Monday, January 24, 2005

stuff that bugs me

today i am sick and as a result i could care less about anyone else and anyone eleses problems. all i am worrying about is getting better or getting more drugs into my body to feel better.

so to the title of this post.
most of these things are household items, and most likely pissed me off today.

-finishing the bag of milk and not opening a new one

-topping off the leaning-tower-of-garbage with the philiosophy of "unless it falls over i'm not taking it out and putting in a new bag" and "nor will i take the old one out that my roommate tied up and put by the door"

-leaving left-overs in the fridge for x-number of weeks.

-not putting dirty dishes in the sink where they are at least contained and not all over the house

-the grease trays on the george forman grill. people seem to have the illusion that "i only put food on the grill part so the tray doesnt need to be cleaned......EVER" ack barf

-leaving garbage everywhere, again with the "containing the mess" idea

ok so you might have noticed that all of these are roommate related. i suppose i am a little anal when it comes to cleaning and organizing but really....the milk thing just drives me up the wall. the jug is sitting downstairs on the counter with an empty bag in it meanwhile there are 2 perfectly good bags of milk sitting in the fridge waiting to be cut open. honestly, am i too picky?

Thursday, January 20, 2005

at least it's been less then 2 months

Well I have no recollection as to the last time I posted so it must have been a while.
However I will not lie, you haven't missed anything.
My computer crashed and I went nuts, that's so sad.

In more exciting news I haven't eaten processed sugar in like 3 days. No white sugar and no white flour for me. OH MAN it's tough but apparently good for your brain. Oh and for Eunice...apparently fibre is good for everything, try whole-wheat pasta, it tastes the same to me but much healthier.

In other news, there really is no news. My life stops during school, it embodies me and that is so sad, I really need to find a balance and make better choices as to what I spend my free time doing (ie: not cleaning my room compulsively). Though this town with this weather, there isn't much to do. Driving anywhere is just as hassle and even being anywhere else, i like sleeping in my bed and waking up to use my bathroom. I really need to try to calm down sometimes and let things happen. I pride myself on being on time so i go crazy when I'm in a rush, when things aren't organized I get worried and drop everything to re-organize. I need to let go of my boundaries, that is to say; who cares if I'm late for class or who cares if look like shit at school or better yet WHO CARES IF I'M DISORGANIZED.

it's sad because the answer to each of these is: me
At least I have time to post.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

and that's the kind of day it's been

Being legal once felt like it was the "be-all" of university.
However i was slightly wrong.

Right in the sense that i can hang out with all my friends and this week has been so much fun being able to actually go to the bar. I got to know some people a lot better and had a great time finally going and dancing with natasha.

Bad in the sense that i keep getting home ssooo late, and forget to do things because i just go right to bed when i get home. I worry far too much.

When i have something to worry about it sits at the front of my brain stewing. If i catch myself thinking about anything else i stop and say "no...i'm supposed to be worrying" and then i'm always sad. I think i need to eat more fibre. My mom says it seems to cure everything. haha, shes funny that way.

anyways the plan for this week is to get all my charities stuff cleared up and to meet as many ppl as possible in my new class. i will let you know.