Wednesday, November 09, 2005


In the process of getting ready for school this morning I took a pair of socks out of the top drawer of my dresser to put on for the day. After which I forgot to close the drawer. On top of my dresser is all my makeup/hair stuff and my mirror so I usually stand there for a few minutes every morning. While getting ready for school (standing in front of my dresser with the top drawer open) a tube of lipstick rolled off the top of the dresser and into the drawer. For some reason I stopped and watched all of this happen. The lipstick rolling, realizing the drawer was open, seeing it land in a cusion of wool and underwear. This was probably the softest landing that my lipstick had ever had. I even stared at it for a few seconds, sitting there amongst my socks and underwear.

If I were to somehow be pushed off something and be falling to my death I hope that I would die halfway down and then have my soul land in a sock drawer somewhere.

I have no idea why I was inclined to write about this today considering I hardly blog anymore anyways. It was just a nice moment that had nothing to do with any other thing that was going on.