Saturday, May 06, 2006

florida etc

Since my last post...I've been to Florida and back and have started school once again.

First off: Florida!
We drove from Hamilton and the drive was tooooo loooong but very pretty!! We stopped at a few places to check out some sites.

Driving through Georgia was only the prettiest thing ever! I would live there in a second. They have fabulous highways (or "freeways"). Driving through Atlanta we almost hit a cow. It had fallen out of a trailer and was in the middle of the road, wood chips and all... ok wait I lied, it was actually half a cow. eep.

We spent 5 days in Florida and the weather was great. I managed to not get sunburnt but I did manage to get sea-sick. Though thankfully that was on the glass bottom boat tour and not the alligator tour!! Otherwise we spent lots of time in the sun, ate REALLY WELL and had a pretty good time. Oh ya and I shopped, lots and lots.

The drive home was just as nice with stops at barnesley gardens, this shows you a nice picture. In our guide book it was described as "the most romantic place on earth" which it totally was except for the fact that we really weren't supposed to tresspass like we did... ok what happened was we just wanted to stop in and see these ruins the book talked about (Gone With the Wind scene filmed here!!). We get to the gate and the gatekeeper goes on and on about the history etc which we don't really care about. He then tells us the gardens are closed but we can go drive arouond. So we drive right past the "pay admission here" sign and begin the tresspassing! It was so gorgeous and anyone who has the chance should go here or get married here. Ok so next stop we try to stop at the Mayfield Dairy (Tennessee) where the "worlds best icecream" is... but we drive by it at about midnight so no luck there. HOWEVER.... the next day we stop at the "Country Music Hall of Fame" (Kentuckey) or something... and they have Mayfield Icecream... and lots of square dancers... anyways pretty cool. Or last stop on the drive is at... SUPER WALMART! We needed some food. This was more scary then the alligators and more scary then the glass bottom boat... it was bigger then Costco and bigger then anything you have ever seen... and full of Ohio hicks... yikes!

So finally at 8pm the next day we got home only to have to pack up once again to head back to school.

I still can't figure out how to post pictures here so go to my MSNSpace (link in the sidebar) and there are a few pictures there.

Sorry to make this post long but so much has happened in the last few weeks. School is alright, not a bad course load however I have lots to do for this week. I'm doing the charities thing again hosting biweekly pancake breakfasts to raise money for Breakfast for Learning. Otherwise things are pretty chill.

In terms of baking I've been doing so much and it doesn't bother me that at age 20 my favorite thing to do is stand in the kitchen up to my elbows in flour... my roommate doesn't seem to mind either! In fact him and I made this cake and my friend Liz and I made this pie both turned out REALLY well. In the pie we used strawberries instead of the other berries they asked for and if you do make the cake (it's unreal, seriously!) it will be SO runny when you pour it in the pan... like the consistency of milk but that's ok AND the recipe they give for frosting is very sweet so you may want to consider a different one.

That's all for me now, lots of homework to do today, I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.