Friday, July 30, 2004

stuck in the middle

you know when you finish off a day and you look back at it and think 'wow that was a really good day..everything went well...i laughed alot...talked with alot of my friends...generally had a good time...but something is wrong'
that's today. i had a test this morning that went really well, i had an awesome lunch and then i laughed my way to 3pm and then came home and had an awesome really long nap. but something is wrong.
i have no idea what it is. but its there...and its bugging me. i dont think its exams, i dont think its school related its just something...maybe i'm thinking too much.
i know theres alot of people that say that being famous would not be all its cracked up to be but honestly i would kill to be able to sing and make money doing it. not worrying about anything. mostly i mean not worrying about school. that would rule. i'd probably go to school anyways just to learn but it wouldnt be such a hassle.
maybe i should've gone into fine-arts at mcgill, maybe i'd be happy then.
maybe i'd enjoy being tested because i love reading and writing about art but even more so doing it. i miss my paint box. and my room upstairs with the little window and the easle(sp?) my dad made me. it was just perfect. food downstairs. my mom in the office. my dad outside. but no i'm here in my little room, i dont even have my paint box here to look at let alone open up.

i cant wait to be home
that's what's interesting

Sunday, July 25, 2004


today i want to make KD at midnight and eat it out of the pot with a friend seeing who can make the biggest spoonfull and fit it in their mouth.
today i want to eat just cake for dinner
today i want to call me friend jenna and have her give me an update of the 3 years of her life that i missed
today i want to do something crazy with my friends that we'll laugh and shake our heads at in 10 years saying "i remember we were dumb..."
today i want to listen to an old song that i havent heard in years that reminds me of a good time
today i want to make a salad with amy and share and laugh a little like always

but do you know what i'm actually going to do today?

Friday, July 23, 2004

a boring life in a boring town

btw, that was a great show.

by default this weekend will suck. next week is my last week of 1B and my last chance to shape up and try and do better then before. which i btw what more then anything i evereverevereverever EVER EVER have wanted, if only admin knew that :(

i have 3 reports to finish. maybe some other random homework, a speech to WRITE and PERFORM. i'm nervous for that one. though it is in front of a ton of prospective parents and or students that could care less about what i have to say about 'my first year experience'

blah school sucks, what else is new?

waterfight today, i'm judging, should be a good time. its the frist time my class has been involved in anything. AH i have to go to school!!

nothing else is interesting


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

enlighted thoughts on roommates

i actually wrote this post 2 days ago but it deleted itself, i'm going to try and re-produce it, no promises.

roommates,....uh shit i forgot what i wrote last time.
try again

my roommate: we could not be more opposite. yet we get along a ridiculous amount of well. and we know SO much about each other. for example we were having lunch together the other day and she was making pasta and i was makin salad, she says "erica you can use my big blue bowl because i know you like to have salad in it so that you can mix it real well" and i said as she was cutting celery 'take the middle part, i know that you think it taste better then the rest of the stock' , oh it just makes me all warm inside! i'm such a dork, but we really are like sisters and i'm really glad that we get along the way we do.

another thing, amy and i dont ever hang out besides in our kitchen, this bring me to my next point, i'm probably better friends with alot of other people but amy gets many exceptions from me, such as i bought a box of miscellaneous (sp?) popsicles that had lime, orange and raspberry, i hate raspberry everything so when people come over they are only allowed to have the raspberrry popsicles because otherwise i will throw them away at the end of the year when i attempt to clean out our freezer (worst job EVER) but amy, she can have any colour she wants, i have no idea why i made this exception for her, shes not my best friend, we have nothing in common, we dont discuss out problems but theres just something about being roommates, it makes it ok.  she told me that i'd make a good sister to her. i liked that. she tells me things, i tell her things, she thinks i'm really weird sometimes and i the same for her but still, its ok.

i hope that we stay friends for a while, we may never live together again and i really hope that this doesnt mean that we cant cook for potlucks together, get all prettied up for semi-formals together, or just sit and laugh at what neither of us understands on 'sex and the city'. 

three cheers for amster, who makes the best (insert any type of baked goods here) ever.

 in other news, nothing else is interesting.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

What sucks about rez...

...and why i cant wait to leave

1) SINGLE beds with plastic mattresses
2) no double sink in the kitchen, makes doing dishes awful and means you have to do dishes more often because the sink fills up twice as fast
3) no bathtub
4) no toilet seat!!! the cabinet in my bathroom is right over the toilet and i have dropped probably 4 touthbrushes, a bunch of makeup and a hairbrush in that toilet. ugh
5) no a-c, no chance of a-c
6) stupid people running around at all hours of the night right on the other side of my wall
7) uncomfortable couches
8) rules about what you can and cant hang on the walls

thats all for now
nothing else is interesting

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


the other day in the engsoc meeting, there were several topics brought up that were about our engineer society taking on more tasks. i thought that was pretty funny. not only am i involved in every single thing i can handle but so is the entire society, other groups come in and ask us to do more things and its just silly, WE HAVE NO TIME!. blah whatever

on a lighter note, its Arts Week this week and today was duct tape sculptures, zac and matt made me an arm, socket and all. i went to harvey's and handed the casier my debit card with the arm, he was shocked. i laughed, then wacked graham across the face with it. woohoo.

nothing else is interesting

Saturday, July 03, 2004

these are my puppies....mmmmm i love em' Posted by Hello