Tuesday, October 25, 2005

trick or treat

Next monday is my most favorite un-holiday day all year. It's Halloween!

I get excited every year mostly because I get to dress up as a nut and I get to canvas for UNICEF. 2 of my most favorite things.

This year I was going to dress up as a slot machine or....(drum role)...a one armed bandit!! (as they are apparently called).

How it would work was i was going to have a swtich taped to my armpit and when you would "pull my arm down" it would hit the switch sending 3 wheels across my chest spinning with such things as "BAR" and a beer bottle etc on them. JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE!!!!!. ya it was a cool idea and then my stupid roommate decided to hang out with his girlfriend instead of help me make it on Saturday. balls.
Instead my friend and I are going as the old folks home running club, all decked out in fluorescent wind breakers and track pants with canes and sweat bands. hot diggity.

I was once garth algar, an outlet, calvin to my friend natasha as hobbes and a few other random late night ideas.

This year I'm kinda sad because i had a fantastic idea and it sucks when great ideas get flushed.

In any case, 6 interviews. Hopefully theres a job with my name on it in that pool.
If you're in Toronto (or have been recently) I'm hoping to be working for the Construction Manager on the ROM rennovations, wOOt. classy.