Monday, August 23, 2004

finally rested

so its been a while and i've been so busy...exams are over...went to manitoba...visted my family and now i'm in scarborough for a week volunteering. and then i have no idea what i'm doing. so tired. more on this all later

Sunday, August 01, 2004

i wanna be a juke box hero

-studying calculus
-listening to 'under pressure' by Queen, ft. David Bowie

guess which one i'm enjoying more?
if you said calculus then you have something else coming to you.

as much as we all hate writing exams, i really do enjoy the atmpsphere surrounding them, call me crazy but there's something that comes out in everyone around exams. like its their real self. they dont have the time or energy to look good or try to impress anyone. its nice, you learn alot about people (and not about calculus, what a shame)
everyone forgets about what they're eating, wearing and generally everything in general.

i really dont want to go to my programming help session tomorrow and tell my prof that i couldnt get my program done. he's going to be very disappointed and i just may cry. he wont be mad, but disappointed. thats the worst.

did i mention i love van halen.

what's interesting today is that i went to bed at 4am and i'm not really too tired. i'm a freaking machine. a freaking calculus doing, program writing, ju jube eating, MACHINE, and THAT'S what's interesting.