Wednesday, February 07, 2007

20 minutes

Who knows why I am so inclined to write right now. After all I have been kicking myself all day for procrastinating so much last night. Perhaps I am a masochist, I enjoy feeling the pressure of my looming homework. I enjoy the pain of opening an exam and knowing nothing because instead of studying I decided to write a blog. How nice. They'll say "Man did she ever bomb that exam but my, what an ordinary blog entry she wrote the night before!" and then I'll smile because I like feeling like crap. Yes, that's right.

No no, instead I will stay up 20 minutes later to make up for the time spent writing this. What's another 20 minutes spent awake. Those 20 minutes have lots of company. They can join the 45 minutes I stayed up extra last night because I decided to bake. They can join the 2 hours I stayed up extra on Sunday night because I "had to" watch the Superbowl. Yep, those 20 minutes will just fall right to the middle of a large vat of other extra minutes that I have spent awake because I decided to do something besides homework. So really you could suggest that I could easily bring this vat to a decent level if I would just quick dicking around and just do my homework. Well really now, what's the fun in that? What's the fun in being up-to-date in my work, what's the fun in going to bed at 11pm? These days 11pm falls in between 10:43pm where I am doing homework and 12:14 am where I am still doing homework. These days, 11pm does not exists. 4:06am, there's one that exists. It's the one that nudges me while I'm sleeping to remind me I forgot to double space my soils lab and so I lay restless until I wake up and edit the damn thing. 9:47am exists because it's when my body screams "not enough coffee yet Erica, you need to up the ante to 3 cups or I will try and fall asleep again come 1:24pm!!". But my favorite is 7:43pm, that's when I get home from spending 10 hours at school and I get to sit down at my desk and start the cycle once more. That one is my favorite.

This girl and this blog will be smiling once Friday afternoon arrives. I will still have butt loads of homework to do but it will be Friday which means none of that homework is due until at least Monday.

Friday, February 02, 2007

So after almost a month and a half I have 2 minutes to write.

This school term is the busiest I have ever known. I can't even explain, its as if I'm in a permanent exam period. This means I cannot justify leaving home unless its to go to class. It sucks alot. It means I can't do any of the things I want to do with my friends like have a wine and cheese, make dinner for my roommates bday, spend time with my mom this weekend. There should be a rule about that by the way, if your family has to travel more than 2000km to see you, your homework should be cancelled. Instead I have way too much. It sucks so much. I get up in the morning, go to school, usually work on homework during any breaks, come home, eat, do more homework until way too late, sleep for very few hours. It's not exams, its just regular school. Actually, I WISH it were exams because after you write an exam its OVER. These days after I hand in an assignment, there's another one due the next week!

So ya, that's why I haven't written anything....and probably won't for a while. No one wants to hear about this stuff anyway. Its not exciting. My mom is here, that's exciting. She will be gone on Monday and there will be nothing exciting left to write. Oh, I'm going to Whistler in 17 days. That's keeping me alive... just gotta get through the next 17 days... that's hardly any time at all! I can do this.

Hope all is better with everyone else!!