Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Holidays!

And so this is Christmas...
I'm going on holidays TOMORROW. At this time tomorrow I will be... at work... ok ok, at this time plus one hour I will be on my way to the airport to hop on a plane (where I will work on my wtr) and fly to Calgary! I land early afternoon which means I will be in Banff before dinner... which means I can nap! I'm mostly packed for it, just a few things left like getting the baking out of the freezer and a few other things.

It finally feels like Christmas is coming. Last week I wasn't feeling it at all but I think that's because I was stressing out about all the stuff I need to do before I leave. Yesterday night I made the decision to forget about my WTR for the time being and just enjoy my last few days with friends. I figure I have a total of 18 travel hours in the next 2 weeks that I can utilize for wtr-ing. I had a birthday party on Saturday, house dinner last night and work dinner tonight - all of which would have been miserable had I been thinking about my wtr. Really, letting it go for a few days was the only sane option. So, party saturday was FUN, dinner last night was GREAT and dinner tonight will be GREAT also, as a result of my decision.

My boss asked me for an xmas wish list today... I haven't made a wish list in almost 10 years! Better get thinking...

Special holiday wishes to Marcia, Davide, Carmen, Graeme, Nik, Robela, Davela, and Jan!
Happy Holidays y'all! I will be back January 9th!