Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I cant do anything right

Today is the first day of the long weekend. The long weekend that i will be spending alone on my empty floor in this empty town. On the bright side at least i'll (hopefully) get alot of work done.

I have plans to go shopping in toronto, though it'll more likely be looking-and-not-buying-anything but whatever i'm sure it will still be fun.

I have nothing exciting to write about, my life is very dull, the only thing i do anymore is homework.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

dreaming of the weekend

even though i had barely any class today, i still found myself praying for the weekend to be here asap. i guess thats just me. i just got off the phone with my mom and we started talking about my dogs. we both made the realization that my one dog is going to be 13 this year and my other dog will be 11 next year. i cant beleive it. they have to live until at least august so i can see them again when i go home. i would just be mortified if i never saw them again. my family has had those dogs since i was 9, so pretty much the bulk of my life, well the part that matters anyways. oh my i cant think about this anymore, goin for dinner.
much love

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Look i'm learning!

i now have a bunch of free time now that my midterms are over. yahoo me. anyways as i was saying i have free time to work on this masterpeice that i call my blog (spelling mistakes and all). anyways nothing is new and exciting. i'm going to have pink hair on friday. i'm tres excited for that one. i dont think that my mother is though. oh well i never see her so it doesnt really matter. and as for my brother, i dont really care what he has to say anyways, thats a lie, i usually listen to him even though i tell him that i dont, but sshhhh if he finds out i'm done!!
i'm so bored with school these days, i spend hardly any time worrying about it and end up slacking off alot as a result. at least i'm honest and i admit it.
i'm excited for the end of term when kyle and i take our trip over to manitoba, that will be a good time. 26 hrs. at least i get to go home and i think that kyle will enjoy it. winnipeg is an awesome city, well i like it anyways, it doesnt seem that the weakerthans (sp?) like it though, the guess who were awesome you dorks!! cant have everything perfect now can we. i have to go eat something. more on this later.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

hello hello
i was once asked the question 'if you had to live without either colour or music, which would you chose?' thats so tough to decide. when i was first asked it i said colour hands down, that is i couldnt live without colour. but now i think i'm changing my mind. i mean theres way more colour then there is music around me, obviously. but i cant do anything without my discman. it takes me away, thats mostly why i love studying in poets because i have my music to block everything else out.
i have 2 midterms tmro
much love

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

My Study Habits
Its a bizarre thing to think about, we all learn different ways etc. i myself have a pretty obscure way of my own.
3 things:
of course the last one is pretty average
but as for the people and noise, i need people around me that have no relation to what i'm doing. they are doing their own thing, i am doing my own thing, there is constant movement and change in these people as they move in and out and etc. as for the noise, i study well if theres a TV on in the background but not talk radio....weird, and my music will suffice as well as long as its not a band i'm way into at the time because them i just may have to get up and dance a little dance like i do.
my study habits suck because no one shares them with me. my friend natasha has to be in her room by herself. weird, i cant do that. the WEEF lab is my favorite place to study beyween 10am and 6pm. its perfect in every way and i think i've said this one before. its old and comfy, theres good help close by, food and bathroom not too far away, dont need to worry about wrecking any carpet or furniture, just respect it. and theres people, just the right ones too. always. i love the WEEF lab. its perfect.
p.s. midterms suck, thats right sucks to your assmar

Sunday, June 06, 2004

So far this week and into this weekend have been slightly bizarre. firstly i have no hair anymore, well i have an inch but thats not much. chopped it off on wednesday and now its all sitting in a ziploc on my desk looking like a dead rat. gross. but shorted haired life has its perks. short showers, short 'do-ing' time, way cool (as in heat wise) sitting in class. oh me oh my i do like it. still miss the long stuff but this is fun too. i have 3 midterms next week. not too scared, but i could be very wrong. i'll let you know.
much love