Friday, December 31, 2004

A year in review

Some interesting facts about this year:

The Firsts:
-First time living on my own for real
-First time with real job on my own not from a company affiliated with my parents
-First time to montreal

The Big Deals:
-Raised $1325 for the CCS and chopped all my hair off
-Producer of a play
-Family Vacation to Banff

The Memories:
-Learning the meaning of partying "too hard"
-Frosh leader
-Denting Ben's Truck
-Road Trippin'
-Learning to Boat Race
And Finally, what I'm looking forward to for this coming year:
-Living with friends (even if they're smelly)
-Getting home before sunset
-Charities director
-Forgetting everything that happened between August 13th and Nov 17th, 2004 but remembering what i learned from it regardless.
much love to all, best wishes

Monday, December 27, 2004

nothing about today is bad...

...because today is my day to be me. no one elses day, but me. you all have your days, today is mine.

i am of course talking about my brithday. which falls today. today that i am in banff skiing my heart out and just being happy. today is good and if anyone makes it be slightly off i will hunt them down and commit terrible acts that will leave me on death row. ie: dont piss me off today, it's my day, your's is later, i'll be nice to you then.

ok so thats it. i'm still on vacation but i'll be back tmro night to my little house in toronto and then finally back to school.

tell me whats new.

Monday, December 13, 2004

In the spirit of the holiday season

"If you can't say it at Christmas, then when can you?"

I'm not sure if i heard this on "Love Actually" or I just remembered it from something or other. My point is that I really beleive this. I always find myself writing cards to people I haven't talked to in ages, I'm even generally a nicer person. December really makes me think. About where I am, about where I've been and about where I want to go.

Where I am: Right now I am in Toronto, living alone however the 5 of us that live at #### Any Street are having Chinese together tomorrow night. I'm very excited, we are all nice people that get along and being with friends makes me happy.

Where I've been: I've been in a lull. Everything started to clear up at the beginning of November however one can never go from being so low to high again, there is a transition period and somedays I think the transition is as hard as the lull. Everything seems new and different again. I try to be good with change but as with everything there are obsticles.

Where I want to go: On my vacation, back to school, then more vacation. I'll get 2 of these and that should suffice. This Christmas will be one of the more memorable ones because we are finally going away. Other memorable ones include when my Dad's brother, his wife and their 3 kids (my age) came over for 2 weeks. We built snow forts and went skating. It was very movie-like in that our house was packed, there was tons of food and everyone was happy and care-free for a short 13 days in December. Otherwise we've had the power go out as we were opening gifts. My brother and i had to put gift opening on hold as my dad called the fire department to get the buring tree off the electrical wires outside of our house. Back to where I want to go. I so desperatley want to succeed in school and be happy and be remembered. Have great friends that will automatically come to mind when I'm thinking of my wedding invitation list. Those are the friends I want, the ones that can share every moment of my life with me and i want to be proud of them and have them be proud of me.

As for where I wish I was, where I wish I've been and where I wish I was going, It doesn't matter because I'm not going to get any of these, I'm going to get whatever comes around, I'll deal with it as it comes. Until then I'll be happy that it's the holidays and only look forward to what I have ahead of me.

Sunday, December 05, 2004


i had a good weekend.
you don't want to hear the details.
i don't want to give out the details.

on a different topic i only have 10 days of work left!
one of which is a half day because i have a doctor's appointment
one of which i have a secret santa lunch which will take up at least 2 hours.
two of which my boss will not be at because he has surgery.

and then it's off to calgary,
off to Banff
off to winnipeg
off to toronto
off to waterloo where i hopefully end up somewhere around January 3rd-ish.

it feels good to feel good.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Broken, sick and tired

I made some chocolate squares today and after stirring them and pouring them in the pan i realized that the tip of my spatula was broken off. i have no idea how or when this happened. it could be in my lasagna or it could in the squares that are in the fridge right now. I suppose it's just my teeth on the line. in any case, it still bugs me.

ok that's boring.
but i'm sick. and i cant think straight. i'm drugged up on ecinecea (sp?) vitamin C, tylenol and advil cold and sinus. ugh WHY CANT I JUST HAVE MY MOM TO LOOK AFTER ME.
nope, i'm the unlucky one.

ok, what a crppy post, i dont give a shit.

erica: by the way i have a Dr's appoitment so i have to leave early
boss: what do you need to see a dr for?
erica: its a neurologist
boss: why am i driving you nuts?
real erica: oh no, it's just a thing.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

It's never bothered me as much as it does today

I am underage.
No, I don't have a fake id because everyone always offers me them and that they'll "for sure get me one soon" i suppose i just have to get on it myself.

In any case, I suppose it's a little lame to tell my friends "just ask me out of politeness to go to the bar with you tonight" I suppose this is to make me feel loved, i'm not sure. In any case this doesn't ever happen, maybe they don't love me...maybe they just don't think i'm that lame as to want them to ask me.

It's hard because I don't ever want my friends to stay home because I cant go to whichever bar/club/casino or whatever that they want to go to. But still, I also don't want to be left in the dust. I am in fact between a rock and a hard place for the next few weeks before I turn legal.

Today I have nothing to do and I would love to go dancing with my friends tonight. But no, I will most likely drive over to blockbuster like many other saturday's and rent some lame-ass movie that will put me to sleep and out of my boredom misery.

Friday, November 19, 2004

the past 6 monts

i have easily experienced every emotion ever created in history in these past 6 months.

in no particular order:
stupidity (which is an emotion: i "feel" stupid)

and all of them were felt to their extreme.
its not everyday you feel an emotion for all it has to offer. like you literally FEEL the emotion, tingles and shudders and all. thats feeling an emotion.
for example, the other day i felt disappointment to its full potential. my boss told me that my memory and intelligence were "unexceptable". walking away quickly was all i could do to prevent him from seeing me cry. i made my way to the bathroom. i was disappointed in myself because i couldnt live up to his standards. this sounds so pathetic but i'm not the one reading it so shut the crap up.

in any case. thats my story. my past six months have been an absolute roller coster though it does have its extreme ups but also extreme downs. i do however feel though it is coming to the slow end before it comes to a stop in a nice hotel in alberta.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I've been waiting for this day since...

August 24th, 2004.


I can now:
Return Lyle's, which I am so appreciative for
Transfer all my pictures that are filling up 4 email accounts
Figure out how wireless works and what I need to do/have/know to use it
(because as of today I have no clue whatsoever)
Scream on the phone to my mom because she will be equally excited.
Get ready for the dent in my credit card.

Ok I'm done.

So happy.

So So So happy.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


I'm half watching "Lost in Translation". Only half because I just finished watching another movie and I have a problem with sitting still, I can't do it. Yet whenever I rent movies, I always get 2. This is not the purpose of this post.

What we do when we're alone and why it would freak out any regular human being if they saw it.
For example:
Only when I'm alone in an elevator do I bend my knees when it stops to help my stomach feel not so woozy.

I smile in the mirror after I brush my teeth to see if the $3.95 I spent on the new whitening toothpaste was worth it.

I consistently fix my hair even if I don't plan on seeing another human being before I wash it or go to bed or any other action that would drasticly change it.

I blow my nose like it deserves to be blown. I cannot and will not blow my nose in front of other people. I even hate it if they can hear it. I need a fully empty bathroom or area that is not within eyesight or earshot of my blowing my nose.

If anyone ever saw me fold my laundry they would go nuts. Thus I fold it while alone. I fold my underwear, yes I'm that girl. Every thing must be perfect or it gets re-folded. I think I got this from my mother.

The way I sleep strongly differs from when I'm sleeping in a room by myself compared to sharing a bed or having other people sleeping in the same room. When I'm by myself I think that I look ridiculous, I look like i fell off a moutain, except on a bed. Blankets knotted around limbs, arms hooked around pillows or headboards, toes sticking out edges. I truly look like pile of dirty laundry. When I sleep around other people, I sleep like people do in movies. Straight in one line from top of bed to bottom (compared to diagonally corner to corner) my hands are tightly wrapped around the corner of the blanket and I look like a corpse that has been so effortlessly placed on my bed. This is sad, why do I care so much about the way I look when I sleep?

And last but not least I sing.
Belt it out. No one ever hears me sing like the way I do when I'm alone and no one can hear me. My car, in my room, in the shower. I sing. And I suck nonethless. But as Lisa Simpson asked us: If a tree falls in the woods and there's no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? Well, if I'm the only one around to hear myself, do I really sound that awful? You be the judge.

Now that I've missed 20 minutes of this movie and thus cannot give a legimimate review to my mother, I must go.

Enjoy your day,


Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Day to End All Days

I have been moved at work.
I would not say to a better location but to a more interesting one nonetheless.
I'm currently monitoring the structural steel erection, it's a good time because I get to use the word "Erection" properly and sound smart. Who would have thought?

In any case I suppose that it is pretty interesting. Though it has shown me that I never want to do structural stuff.

Oh ya and the best part is that my boss makes me cry on a daily basis.

My life rules.

Though on the plus side I'm going Christmas shopping this weekend which I just love doing. Though I should check my account balance first. Yikes, maybe I'll just go home-made this year. Naw, if there's anything that I enjoy spending money on it's gifts. Hah, I wrap gifts and then make my friends open them right away. Hey IDEA, I'm not going to buy wrapping paper this year. SAVE MONEY. Go team Erica!

Ok ok, I realize this is so dull but whatever, I'm not writing it for YOUR entertainment. I'm writing it because as long as I sign into Blogger fairly often and the internet stays around for as long as I think/hope it will, this journal will last awhile and thus is purely for my own enjoyment.

much love.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This is my Boat Racing team, the weather was good but the beer was terrible and we didn't get very many races. Oh well, this weekend should be better! Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 21, 2004

lucky happy

nothing can make me too sad between now and december 29th.

i can't hold it in. i have to tell. i'm going on a family vacation. finally. i've never been on one. the only place outside of my hometown that my family as all been together was my grandmothers funeral. i cried on the phone whenc my dad told me.

so now nothing matters. wait, nothing BAD matters because i'm happy. if you dare to try to ruin my happiness i will beat you with a blunt spoon. (i'll cover it in lube for joel).

it doesnt matter that someone has been lying to me for weeks now. it doesnt matter that i'm bored all week. in fact it doesnt even matter that i havent eaten dinner in over a week. and the best part is: it doesnt matter that i'm still too young BECAUSE i'll be spending my birthday with my whole family for the first time in forever.

in other news...
the guy that does the "Spence Diamond's" commercials in The Edge has the most annoying voice on the face of the planet. hes got a very minor lisp and it just drives me nuts. this does not mean i dislike diamonds though, oh no, those ones you all wanted to give to me just now, it's ok i'll still take them.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Caution: This post is very negative

Why I hate Fall
By Erica

Reason number 1...
I'll admit it. I hate the rain. Others say "Oh but it smells so good!" or "Oh but it makes everything fresh!" and yes, I agree with both of these....

BUT this doesn't mean that I like rain.

I hate being wet. Having to come in and get mud everywhere. I hate it when the bottoms of my jeans are soaked because I stepped in a puddle and now i have to change otherwise i'll get the whole house wet INCLUDING the bottoms of my socks. I hate that my hair frizzes. I hate that my shoes get wet and it takes a week to dry, same goes for mitts. I hate that the bugs come out JUST before and JUST after, and there's worms everywhere that stick to the bottoms of my shoes and then get tracked into the house. I hate that I cant sit outside and read a book because the lawn furniture is wet (especially if its cold out, then they stay wet for days) If i did the books pages would get all curlied and that would suck. I hate that i have to put all the recycling in the corner on the floor because the bins were outside and i cant put them in the kitchen because they are soaked. I hate using my wipers because then its harder to see when i'm driving and hydroplaning is scary. But most of all... i hate the rain because then it means its not sunny out and its not snowing. my 2 favorite things.

Reason number 2...
Its too cold to wear just a sweater. but too warm to wear my nice winter coat. Instead i have to wear my ugly wind breaker and look like a little boy. especially with this hair cut.
the wind cuts through my wool sweater, it didnt do that in the summer and i'll wear another layer in the winter. You cant wear a toque because it's most likely to rain and reason number one clarifies THAT one.

Reason number 3...
Everything is either already dead or in the process of dying. THOUGH there is one exception. thanksgiving weekend shows the most magnificent colours ever. BUT that still means its gonna look like poo in a few days. Theres no snow to sit on the branches to make things look all pretty and crystal. just brown and dead. sucky.

In conclusion: I hate fall, and I hate rain alot.

Thank you and good day.

Friday, October 15, 2004

you betcha...

You are Mel B! Kooky! Go Scary!
Your Mel B! You love having a good laugh and a good
time! Your big hair makes everyone remember
you! :) Famous Quote: 'Raaaaahhhh!' One Word: Wild!

Which Spice Girl Are You?

click on the link folks, flash back to grade 6

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

i have no idea when this was, back during the summer, its me on the bottom and please do not ask what we were doing. i think it was fun at the time.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 07, 2004


to sum up this week so far in one word, it would be: roadkill.
never have i ran into so many different roadkill situations in one single week:

shall we begin:

Monday, driving home from work, see Emergency response vehicles blocking a lane. for curiosities sake i take a look. there are 2 men. a big snow shovel. a garbage bag. and a dead racoon/porcupine/muskrat/something large and rodent-like. it was sad. the thing was huge and flat. and they stopped traffic for it. i wasnt sad at all that i got home late because of slow traffic. that animal deserved the attention he got. poor guy.

how'd he get to the median though?

Tuesday, Fear Factor. the had to eat road kill. one girl was vegetarian. i laughed. suckers

Wednesday. actually this one goes back to monday as well because monday, tuesday AND wednesday i find myself stopped in traffic at the same stop beside the same flat rabbit. its like in the movies where the perfect tire tracks are right down the middle of his little body. its there every day. there is no Emergency Response for this guy. why are they biased to the larger animals? this one was also in the median.

how do they get to the median of the busiest highway in canada?

why do i keep refering to them as 'him' and 'guy' and 'he'? dont female animals get hit too? stop talking NOW.

BUT WAIT theres more.

though this doesnt have to do with this week.

a few years ago the GREATEST roadkill was produced by my mother. yes, she hit a moose. a full grown, probably million-pound moose. with her truck, it woke my dad up and knocked off the side view mirror. but everyone was ok. had they been in a car they might not be here today. the moose was gone the next morning because most likely some dudes picked up up and made moose jerky out of that thing.

so there you have it, roadkill. isnt it fun?

Monday, October 04, 2004

finally some positiveness!

another fine weekend spent in waterloo. i'm finally in a good mood. and i'm keeping up on my running.

this weekend included:
4 hour drive, 3 people and too much gas on friday
a little hangin out also on friday
goin to bed early...on friday.

saturday was busy busy
showing natasha the joys of indian food.
racing to the corners of the earth to find our third member.
crappy crappy races that we sadly sadly lost.
a fantastic party with tons of people and i even saw my frosh.

sunday was breakfast and then more driving
dinner at my aunts
more driving
home to my freezing room and ringing phone.

i got in trouble at work today.
i forgot to do something and i was terribly sorry and i'm making myself look quite bad. but we learn from our mistakes correct?

i hope that everyone has a great week and eats lots of turkey!! ya dude. i'm happy.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

their perfect tears

I watched the second episode of 'America's Next Top Model" last night. I know it's a little lame but my addictions direct me. In any case the point that I would like to make is that perfect bodies do exist in this world. I say this because these girls have perfect tears. Even in the times of despair and lonliness they manage to make their sadness still look perfect with their tears just the right size fallng out of just the right spot of their glowing eyes. I'm jealous. I will never be 5'10" and I will never meet Tyra Banks. Thats ok, I just have to accept it. It's a good show, funny too. I suppose you could argue that its bad for young girls but I'm not getting that at all. All I want is those perfect tears. I don't really care about anything else, it's just fun.

I tried to use good punctuation this time.

In any case I'm at work and it's dull. Sill waiting for my phone to ring.

Nthing else is interesting.

Friday, September 24, 2004

In the beginning...

I suppose i got pretty lucky in the parents department. When i was quite young i was always encouraged to read alot and i'm very thankful for this. We had all of the Barenstein bears books, seaseme street, bob munsch. you name it. i still dont know why her name was just 'sister' and his 'brother' their friends even called them that. those silly bears, :p
in any case Grover was in a book called "When is saturday?" and it was about him waiting for the week to end because his cousin was arriving. he went through the days of the week doing something different everyday, crossing off the day before he was tucked into bed. the week went by so fast for grover and before you knew it he was hiding in a homemade fort with his cousin on saturday. i wish my weeks went by that fast and that i had a cousin to build a fort with on saturday. instead i'm getting an oil change.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

i'm not telling you about today either

this week is the week of birthdays. in summary here they are:
Monday, September 20th, 2004: Happy birthday to my old friend Deanne who i hope that i can see very soon. no puking!!
Tuesday, September 21st, 2004: Happy Birthday to my housemate Alex whom i just meant but already think is a nice guy and deserves a birthday greeting.
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004: Happy birthday to my ex-boyfriend Steve. i havent talked to you in months and maybe i'll send you an e-card cuz i'm nice.
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004: Happy birthday to me best friend ISANNE cuz shes so cool and i should call her tonight because its been a while since we've talked.
Also Happy birthday to Hannah, my ex-roommate who i also havent talked to in a while, a shame really, shes so cool.
NO ONE ON THE 24TH, if you know someone, tell me
Saturday, September 25th, 2004: Happy birthday to my cousin Renata.

thats that. i'm done.

Friday, September 17, 2004


friday. i love friday.
so to risk sounding like a dork i was thouroughly disappointed with the canadian idol winner this time around. though the winner deserved it, i liked the runner up much better.

anyways...i like the way time has been passing these days. well mostly. my work days go by slowly individuially but quickly collectively and my weekends pass in a cool relaxing summer type way. but sunday night is always the worst.
get home
gross aftertaste of a weekend that you just dont want the day before another long week of work.
oh dear
this weekend should provide some good stories. i'll let you know.

much love

Monday, September 13, 2004

oh my god i'm back again

bad BSB reference there

but still true. i'm REALLY back now. i was away for a week in the blessed lands of waterloo screaming my head off and looking like a weirdo as much as possible. but my team won so w00t. it doesnt matter that you dont understand this part. i'm way too tired and feeling quite like a load of poo to explain it to you.

in any case it was a very good week and i met alot of new friends and had a good amount of fun. oh and i ate way too much.
and i really need to do laundry
and i need groceries badly

nothing else is interesting except i want to go home and sleep like nothing else. only 7.5 hrs left today.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

i find time in the weirdest places

so i'm back...sorta. i'm at work. i have no computer, no tv and no phone at home so i'm using the internet here.
anyways so i guess a few things have happened.
i'm living in mississauga back at fred's place again. except i have the bigger room. and by big i mean HUGE. its awesome, i have my own bathroom and just an insane amount of space.
the only bad part is that its in mississuaga and no one else is in mississauga. but thats ok, my car is good to me and it will take me to pretty places.
work is alright. i dunno. thats a very long story and the end of it is me being disappointed but whatever, take what you can right, it pays my rent and a little more.
on the bright side i'm only working 4 days this week and not at all next week because i get to abuse my body and be a frosh leader. very tiring i hear. but i'm still excited.
a conclusion that i've drawn from the past few weeks is that ikea is awesome for buying cheap, cool furniture but it sucks on a weekend. that place is worse then a mall at xmas. so bad. we got out of there as fast as we could.
in other news there are some pretty funny ppl at the office. this one polish guy, bart, has the awesomest accent and says the funniest things and lucy keeps telling me to stop working. its alright i guess.

so no more boring updates. right now i really like the weather and i will have money in my pocket by the end of the week and i will have clean MATCHING sheets on my bed.

things are alright, they can always be better but they can always be worse.

nothing else is interesting.

Monday, August 23, 2004

finally rested

so its been a while and i've been so busy...exams are over...went to manitoba...visted my family and now i'm in scarborough for a week volunteering. and then i have no idea what i'm doing. so tired. more on this all later

Sunday, August 01, 2004

i wanna be a juke box hero

-studying calculus
-listening to 'under pressure' by Queen, ft. David Bowie

guess which one i'm enjoying more?
if you said calculus then you have something else coming to you.

as much as we all hate writing exams, i really do enjoy the atmpsphere surrounding them, call me crazy but there's something that comes out in everyone around exams. like its their real self. they dont have the time or energy to look good or try to impress anyone. its nice, you learn alot about people (and not about calculus, what a shame)
everyone forgets about what they're eating, wearing and generally everything in general.

i really dont want to go to my programming help session tomorrow and tell my prof that i couldnt get my program done. he's going to be very disappointed and i just may cry. he wont be mad, but disappointed. thats the worst.

did i mention i love van halen.

what's interesting today is that i went to bed at 4am and i'm not really too tired. i'm a freaking machine. a freaking calculus doing, program writing, ju jube eating, MACHINE, and THAT'S what's interesting.

Friday, July 30, 2004

stuck in the middle

you know when you finish off a day and you look back at it and think 'wow that was a really good day..everything went well...i laughed alot...talked with alot of my friends...generally had a good time...but something is wrong'
that's today. i had a test this morning that went really well, i had an awesome lunch and then i laughed my way to 3pm and then came home and had an awesome really long nap. but something is wrong.
i have no idea what it is. but its there...and its bugging me. i dont think its exams, i dont think its school related its just something...maybe i'm thinking too much.
i know theres alot of people that say that being famous would not be all its cracked up to be but honestly i would kill to be able to sing and make money doing it. not worrying about anything. mostly i mean not worrying about school. that would rule. i'd probably go to school anyways just to learn but it wouldnt be such a hassle.
maybe i should've gone into fine-arts at mcgill, maybe i'd be happy then.
maybe i'd enjoy being tested because i love reading and writing about art but even more so doing it. i miss my paint box. and my room upstairs with the little window and the easle(sp?) my dad made me. it was just perfect. food downstairs. my mom in the office. my dad outside. but no i'm here in my little room, i dont even have my paint box here to look at let alone open up.

i cant wait to be home
that's what's interesting

Sunday, July 25, 2004


today i want to make KD at midnight and eat it out of the pot with a friend seeing who can make the biggest spoonfull and fit it in their mouth.
today i want to eat just cake for dinner
today i want to call me friend jenna and have her give me an update of the 3 years of her life that i missed
today i want to do something crazy with my friends that we'll laugh and shake our heads at in 10 years saying "i remember we were dumb..."
today i want to listen to an old song that i havent heard in years that reminds me of a good time
today i want to make a salad with amy and share and laugh a little like always

but do you know what i'm actually going to do today?

Friday, July 23, 2004

a boring life in a boring town

btw, that was a great show.

by default this weekend will suck. next week is my last week of 1B and my last chance to shape up and try and do better then before. which i btw what more then anything i evereverevereverever EVER EVER have wanted, if only admin knew that :(

i have 3 reports to finish. maybe some other random homework, a speech to WRITE and PERFORM. i'm nervous for that one. though it is in front of a ton of prospective parents and or students that could care less about what i have to say about 'my first year experience'

blah school sucks, what else is new?

waterfight today, i'm judging, should be a good time. its the frist time my class has been involved in anything. AH i have to go to school!!

nothing else is interesting


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

enlighted thoughts on roommates

i actually wrote this post 2 days ago but it deleted itself, i'm going to try and re-produce it, no promises.

roommates,....uh shit i forgot what i wrote last time.
try again

my roommate: we could not be more opposite. yet we get along a ridiculous amount of well. and we know SO much about each other. for example we were having lunch together the other day and she was making pasta and i was makin salad, she says "erica you can use my big blue bowl because i know you like to have salad in it so that you can mix it real well" and i said as she was cutting celery 'take the middle part, i know that you think it taste better then the rest of the stock' , oh it just makes me all warm inside! i'm such a dork, but we really are like sisters and i'm really glad that we get along the way we do.

another thing, amy and i dont ever hang out besides in our kitchen, this bring me to my next point, i'm probably better friends with alot of other people but amy gets many exceptions from me, such as i bought a box of miscellaneous (sp?) popsicles that had lime, orange and raspberry, i hate raspberry everything so when people come over they are only allowed to have the raspberrry popsicles because otherwise i will throw them away at the end of the year when i attempt to clean out our freezer (worst job EVER) but amy, she can have any colour she wants, i have no idea why i made this exception for her, shes not my best friend, we have nothing in common, we dont discuss out problems but theres just something about being roommates, it makes it ok.  she told me that i'd make a good sister to her. i liked that. she tells me things, i tell her things, she thinks i'm really weird sometimes and i the same for her but still, its ok.

i hope that we stay friends for a while, we may never live together again and i really hope that this doesnt mean that we cant cook for potlucks together, get all prettied up for semi-formals together, or just sit and laugh at what neither of us understands on 'sex and the city'. 

three cheers for amster, who makes the best (insert any type of baked goods here) ever.

 in other news, nothing else is interesting.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

What sucks about rez...

...and why i cant wait to leave

1) SINGLE beds with plastic mattresses
2) no double sink in the kitchen, makes doing dishes awful and means you have to do dishes more often because the sink fills up twice as fast
3) no bathtub
4) no toilet seat!!! the cabinet in my bathroom is right over the toilet and i have dropped probably 4 touthbrushes, a bunch of makeup and a hairbrush in that toilet. ugh
5) no a-c, no chance of a-c
6) stupid people running around at all hours of the night right on the other side of my wall
7) uncomfortable couches
8) rules about what you can and cant hang on the walls

thats all for now
nothing else is interesting

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


the other day in the engsoc meeting, there were several topics brought up that were about our engineer society taking on more tasks. i thought that was pretty funny. not only am i involved in every single thing i can handle but so is the entire society, other groups come in and ask us to do more things and its just silly, WE HAVE NO TIME!. blah whatever

on a lighter note, its Arts Week this week and today was duct tape sculptures, zac and matt made me an arm, socket and all. i went to harvey's and handed the casier my debit card with the arm, he was shocked. i laughed, then wacked graham across the face with it. woohoo.

nothing else is interesting

Saturday, July 03, 2004

these are my puppies....mmmmm i love em' Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I cant do anything right

Today is the first day of the long weekend. The long weekend that i will be spending alone on my empty floor in this empty town. On the bright side at least i'll (hopefully) get alot of work done.

I have plans to go shopping in toronto, though it'll more likely be looking-and-not-buying-anything but whatever i'm sure it will still be fun.

I have nothing exciting to write about, my life is very dull, the only thing i do anymore is homework.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

dreaming of the weekend

even though i had barely any class today, i still found myself praying for the weekend to be here asap. i guess thats just me. i just got off the phone with my mom and we started talking about my dogs. we both made the realization that my one dog is going to be 13 this year and my other dog will be 11 next year. i cant beleive it. they have to live until at least august so i can see them again when i go home. i would just be mortified if i never saw them again. my family has had those dogs since i was 9, so pretty much the bulk of my life, well the part that matters anyways. oh my i cant think about this anymore, goin for dinner.
much love

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Look i'm learning!

i now have a bunch of free time now that my midterms are over. yahoo me. anyways as i was saying i have free time to work on this masterpeice that i call my blog (spelling mistakes and all). anyways nothing is new and exciting. i'm going to have pink hair on friday. i'm tres excited for that one. i dont think that my mother is though. oh well i never see her so it doesnt really matter. and as for my brother, i dont really care what he has to say anyways, thats a lie, i usually listen to him even though i tell him that i dont, but sshhhh if he finds out i'm done!!
i'm so bored with school these days, i spend hardly any time worrying about it and end up slacking off alot as a result. at least i'm honest and i admit it.
i'm excited for the end of term when kyle and i take our trip over to manitoba, that will be a good time. 26 hrs. at least i get to go home and i think that kyle will enjoy it. winnipeg is an awesome city, well i like it anyways, it doesnt seem that the weakerthans (sp?) like it though, the guess who were awesome you dorks!! cant have everything perfect now can we. i have to go eat something. more on this later.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

hello hello
i was once asked the question 'if you had to live without either colour or music, which would you chose?' thats so tough to decide. when i was first asked it i said colour hands down, that is i couldnt live without colour. but now i think i'm changing my mind. i mean theres way more colour then there is music around me, obviously. but i cant do anything without my discman. it takes me away, thats mostly why i love studying in poets because i have my music to block everything else out.
i have 2 midterms tmro
much love

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

My Study Habits
Its a bizarre thing to think about, we all learn different ways etc. i myself have a pretty obscure way of my own.
3 things:
of course the last one is pretty average
but as for the people and noise, i need people around me that have no relation to what i'm doing. they are doing their own thing, i am doing my own thing, there is constant movement and change in these people as they move in and out and etc. as for the noise, i study well if theres a TV on in the background but not talk radio....weird, and my music will suffice as well as long as its not a band i'm way into at the time because them i just may have to get up and dance a little dance like i do.
my study habits suck because no one shares them with me. my friend natasha has to be in her room by herself. weird, i cant do that. the WEEF lab is my favorite place to study beyween 10am and 6pm. its perfect in every way and i think i've said this one before. its old and comfy, theres good help close by, food and bathroom not too far away, dont need to worry about wrecking any carpet or furniture, just respect it. and theres people, just the right ones too. always. i love the WEEF lab. its perfect.
p.s. midterms suck, thats right sucks to your assmar

Sunday, June 06, 2004

So far this week and into this weekend have been slightly bizarre. firstly i have no hair anymore, well i have an inch but thats not much. chopped it off on wednesday and now its all sitting in a ziploc on my desk looking like a dead rat. gross. but shorted haired life has its perks. short showers, short 'do-ing' time, way cool (as in heat wise) sitting in class. oh me oh my i do like it. still miss the long stuff but this is fun too. i have 3 midterms next week. not too scared, but i could be very wrong. i'll let you know.
much love

Thursday, May 20, 2004

hm, i'm sitting here in just a towel. odd you'd think but no, its just another example of my laziness. and besides, clothes are for chumps and my roommates. so new and exciting... its the long weekend starting tomorrow and alas i must stay here (most likely in clothes, i'll ditch the towel sooner or later) and do homework. wow my life is exciting.
this week has been terribly odd. i did a re-evaluation of myself for my own sake because i was getting pretty lost in whoever i had become over the past few months. in any case, re-evaluation is complete and gets tested this weekend. i think its an important thing to do. no one wants to live with themselves if they dislike it. its not so hard to change, people forgive easily and forget even easily-er (?). in any case, one of my friends did this about 4 months ago and he's a completely new person and he really likes it. put things into perspective, ya know. i also have another friend who should do a re-evaluation. you know how people think that their friends will never leave etc, its kind of a nice thing to think, i hate to say it but this guy is going to lose his friends if he doesnt straighten out. hm thats all. nothing else interesting.
keep on trucking.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

its hot. we have no air conditioning.
hermit life seems to be that which is designed for me.
i would do well as a hermit.
i dislike talking to people.
i can amuse myself quite contently with an array of rocks and sticks i'm sure.
maybe i'm just saying this because people are bothering me.
for example, i realize there is no written msn etiquette but really, politness should usually be practised. for instance if you plan on no longer talking to a person, at least say something!! dont leave them hanging!! that bugs me so much. blah.
hm what else is interesting. all i can think of is that it's hot and i'm in a bad mood. what else is new.
you know when you get a drink at a fast food place how it comes in a cardboard cup with a lid and a straw? i've decided to swear by these things. they are so practical, kinda like sippy-cups for grownups. they dont spill (mostly because they are caught fairly quickly) and frankly, straws are amusing. and it's just fun. try it out, get one, use it, swear by it. you'll be a changed person. results not guaranteed for all.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

still in a bad mood. i'm sick of explaining to people the concept of co-op. honestly about 30 times this week i've had this conversation:
"hey whats up, i'm finally home!"
"hey, i'm at school man, it sucks"
"school? wtf? i'm a moron that doesnt remember that you've told me 8000 times the co-op concept and i will now go eat some dog poo like my moronic self should do."
bah. bah bah bah
anyways life back in rez is pretty blah. blah blah. not a whole lot going on yet. except hockey. :( again bah.
i'm still writing that report. bah. i gotta get some better words. any ideas.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

again an early day. first week is always good. no tutorials and mostly no homework. though my work report doesnt seen to want to write itself. blah it can wait. cramming doesnt bother me. i do well in the end usually. nothing is exciting. school is boring. my room doesnt have any posters in yet and i dont have any of my clothes unpacked. but i do have my computer. i am one of the few with internet up. oh i'm so addicted. ginger ale is back. apple juice was the new ginger ale but no, ginger ale made its return and is plugging my fridge and pissing off my roommates to no end. thats ok though because its still in there. go me. oh well i have to go visit some friends elsewhere. oh and my nintendo is hooked up. w00t

Monday, May 03, 2004

school is way too expensive. 350 big ones on 2 books, 100 on a parking pass. and i have a night class. which blows on its own. 7-10 thats a fucking long time. and the class is most likely boring anyways. oh well in other news school is boring and it's only the first day. man i wish i didnt come back. this blows. have a nice day though.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

its been an interesting week. i am so close to being done packing and i know i will be so happy when i am yet i'm still sitting here. my computer is always the last thing to get packed, and my bedding. mostly because they are 2 of my very favorite things. except i'm lying, i hate my computer, i like what it does for me. now my bedding, its fantastic. oh my. i got a postcard today. they are quite nice to get, you know a little taste of a great trip that a friend is on, its nice to know that my friends are happy. i like that feeling. except everyone always reads your postcards. always. i betcha at least 17 people have read mine. but you know its ok. i dont mind. postcards arent usually reserved for privacy. and since i find its really only close friends that are sending them (or thats what i do anyways) they are full of inside jokes so no one would understand them anyways. mmmm i love my friends. they are fantastic. new ones, old ones alike, i love em i love em i love em.

peace, love, empathy

Monday, April 26, 2004

hello hello. today is monday. my last monday sitting at this desk. my last monday of work. next monday i will be in an earth science tutorial. oh no wait! i wont....hah first week rules, no tutorials, and thus no homework. ya dude i rock. i have so much to do before school starts. oh and a good movie is my girl. i watched it this weekend. it was swell. childhood memory #23: going to see pochahontas with my mom and my friend heather and her sister shauna. shauna fell asleep and i got bored. that movie sucks. not on my good movie list. whats on your good movie list?

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

exciting things flooding the mind of erica today...well there's the obvious of the leafs pulling through and winning and making me tres happy. otherwise nothing. i'm packing for school and it sucks. i hate going through all my stuff, it makes me kind of sad the things that one accumulates over the years. like stupid things that i've kept because they meant something at the time. i have to repack all my stuff every four months and i usually throw alot out but then more stuff reaccumulates over the next 4 months. its an endless train of stuff accumulation. and i get these ideas in my head like: i dont throw out pictures even if i hate the ppl because i think i may make up with them later on and blah blah. or "cards and letters from people i dont even know, and offers coming over the phone" actually no, but if you can name that song you win a prize! i really need to stop being such a pack rat and get down to my bare necessities. oh bother.
did you know that tim's coffee is the only coffee with calories in it? their black coffee actually has sugar in it, i think thats why its so addictive. thats weird eh. i still like their coffee though and will most likely still drink it even though i know every time i have a cup i'll want more...and more ...and more. great marketing scheme frankly. yes, i think so.
the terminal is wonderful. but theres no tims.
i'm glad i was a part of it, its been exciting.
much effin faboo love (but only for hannah)
hot lesbian love for erin (if shes still into that)
winnipeg love (its *special*) for mes amis de winnipeg
regular love for the rest of you's guys.

Monday, April 19, 2004

"i love getting up in the morning, i clap my hands and say...THIS is gonna be agreat day"
"We named the dog indiana"
"i do not regret the things i've done, but those i did not do"
"Oh, he's very popular Ed. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, dickheads - they all adore him. They think he's a righteous dude."
"I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in The Beatles, I just believe in me." Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus and I'd still have to bum rides off of people."
"Littering and.. Littering and.. smokin the reefer! we're gonna make you boys smoke this whole bag right now!"
"I love the smell of commerce in the morning"

love you more BYE

Sunday, April 18, 2004

things to talk about: 'dish-water blonde', slim-fast, cooking for myself.
1. the blonde thing: what an awful awful term for a 'dirty blonde' which is even an awful term on its own. but if theres one thing that is gross its dishwater, with all the floaties and old bread crumb scum. this brings up the topic of my shaving my head in a few short months. I'M SO FREAKING NERVOUS. i realize its for a good cause, and i beleive that my being nervous is quite selfish but my hair is after all a part of me and i dont have many parts left to lose. bah i'm such a girl.
2. slim-fast: not much to say about this other then it tastes like pink chalk, i say this because when i was in elementary school i used to wash the chalk board brushes and the brushes from the coloured board (vs the just white board) smelled differently. and it was that specific smell that i was reminded of when i took a sip of that foul foul drink they call meal-replacment. i didnt realize school supplies were a food group.
3. cooking for myself: it has brought me a new appetite. there are no rules of what goes with what, but rather what am i craving now and what am i for example i had a salad and triscuits with melted cheese for dinner and an orange with a glass of apple juice for breakfast. i can live very cheaply on this lifestyle, what ever i buy i eat. if i buy cheap i eat cheap. always go shopping when you're full and always go shopping when you're almost broke. its easier that way. fill up with gas first then go for groceries.
life is simple.
i'll have no hair soon.
i'll cram my report into 2 days.
i'll sleep ok tonight.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

i work at the airport, in a little trailer, in a little room, all by my little self. the thing is my office is right next to the mens washroom. this means 2 things:
1. i get to hear construction workers do their business all day
2. i get to hear these same guys blow their noses all day
funny, its the second one that bothers me most.
if you are like me, you like to blow your nose in private, you know in the bathroom so you can check to make sure you got everything before returning to public, these guys do the same. but the thing that bothers me most is the way they do it. there are several ways one can go about this:
1. the sneeze technique. kinda like an "uh....uhhh.....UHH.....CHOO" except when blowing ones nose its like "honk...hooonk.....HOOOOONKKK.......SPLASHTH" when that sucker finally gets out. this is one of the worst because i can hear it hit the kleenex. ugh.
2. the in and out. sounds like "sniff....snoof....sniff...snoof" getting it in a bit, you know getting some leverage and then WHAM sneaking up on it and ending its short lived life in their sawdust filled shnozes. this one takes a little longer for reasons i havent thought of yet.
3. the whammy. sounds like "SPLAOOOSHHHHTHBBPPPPTTTT" and also it may be accompanied by Mr. Joe Tradesman hitting his head on the door because he used too much of his body and not enough of his head. it does the trick though, i would agree.
and last but not least.
4. the pick: we all know how this works, its a last resort. 1,2, and 3 didnt work, your head hurts, your eyes are puffy because theres a build up in the bridge of your nose that just wont budge, so you get in there, really in there.
this is my beef, there is nothing i can do about it.
alas i am done for today, i've just re-read my post for spelling etc and i'm distubed i didnt think i could conkoct (sp?) such a gross shpeel. oh well. enjoy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

a toast to my first post