Friday, December 31, 2004

A year in review

Some interesting facts about this year:

The Firsts:
-First time living on my own for real
-First time with real job on my own not from a company affiliated with my parents
-First time to montreal

The Big Deals:
-Raised $1325 for the CCS and chopped all my hair off
-Producer of a play
-Family Vacation to Banff

The Memories:
-Learning the meaning of partying "too hard"
-Frosh leader
-Denting Ben's Truck
-Road Trippin'
-Learning to Boat Race
And Finally, what I'm looking forward to for this coming year:
-Living with friends (even if they're smelly)
-Getting home before sunset
-Charities director
-Forgetting everything that happened between August 13th and Nov 17th, 2004 but remembering what i learned from it regardless.
much love to all, best wishes

Monday, December 27, 2004

nothing about today is bad...

...because today is my day to be me. no one elses day, but me. you all have your days, today is mine.

i am of course talking about my brithday. which falls today. today that i am in banff skiing my heart out and just being happy. today is good and if anyone makes it be slightly off i will hunt them down and commit terrible acts that will leave me on death row. ie: dont piss me off today, it's my day, your's is later, i'll be nice to you then.

ok so thats it. i'm still on vacation but i'll be back tmro night to my little house in toronto and then finally back to school.

tell me whats new.

Monday, December 13, 2004

In the spirit of the holiday season

"If you can't say it at Christmas, then when can you?"

I'm not sure if i heard this on "Love Actually" or I just remembered it from something or other. My point is that I really beleive this. I always find myself writing cards to people I haven't talked to in ages, I'm even generally a nicer person. December really makes me think. About where I am, about where I've been and about where I want to go.

Where I am: Right now I am in Toronto, living alone however the 5 of us that live at #### Any Street are having Chinese together tomorrow night. I'm very excited, we are all nice people that get along and being with friends makes me happy.

Where I've been: I've been in a lull. Everything started to clear up at the beginning of November however one can never go from being so low to high again, there is a transition period and somedays I think the transition is as hard as the lull. Everything seems new and different again. I try to be good with change but as with everything there are obsticles.

Where I want to go: On my vacation, back to school, then more vacation. I'll get 2 of these and that should suffice. This Christmas will be one of the more memorable ones because we are finally going away. Other memorable ones include when my Dad's brother, his wife and their 3 kids (my age) came over for 2 weeks. We built snow forts and went skating. It was very movie-like in that our house was packed, there was tons of food and everyone was happy and care-free for a short 13 days in December. Otherwise we've had the power go out as we were opening gifts. My brother and i had to put gift opening on hold as my dad called the fire department to get the buring tree off the electrical wires outside of our house. Back to where I want to go. I so desperatley want to succeed in school and be happy and be remembered. Have great friends that will automatically come to mind when I'm thinking of my wedding invitation list. Those are the friends I want, the ones that can share every moment of my life with me and i want to be proud of them and have them be proud of me.

As for where I wish I was, where I wish I've been and where I wish I was going, It doesn't matter because I'm not going to get any of these, I'm going to get whatever comes around, I'll deal with it as it comes. Until then I'll be happy that it's the holidays and only look forward to what I have ahead of me.

Sunday, December 05, 2004


i had a good weekend.
you don't want to hear the details.
i don't want to give out the details.

on a different topic i only have 10 days of work left!
one of which is a half day because i have a doctor's appointment
one of which i have a secret santa lunch which will take up at least 2 hours.
two of which my boss will not be at because he has surgery.

and then it's off to calgary,
off to Banff
off to winnipeg
off to toronto
off to waterloo where i hopefully end up somewhere around January 3rd-ish.

it feels good to feel good.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Broken, sick and tired

I made some chocolate squares today and after stirring them and pouring them in the pan i realized that the tip of my spatula was broken off. i have no idea how or when this happened. it could be in my lasagna or it could in the squares that are in the fridge right now. I suppose it's just my teeth on the line. in any case, it still bugs me.

ok that's boring.
but i'm sick. and i cant think straight. i'm drugged up on ecinecea (sp?) vitamin C, tylenol and advil cold and sinus. ugh WHY CANT I JUST HAVE MY MOM TO LOOK AFTER ME.
nope, i'm the unlucky one.

ok, what a crppy post, i dont give a shit.

erica: by the way i have a Dr's appoitment so i have to leave early
boss: what do you need to see a dr for?
erica: its a neurologist
boss: why am i driving you nuts?
real erica: oh no, it's just a thing.