Thursday, June 14, 2007


...I have been loving:
- Iron Chef America
- Re-reading Harry Potter
- Costco Bruschetta mix
- Being outside
- slide shows
- Looking for BBQ recipes
- Crossword puzzles
- Sun Rype Apple-Orange-Peach juice
- Earl Grey tea
- Going to the park
- reading

...I have been dis-liking
- Cat Cora on ICA
- rainy days/lack of sun
- cream cheese
- no mouse at work
- my sneakers
- spending money
- my hair

What am I going to do about it?
- Watch ICA when she isn't on!
- put on a raincoat
- eat peanut butter
- use the touch pad
- get over it
- get over it
- get it cut this weekend!

I've been running really dry on new blog ideas, I haven't tried any new recipes recently and as this book says, no one cares what I had for lunch! (which I want by the way...) So until the ideas start flowing or this book arrives I have a feeling elbowinnose is going to get really wonky as I concoct new ideas.

Hoping all is well!