Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A moment of less-busy-ness

Now, I feel it is fit to write a few 're-cap' thoughts on my summer.

I have the house to myself until Friday so last night I started a few of the end-of-term tasks I need to complete by Saturday. Well... I made a cake, had dinner, watched 'Restaurant Makeover' and started packing.

This term I made and KEPT a budget. I recorded all of my spending in a tidy little spreadsheet. I also filed every receipt I had. Last night I started cleaning out the receipt drawer to shred most of it. It was kind of strange to look through it all because you can tell SO MUCH of what I did this summer. Here's a bit of a breakdown.

In May, I went to the Craft store quite a bit. I made a sock puppet, some cards and 2 dresses. I also did a lot of baking. I think I saw a receipt for 3 blocks of butter in there somewhere.
Conclusion: I had no friends this month, the weather was crappy, I felt like baking away my troubles.

In June, I baked a lot and found out where Costco was. I also ate out a lot.
Conclusions: I ate a lot of strawberries (Costco), fed people (Costco), found some friends to hang out with, baked.

In July, I started saving money on groceries, read a lot, baked with fresh fruit, realized wine is awesome.
Conclusions: I got a Safeway card, I needed an excuse to be outside, I found the Farmer's Market, I continued to hang out with friends.

In August, I bought A LOT of gas.
Conclusions, I went to Kelowna, Lake Louise, and visited my friends quite often.

It was kind of nostalgic in a short term way. I remembered that first month as being pretty miserable and desperate for something to fill my time. Things began to get better as I made friends and summer brought sun and BC fruit. Now, I'm a little sad to leave because I've really started to hang out with my friends quite a bit and I really enjoy the group we've formed.

Saying all of that I am looking forward to being back in Waterloo where everything is once again familiar and there is no transition period. Everything seems to fall back to how it was when I left. If I'm lucky, St. Jacobs will still have some local vegetables left for me to cook with.

Sunday morning I will bid farewell to Calgary, the Mountains, and no PST. I'll make my way back through the prairies where I will enjoy the sunny prairie sky for a 3 day bonus. Then it is back to Waterloo... which will smell like manure and where it will rain every Thursday.

Summer is over.