Tuesday, April 12, 2005

And I'm back

On a quick side-note, I said the word "cool" way too many times in my last post.

For the last 11 days I have re-lived the same routine 11 times with few differences. Let's go over there same-ness

X-day, April X:
-Wake up around 9, shower, pack school bag, go to school.
- Get to school, find an empty lab, set up my computer, start studying.
- Break for lunch around noon, go to plaza, eat somethin expensive.
- back to lab, study, come home around 6.
- Make dinner, read psychology.
-Go to bed around midnight.

Now the differences:
- I had lunch at a different place everyday

That's so pathetic. I have become a robot. However on the bright side I only have 2 exams left.

On to more exciting things: After my exams finish next monday I have 2 weeks off before I have to start work. 2 whole weeks to do nothing! I literally have nothing planned. In those 2 weeks I only need to pack and move. That's it. That's the only responsibility that I have. What am I going to do for 2 whole weeks!!


please note that I don't have that much money so Cancun is out of the question. I'm not 21 so the states are also out of the question. Please help!!

best of luck to everyone still writing exams.