Friday, January 13, 2006

my enlightenment

Yesterday after work I took a little trip that ended up as quite a treat.

Only intending to hang out and watch some tv and eat some snacks I ended up having my tarot cards, my aura and my palm read. Oh ya and there’s a little old lady following me – well the ghost of a little old lady anyways.

First off the lady: it all started off when my friends mom asked me if I knew someone named Lily or Lilian. Noppers. She asked me about my grandparents etc. None of this phased me as my friends mom has always been chatty and nothing she really asked was out of the ordinary (Were you close to your grandparents etc.) So ok she asks about this lily character and that’s it. My friend and I head upstairs. The second we get into his room: “My mom is a medium – she sees spirits – that’s why she asked you about Lily”. At this point I am a little skeptical but I keep listening. Apparently he’s grown up with this – him and his siblings have always been told that so-and-so is following them etc. Cool. So with my skepticism at hand we go downstairs to talk to his mom.

This ghost type lady has merely said that her name is Lily – or that shes looking for someone named Lily and then something about a man being 80 and have heart conditions and kidney failure. Cool… I guess I’ll be watching out for someone named Lily and see what type of health my grandpa stays in.

NEXT UP: my aura. The cool part is that she tells me I’m orange AND that she’s only ever met THREE orange people in her life! Which was cool because I always love being an individual but not cool because she doesn’t know much about them. Orange means that I come across as being very confident and I’m not actually confident on the inside. Which is spot on! She says orange is only ever a transition stage –no one stays orange for there whole life. Usually people go from pink - orange - yellow. Or yellow – orange – pink. She figures that I am going from pink to orange to yellow. Pink implying that I as spoiled as a child – ok fine its true. Yellow being very clinical and extremely creative – sweet!! Orange would mean that I am in a transition phase.

LASTLY: my cards and my palm. Essentially she looked at my palm and saw lots of learning lines implying I’m a smartie and something else which I don’t remember. My cards – I got to ask 3 questions – so 3 different readings. My first question was about this new position that I’ve taken. Its a lot of work and my cards confirmed that it will be a lot of work but I will do very well at it. Also though that I will be faced with quite a big decision relating to this, specifically about my career path. Next question was about work and if I would ever be recognized as an intelligent person in my office. She told me that it would be an uphill battle and that I’m going to have to work really hard to even get a little but of recognition. My office is 99% male and she says that’s a large contributor. My last questions was about my painting and if I could ever be as passionate about it now as I was when I was young. She emphasized the fact that I was extremely creative and desperately needed this outlet back in my life. She said that once I start up again I will only get better.

I’m sure I forgot a few details here and there but that’s all I can remember at the moment.
It was overall pretty cool – I liked the cards best because those are things that I could believe – I mean I realize they are only predictions but still things to think about. As for the lady following me – I am a little skeptical but I suppose I cant prove it right or wrong so I’m just going to go with the flow.

That's all for now - now that I'm back at work I have a little more free time to blog - hopefully I will follow through!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

my whirlwind - the conlusion

2 big things

Christmas holidays
CFES Congress 2006

First off Christmas. So I finished my exams on Dec 19th. They went poorly but not so poorly that I cant come back to school in the summer. So thumbs up to that. The night of the 19th was our end-of-term class party which was held at a classmates place and was just ridiculous. There was not one sober person in sight. Except me. Not because of my usual “no I’m fine, I’d rather drive home when its -15” but rather “no, I’m fine, I have to leave waterloo at 4am…. Which is in 5 hrs…” so ya, I stayed sober but I stayed out until 2:30. got home finished packing and then had a…. “nap” for a hour. Woke up my roommate and headed for the airport!

Got to Calgary early to have my mom be late. Oh well, such is life. Hopped in the truck and headed for Banff! Once at the hotel all I wanted to do was fall asleep considering I had only had 1 hr of sleep in the past 32. No no I had to have lunch with my parents etc… finally at 3pm I got to bed and slept for 4 hrs.

Next 6 days were full of snwboarding and shopping. The snowboarding was to-die-for. I had 2 lessons from an incredibly hot british boy. *swoon* and learned more in those 2 days then I have the whole time I’ve been riding. MAN it was awesome. Snow everyday and just gorgeous. I didn’t want to go back this year but I went anyways and now I cant WAIT to go back next year. My mom took a lesson too which was cool because they other person in her group was a mother her age, she had fun until she tore a ligament in her leg. Gimp mom for rest of trip. My brother came to the conclusion that he is the best skier n the world and wants to become an instructor. He’ll just have an engineering degree in his pocket… he confuses me but I say “ do what makes you happy!” so hey now I have somewhere to stay in banff for free. W00t.

Shopping was swell, my mom and I went out on boxing day and had a blast… though she couldn’t walk very well. Oh well, I rolled in the bday gifts nonetheless. Encore w00t.

And then… I turned 20. umm.. maybe w00t? I’m still coming to terms with it. Yes I’m a big baby but… go to hell. Its not so bad, most of my friends are older then me anyways, it just makes it less awkward when he answers 23…. *blush*

So that was Banff. I got on a plane on the 28th back to Toronto. Everything was delayed. Crapola. Whatever. In any case got to waterloo safe and sound due to the almighty dave.

So i spent 24 hrs in waterloo packing like a fiend and trying to get a million things done so that u could make in to Hamilton asap.

Went to Hamilton for 3 days to see nik. Had some fun, went shopping, celebrated new years playing a huge game of cranium (dorky I know but SO MUCH FUN!!)

On Sunday the 1st I got in my car and headed for waterloo, picked up my co-delegates and headed for the… 38th (?) annual CFES (Canadaian Federation of Engineering Students) Congess. Wowee. Holy crap. And omg. It was probably one of the greatest weeks of my life.

It consisted of ~250 gung-ho engineering students spending a whole week in Windsor. We had all sorts of speakers and lots and lots of discussion. In the end I left with the title of Charities Commisioner and a brutal hangover. Ok so maybe I had the hangover all along considering we went out EVERY NIGHT. That’s 6 nights…. And less then 3 hrs of sleep a night. It was the longest and greatest bender of my life. I had a blast.

So I guess that brings me to yesterday when I got back to waterloo and fell asleep at daves house. Woke up this morning and headed here. I start work tomorrow. And I must say I’m excited for a break in the chaos that has become my life.

Ok that was a very quick wrap up of the past… month or so. I’ll do my best to write something a little more intelligent soon.