Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Much to the dismay of the entire Waterloo community, it is 43 degrees Celsius out. It was 42 when I went to bed last night and 41 when I woke up. I doubt it varied much over the course of the night. In any case I am lucky enough to have a window air conditioner… or at least lucky enough to have a brother willing to steal his roommates air conditioner for me. So I’ve been running this thing on high for the past three days (yay not paying utilities!).

This morning I woke up and went to the bathroom. As I opened my bedroom door to the outside world I was welcomed by a blast of heat only comparable to entering the deepest pits of hell. To think my roommates slept through that…In any case I peed in a rush to get back to my ice box. I walked back into my room and closed the door. Well apparently while I was gone a fly made its way in. Not a mosquito, one of those bigger ones that fly really fast. I figure “whatever, he will die or stop buzzing soon”. How wrong I was! This stupid moron proceeds to fly in clockwise circles around my room annoying the crap out of me. Eventually I decide to take action. In my history of fly experiences, I know I can’t catch this guy or swat him for that matter, he is way too fast. I take the next logical step, open my door with hopes that he flies out or that I can shoo him out. I stand doing this for a bit, all the while getting more frustrated with the buzzing but mostly angry at the fact that I am standing with my door open. Heat is gushing in, fly is remaining stationary. I kept following him trying to swat him out but he is determined to be as cool as I am. Like no way was I going to make him go into that insane heat! If you’ve ever tried to follow a fly with your eyes you know how tricky it is. Against the white walls I can follow him no problem, against the dark carpet he disappears. It really felt like that when I was watching him as I could see him so clearly and then poof he was gone! Only to show up buzzing behind me. It’s like this guy was playing a game with me. So eventually I realize that maybe the flies-are-attracted-to-light…or-at-least-I-think-most-are tactic might work. I turn my light off and turn the hall light on. What does he do but fly to my window and go behind the blinds completely proving my light theory just not in the way I wanted!! Well he’s behind my curtains, now I’m in power. With one swat he is mashed against my window.

Sorry buddy, I never intended to kill you.

This is the most exciting thing that has happened in the past 6 days. Exams rock my socks.