Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This is my Boat Racing team, the weather was good but the beer was terrible and we didn't get very many races. Oh well, this weekend should be better! Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 21, 2004

lucky happy

nothing can make me too sad between now and december 29th.

i can't hold it in. i have to tell. i'm going on a family vacation. finally. i've never been on one. the only place outside of my hometown that my family as all been together was my grandmothers funeral. i cried on the phone whenc my dad told me.

so now nothing matters. wait, nothing BAD matters because i'm happy. if you dare to try to ruin my happiness i will beat you with a blunt spoon. (i'll cover it in lube for joel).

it doesnt matter that someone has been lying to me for weeks now. it doesnt matter that i'm bored all week. in fact it doesnt even matter that i havent eaten dinner in over a week. and the best part is: it doesnt matter that i'm still too young BECAUSE i'll be spending my birthday with my whole family for the first time in forever.

in other news...
the guy that does the "Spence Diamond's" commercials in The Edge has the most annoying voice on the face of the planet. hes got a very minor lisp and it just drives me nuts. this does not mean i dislike diamonds though, oh no, those ones you all wanted to give to me just now, it's ok i'll still take them.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Caution: This post is very negative

Why I hate Fall
By Erica

Reason number 1...
I'll admit it. I hate the rain. Others say "Oh but it smells so good!" or "Oh but it makes everything fresh!" and yes, I agree with both of these....

BUT this doesn't mean that I like rain.

I hate being wet. Having to come in and get mud everywhere. I hate it when the bottoms of my jeans are soaked because I stepped in a puddle and now i have to change otherwise i'll get the whole house wet INCLUDING the bottoms of my socks. I hate that my hair frizzes. I hate that my shoes get wet and it takes a week to dry, same goes for mitts. I hate that the bugs come out JUST before and JUST after, and there's worms everywhere that stick to the bottoms of my shoes and then get tracked into the house. I hate that I cant sit outside and read a book because the lawn furniture is wet (especially if its cold out, then they stay wet for days) If i did the books pages would get all curlied and that would suck. I hate that i have to put all the recycling in the corner on the floor because the bins were outside and i cant put them in the kitchen because they are soaked. I hate using my wipers because then its harder to see when i'm driving and hydroplaning is scary. But most of all... i hate the rain because then it means its not sunny out and its not snowing. my 2 favorite things.

Reason number 2...
Its too cold to wear just a sweater. but too warm to wear my nice winter coat. Instead i have to wear my ugly wind breaker and look like a little boy. especially with this hair cut.
the wind cuts through my wool sweater, it didnt do that in the summer and i'll wear another layer in the winter. You cant wear a toque because it's most likely to rain and reason number one clarifies THAT one.

Reason number 3...
Everything is either already dead or in the process of dying. THOUGH there is one exception. thanksgiving weekend shows the most magnificent colours ever. BUT that still means its gonna look like poo in a few days. Theres no snow to sit on the branches to make things look all pretty and crystal. just brown and dead. sucky.

In conclusion: I hate fall, and I hate rain alot.

Thank you and good day.

Friday, October 15, 2004

you betcha...

You are Mel B! Kooky! Go Scary!
Your Mel B! You love having a good laugh and a good
time! Your big hair makes everyone remember
you! :) Famous Quote: 'Raaaaahhhh!' One Word: Wild!

Which Spice Girl Are You?

click on the link folks, flash back to grade 6

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

i have no idea when this was, back during the summer, its me on the bottom and please do not ask what we were doing. i think it was fun at the time.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 07, 2004


to sum up this week so far in one word, it would be: roadkill.
never have i ran into so many different roadkill situations in one single week:

shall we begin:

Monday, driving home from work, see Emergency response vehicles blocking a lane. for curiosities sake i take a look. there are 2 men. a big snow shovel. a garbage bag. and a dead racoon/porcupine/muskrat/something large and rodent-like. it was sad. the thing was huge and flat. and they stopped traffic for it. i wasnt sad at all that i got home late because of slow traffic. that animal deserved the attention he got. poor guy.

how'd he get to the median though?

Tuesday, Fear Factor. the had to eat road kill. one girl was vegetarian. i laughed. suckers

Wednesday. actually this one goes back to monday as well because monday, tuesday AND wednesday i find myself stopped in traffic at the same stop beside the same flat rabbit. its like in the movies where the perfect tire tracks are right down the middle of his little body. its there every day. there is no Emergency Response for this guy. why are they biased to the larger animals? this one was also in the median.

how do they get to the median of the busiest highway in canada?

why do i keep refering to them as 'him' and 'guy' and 'he'? dont female animals get hit too? stop talking NOW.

BUT WAIT theres more.

though this doesnt have to do with this week.

a few years ago the GREATEST roadkill was produced by my mother. yes, she hit a moose. a full grown, probably million-pound moose. with her truck, it woke my dad up and knocked off the side view mirror. but everyone was ok. had they been in a car they might not be here today. the moose was gone the next morning because most likely some dudes picked up up and made moose jerky out of that thing.

so there you have it, roadkill. isnt it fun?

Monday, October 04, 2004

finally some positiveness!

another fine weekend spent in waterloo. i'm finally in a good mood. and i'm keeping up on my running.

this weekend included:
4 hour drive, 3 people and too much gas on friday
a little hangin out also on friday
goin to bed early...on friday.

saturday was busy busy
showing natasha the joys of indian food.
racing to the corners of the earth to find our third member.
crappy crappy races that we sadly sadly lost.
a fantastic party with tons of people and i even saw my frosh.

sunday was breakfast and then more driving
dinner at my aunts
more driving
home to my freezing room and ringing phone.

i got in trouble at work today.
i forgot to do something and i was terribly sorry and i'm making myself look quite bad. but we learn from our mistakes correct?

i hope that everyone has a great week and eats lots of turkey!! ya dude. i'm happy.