Thursday, May 20, 2004

hm, i'm sitting here in just a towel. odd you'd think but no, its just another example of my laziness. and besides, clothes are for chumps and my roommates. so new and exciting... its the long weekend starting tomorrow and alas i must stay here (most likely in clothes, i'll ditch the towel sooner or later) and do homework. wow my life is exciting.
this week has been terribly odd. i did a re-evaluation of myself for my own sake because i was getting pretty lost in whoever i had become over the past few months. in any case, re-evaluation is complete and gets tested this weekend. i think its an important thing to do. no one wants to live with themselves if they dislike it. its not so hard to change, people forgive easily and forget even easily-er (?). in any case, one of my friends did this about 4 months ago and he's a completely new person and he really likes it. put things into perspective, ya know. i also have another friend who should do a re-evaluation. you know how people think that their friends will never leave etc, its kind of a nice thing to think, i hate to say it but this guy is going to lose his friends if he doesnt straighten out. hm thats all. nothing else interesting.
keep on trucking.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

its hot. we have no air conditioning.
hermit life seems to be that which is designed for me.
i would do well as a hermit.
i dislike talking to people.
i can amuse myself quite contently with an array of rocks and sticks i'm sure.
maybe i'm just saying this because people are bothering me.
for example, i realize there is no written msn etiquette but really, politness should usually be practised. for instance if you plan on no longer talking to a person, at least say something!! dont leave them hanging!! that bugs me so much. blah.
hm what else is interesting. all i can think of is that it's hot and i'm in a bad mood. what else is new.
you know when you get a drink at a fast food place how it comes in a cardboard cup with a lid and a straw? i've decided to swear by these things. they are so practical, kinda like sippy-cups for grownups. they dont spill (mostly because they are caught fairly quickly) and frankly, straws are amusing. and it's just fun. try it out, get one, use it, swear by it. you'll be a changed person. results not guaranteed for all.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

still in a bad mood. i'm sick of explaining to people the concept of co-op. honestly about 30 times this week i've had this conversation:
"hey whats up, i'm finally home!"
"hey, i'm at school man, it sucks"
"school? wtf? i'm a moron that doesnt remember that you've told me 8000 times the co-op concept and i will now go eat some dog poo like my moronic self should do."
bah. bah bah bah
anyways life back in rez is pretty blah. blah blah. not a whole lot going on yet. except hockey. :( again bah.
i'm still writing that report. bah. i gotta get some better words. any ideas.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

again an early day. first week is always good. no tutorials and mostly no homework. though my work report doesnt seen to want to write itself. blah it can wait. cramming doesnt bother me. i do well in the end usually. nothing is exciting. school is boring. my room doesnt have any posters in yet and i dont have any of my clothes unpacked. but i do have my computer. i am one of the few with internet up. oh i'm so addicted. ginger ale is back. apple juice was the new ginger ale but no, ginger ale made its return and is plugging my fridge and pissing off my roommates to no end. thats ok though because its still in there. go me. oh well i have to go visit some friends elsewhere. oh and my nintendo is hooked up. w00t

Monday, May 03, 2004

school is way too expensive. 350 big ones on 2 books, 100 on a parking pass. and i have a night class. which blows on its own. 7-10 thats a fucking long time. and the class is most likely boring anyways. oh well in other news school is boring and it's only the first day. man i wish i didnt come back. this blows. have a nice day though.