Monday, October 02, 2006


The other day at work my boss and I were chatting a bit and he asked me what I was looking to get out of this workterm. To be asked that on the spot kind of sucks because it's the type of question that you want to give a really good answer to. I don't really remember what I answered but I'm sure it was great. Some possible answers could have been:

-gain a better knowledge of project management
-become familiar with a different type of site
-make money to spend at the mall
-make money to start a drug habit

It's sad because I could have said any of these and possibly meant them. Well not exactly but still. The point is I really have no idea what I want this term... What I want next term... What I want any term! I mean really, why did I chose engineering? Why do I keep choosing to work in construction? Why doesn't Mississauga bother me a little more like it should?

I think the answer to that last question is because it is so safe. Not safe as in I can walk around alone at night safe but rather it is neutral, and unexciting. It is a safe haven. I have lived in that neighbourhood and now it well. My independence has not been challenged. At work it is essentially the same deal. Though this is a new job, I am not being challenged and I'm questioning what it is I really want to do with the rest of my life. Not that I have to decide any time soon... I should at least be thinking about it.

So far these are the options I'm considering:

Architecture school. Tack another 5 years of school onto the 6 I already have to finish. It would be insanely cool though to have a Civil AND an Architecture degree. Lots of work though... LOTS of work. I like this idea the most though, I miss the creative thinking involved in architecture and I've heard arch students say they miss the math and certainty of engineering. Really it's a fabulous idea... In theory.

Next off I could accept my degree (which I have no trouble doing) and just go with it. Get a job, live my life, la-ti-da. This seems slightly dull... Though an easy option.

And lastly if money weren't an issue I would go to chef school. Do what would make me the happiest though with (most likely) the most struggles.

So really, you can see that I have no idea what I want in my life. I know what I don't want at least!
I don't want to:
-be a doctor
-be a history major
-get married right after my undergrad
-have kids before I'm 25
-be in debt
-make dinner tonight
-be at work
-drive alllll the way to Waterloo tomorrow
-write anymore