Saturday, June 03, 2006


Today is saturday and it is everything a saturday shoudn't be.

When I was little I remember waking up so early on Saturday (If only my body still worked that way). I would sit in the living room in my pajamas watching The Littlest Hobo, My Secret Identity, and Bill Nye the Science Guy (Science ruuuuuules). It was pretty sweet. I'm sure it was then followed by getting dressed and callin the neighbour's "Hithisisericaspeakingmayipleasespeaktocarmen/marcia/graeme" and then running across the lawn to watch tv/build forts/sit in the garden/eating freezies. After which I would either stay over night or come home to bed just to wake up Sunday morning and do it all over again.

Today on the other hand I woke up at 10, vaccumed, took the recycling out, wiped all the surfaces and windows, did the dishes, went for groceries, made lunch. Now I am sitting here writing this instead of studying for my Differential Equations midterm. And tonight (given that I will most likely not go out due to the amount of studying i have to do) I will go to bed and then wake up do the dishes and study.

At the moment on a 1-10, today gets a 3.

However I am baking later today so that rating may go up to a 6 depending on the success of the cake and cookies I want to make.

My parents will be here in 2 weeks. I'm making dinner for them and my brother the day they get here. I'm planning on making this which i made on Sunday and it was pretty good, very very easy to make. I'm nervous to cook for them but my philosophy is "I went to all this trouble, eat it or leave".

In any case it's time to start DE's.... or make macaroons.... with the way today has been going I think I will go bake.

Have a good rest-of-weekend, hopefully it will better then what mine has been so far!