice Girls fan along with every other girl my age and older. The Spice Girls lasted a few years, the same few years as my Junior High.

If you remember those years, then you undoubtedly remember Spice Mania. Clothing, dolls, candy, tattoos, toys, everything had the Spice Girls faces on it and it was only natural that your friends had pinned you as one of the famous girl powered women. I was Baby Spice for obvious reasons, though I always wanted to be Sporty, she was more of a Tomboy, like me.

It was complete pandemonium. Their success was being compared to that of The Beatles. It didn't matter that they were tacky with tacky music and tacky lives, they were heroes to every pre-teen girl across the world. Myself included.

And so on this day, some 12 years later, I am pleased to announce that I will be seeing these fabulous women, all grown up, families in tow, in Toronto for their reunion tour. Not only is it their reunion tour but the show I am seeing is the last show of the tour. I hope to be smothered in nostalgia as I belt out every lyric to every song and every dance move to accompany it. Wish me luck.

Say you'll be there.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I must discuss this weekend as it was fab-u-lous, AND it started Thursday and ended Monday.

A bit of history.

Every February, the current 4th year engineering students get their iron rings, a representation of their engineering accomplishments. As an engineering student you look forward to this day your entire Undergrad. It's a BIG deal. It's also a super fun day. A traditional Iron Ring Day starts off with 6am chugging, pancakes, and more alcohol. It also involves costumes! So you're all liquored and pancaked up, head to the school! As a class you would run around terrorizing your favorite profs and generally being obnoxious. In costume. Whatever costume you want. A entire class dressed up as butterflies this year, another class went for a beach/jungle theme etc. My favorite was the Mechatronics class who all dressed as robots. The costumes are crucial to the day. So now it's almost noon, head to POETS (Engineering Lounge) where the Iron Ring Clock is counting down. The clock counts down 365 days to noon on Iron Ring day and then turns over to the next years countdown. All fourth years join outside POETS, count down, get extra rowdy, etc etc. Now it's nap time. Head home and sober up/get some sleep. The Iron Ring Ceremony is next. Hopefully not for a few hours. Now it's time to clean up, get your suit on and go get your ring! The Iron Ring Ceremony is very exclusive and you can only enter if you have a ring or are receiving your ring that day. Blah Blah Blah. You can read about it online. Now, you have your ring. What are you going to do? The logical answer is: party. Which is exactly what the Iron Ring Stag is for. A event full of even more tradition. Normally held at a large club or similar, the Stag is pretty crazy to witness. All 4th years must wear all black. If you are wearing anything else, it will be ripped from your body. Literally, there are security members cutting seams so they are easier to rip. So now everyone is in black shorts, getting drunk, having a good time. And that's that.

Why I needed to say all of this... I was bought as a 'Slave' for the butterfly class I mentioned. Which brings me to my weekend.

Thursday night I spent baking up a storm. Not a bad start.
Friday morning I was up at 530am to get over to Butterfly central to serve beer, baking, and pancakes. General good time. Everyone is in their costumes working on getting drunk. And dancing.

Oh yes, it was also asked to serve in my school uniform. Can you tell engineering is male dominated?

Next comes driving the group to the school and following them around to make sure the havoc is kept to a dull roar.

Oh yes, I also had to work.

Friday evening I had the privilege of being security at the Stag which meant I got to hang out with my drunk friends for an encore. I got home at 4am. Great day.

Saturday, slept in!! Jess, Pete, and Erin all stayed over so it was only natural that we start with breakfast. Ok... so we had breakfast at 1:30, whatever. It was great!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing, watching movies and eating cake. The cake LOOKED like crap but it tasted sssoooooo good.

THEN came time for dinner... I made a homemade pizza for us, it was awesome. And then I started opening bottles of wine. and more bottles of wine. That is the end of what I remember.

Haha, so what happened was we got a bit too tipsy before even getting to the bar and then drank more at the bar. I'm smart like that. It turns out I was almost kicked out and the bartenders wouldn't serve me!! Wow, how embarrassing.

So Saturday was ultimately perfect. Sunday was NOT.

I think about it and cringe to think I got that drunk in public. That's not like me! I'm usually the sober one who makes it to class to take notes for everyone! Not this time. I guess it is a bit embarrassing but nothing that I can't brush off. I have been to that bar 1000 times and that it the first time that has happened. The staff are used to people being ridiculous like that. Really, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, one of my friends did even better Sunday night...

SUNDAY I spent mostly lazing around... and then decided it was smart to go to the bar. The sketchiest bar in town. I chose to drive and thus could not drink. I hung out for a bit and then called it a night pretty early.

Monday was a holiday. I did NOTHING!!! It was awesome.

WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND!!! I have not had crazy fun like that in a long time. I felt like crap on Sunday but it was deffo worth it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The thought driving my day: If I want others to think I'm sexy, I must feel sexy. Thus I spent way too long getting ready, BUT I feel great.

I have been going to the gym as often as possible (aim for everyday) as I have the time to do so. I has been paying off as I fit into a pair of pants today that I did not fit into at Christmas. It has also made me feel better about myself. I don't have a goal weight or size but rather I would just like to feel confident. Going to the gym gives me this confidence.

So does the new coconut-mango body spray I bought.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I was on a Westjet flight a few years ago and the crew was playing a little game. Whoever has the most X wins a prize. Well one question was "Whoever has the most lipstick wins a prize!" A woman proceeded to pull out 15 tubes of lipstick to win said prize. I was disgusted, what was she doing with such an anomaly of lipstick??

I just cleaned out my purse and I have 8. What is this world coming to??

Thursday, January 31, 2008

As I'm in a bit of a transition, I felt it would be nice to have a bit of honesty and sharing on my part. The following are a few things that I am not ashamed of.

- I love watching television
- I especially love crappy reality TV (Supernanny) or cliche teen series (OC)
- Having TV on makes me comfortable, while cooking, studying, even reading, not while
sleeping though
- I am very comfortable talking about taboo subjects, too comfortable for some people
- girls poop, deal with it
- There really is nothing that grosses me out, no matter the time of day or if I'm eating
- I have a soft spot for hockey players
- especially that sweaty hockey hair
- I could do without the smell
- I enjoy children's books, especially novels and series regarding fantasy (His Dark Materials,
Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter)
- I almost always cry when reading
- Chick flicks involving Christmas are my favorite (The Family Stone, Love Actually)
- I am a sucker for pop culture, I read gossip columns obsessively
- I try to eat healthy and exercise but good food is just that, its good.
- I will never give up good food for a diet or health regime
- I will never give up baking
- Sometimes I just need to eat junk food, I will never swear it off because then I'll just
disappoint myself
- Considering all of this, I still try to eat well and stay in good shape, 'try'
- I am a firm believer that there are no rules when it comes to relationships. If you want to call
him, call him. If it takes you 2 years to get over him, it takes 2 years.
- You can learn something from every situation you are thrown in, which also means you should never turn down an opportunity
- Every day is a new opportunity
- Arguing is a part of my life. This is what I am and I don't think I will ever completely quit
- I was once told that if a couple walks into a room arguing that it is much better than a couple
who walks into a room with nothing. A least with arguing, there is energy, and you can work
with energy.
- I am ok with spending time on my hair, make-up, etc. I enjoy these things and so it is not
wasting time.
- I'm ok with spending money on hair and make-up. My last hair appointment cost $170, but
it's my money and that's how I chose to spend it.
- Good make-up is expensive, but I appreciate it
- Sometimes I have an excess of emotions and I just need to share them. I don't mind if you just
- I am obsessively clean and organized.
- Everything has a place
- I will probably find a better place for it tomorrow
- Everything in my room gets re-organized daily
- No one folds laundry as well as I do
- I always hang up my coat
- Cleaning calms me down, maybe it's just the fumes
- I think it's important to stay in contact with old friends.
- Old friends quit judging you a long time ago, what have you got to lose?
- I will write back, no matter how long it takes, I will always write back
- I do my best to remember small details about other people, it means I'll have something to talk
about next time I see them, this makes easy acquaintances and wonderful friends

Oh ya, I also love to blog. Get over it.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Les pros et cons de my job

Enough crappy surveys that are cop-out excuses for a real blog post.

For the first time since I started university.... FIVE YEARS AGO... I have a co-op placement in Waterloo.

Pros of this workterm:
I didn't have to move. I packed for Christmas holidays, came home, voila my house was perfectly set up as I had left it. This was wonderful as I have moved...13 times since I started school. Yep, not sweet.

I know where everything is. There is no exploring necessary.

The grocery stores are open 24 hours around here. What a novel idea... and useful.

I can take the bus to work. I have a school issue bus pass that I pay for anyway, no driving to work, yay environment!

Lots of friends around, and easy to get to. You can walk anywhere in Waterloo so you can always walk to see your friends... or take the bus. w00t

I work at the school, lots of friendly people here, double w00t

I go to school everyday... just like when I'm IN school... but THEN I come home... and I DON'T HAVE HOMEWORK. What a fabulous feeling.

From that last point... I have lots of free time!
I can exercise, bake, cook, whatever. It all fits.

Les cons de my workterm:
The sidewalks of Waterloo are not ploughed frequently enough.

I miss my friends

I also miss having NEW things to do. I find I'm just doing the same things I've always done in Waterloo

The school is kind of gloomy. Especially in Engineering. The building aren't very attractive... everyone is in sweatpants and dorky. I guess that's engineering though.

As I work in a grad office, everyone sort of works on their own things so there is no social interaction, that's the best part of coming to work!

Overall, I feel that it is a pretty decent co-op term. It's been nice to focus on work and play rather than settling and adjusting to a new environment. I will try to iron out my 'cons' as I go.