Life List

I've revisited my original Life List a few times, here lies the current iteration. Some numbers are missing due to deletion and in an effort to keep numbers consistent through editing. 

Comments are in Blue. 

1. Spend time in all 10 Canadian provinces (layover in an airport doesn't count) (so far I'm at 9 haha does that make this goal too easy? nah) - my progress thus far here. 
2. Make macaroons with perfect feet.  - I need to make them myself so I don't have to pay for them. This is good for everyone
3. See every NHL team play (I'm at Detroit, Toronto, Carolina, Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston, New York Rangers) - hell yes. If the game ever comes back...
4. Get 1000 hits on my blog IN. ONE. DAY. - this kind of happened in July due to this post. I'm not sure it counts. Maybe I should edit it to be "Get 1000 hits without posting pictures of naked men". 
5. Ottawa for Canada Day - planned for next summer. 
6. achieve 'curb appeal' - This is extremely difficult. Mother Nature is a fickle mistress. 
7. Successfully plant, grow, and eat something (the miracle mint in my backyard doesn't count). - I kind of did that this summer but I feel like I was cheating by using starters instead of seeds. Why am I so hard on myself?
8. Be a vegan for 30 days - also, convince Rob to be a vegan for 30 days. 
9. 'lay out' and catch a Frisbee point - don't kill/injure myself in the process
10. Score a second goal in hockey - start playing hockey again
11. Get a penalty in hockey - start playing hockey again. 
12. visit Thailand. - this should be 'visit exoctic vacation destination' because my desired location changes every month. Iterations include Africa and Peru so far
13. Host a 100 mile feast - make it happen, Waugh. 
14. Re-read all of my favourite fantasy series (Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, His Dark Material, The Hunger Games) - again and again and again
15. Do a 30-day challenge every month for a year - figure out what the challenges will be, doesn't have to be one complete calendar year, can start whenever
16. Successfully complete NaBloPoMo (I signed up to do it in November of this year!! ee!) Completed November 2011
18. Take a food tour in Europe - make a list of destinations and eat all food that is famous in each city. Must include mountains of gelato. 
19. Attend TED (speak @ TED??) - someday...
20. Read LOTR trilogy Completed July 2012
21. Hike the Inca Trail in Peru - get over fear of altitude sickness, conquer this trail. 
22. Host xmas dinner for my whole family - get them to come to Ontario... or go to The Pas...?
23. Do a downward dog and have my heels touch the floor - practise more
24. Make pierogies - seriously. make them
25. Write a cookbook - start making a list of favourites that would be included. 
26. Own a cottage - start saving. 
27. Rent a cottage in PEI, drive there with dog & stay for a week, no technology, only cookbooks - I'm editing this to be 'cottage type destination' because I'm not particularly attached to PEI and my current infactuation lies with Traverse City, Michigan... 
28. Send xmas cards to my family every year for as long as I am capable (going on 3 years now) - hell ya, never let this go. 
29. Go to San Francisco - watch a Sharks game while I'm there to contribute to #3. 
30. Give only homemade gifts for Xmas one year - I'm not sure if I want to keep this one. I think I'd prefer if it were 'reduce the amount of consumerism you partake in during the holiday season'  and spend more effort on quality time with family. 
31. Be half-decent with a camera - get a camera
32. left-side plank, arm & leg up! - seriously. YOU CAN DO THIS
33. PIE CRUST, make it, and make it GOOD - why haven't you done this yet?
34. Mentor a high-school girl who is interested in engineering - figure out what this entails
35. skinny dip - EEK but yes, do it. 
36. have a conversation in sign language - learn more sign language
37. attend Munich Oktoberfest - hell yea
38. build something with my dad - hell yea
40. learn how to change a tire on my car (have my dad teach me?) - good life skill
41. convert someone from a roundabout-hater to a roundabout-LOVER! - I'm ready and waiting, step right up
42. make my grandma's pickles (have mom teach me?) - good one, E
43. train my dog to be well behaved off-leash (maybe not this dog... next one!) - dreams...
44. take an improv class - Peter already agreed to go with you, what are you waiting for?
45. Go back to Rome with RB and do all the fun things we did separately together - ya!
46. Do yoga every weekday morning for a month - terrifying but doable
47. Become a certified instructor of something (yoga, skating, dog training?) - ya!
48. Develop a more consistent health routine (exercise, vitamins, balanced diet, etc) - oh god please... maybe a New Year's reso?
49. Deliver a motivational speech to a large crowd - figure out what I want to motivate
50. Have a baby - HOLY SHIT
51. Foster a service dog - figure out if you'd be ok with parting with them, research the program
52. Fill my house with art made by my friends (in process...) - working on it!!
53. Build my dream home with higher counters, party shower, and fire pit - someday...
54. Buy a bicycle and USE IT Completed May 2012
55. Graduate to the 15 lbs weights, say goodbye to the 7.5 lb weights for good - get over this injury and then get back at it...
56. Give Steve Yzerman a hug and promptly remove him from my freebie list - mmm dreams...
57. Cut my hair really short again - like THIS???
58. Watch The Notebook (No, I haven't EVER seen it) - Even Rob has seen it!
59. See Bon Jovi in concert - and promptly swoon yourself to death
60. See Michael Buble in concert - ditto
61. Take RB to see the Bengals play - check every year when they play the Bills
62. Re-do my website - learn to code this shit
63. Put up a Christmas tree, train the dog not to eat presents. - not this year :(
64. Help raise 1 million dollars for charity - find a worthy cause
65. Build a piece of furniture - working on it!!
66. Participate in the WarAmps mentor program - signed up, waiting for call!
67. Make a Kub set, teach my friends Completed July 2012
68. Try anti-gravity yoga (the one with hammocks) - they have it in town! Go do it. 
69. Take a self-defense class (Krav Maga??) - Krav Maga is crazy $$$, find something else
70. Have a jewellery collection to be proud of - working on it
71. Be a mom - figure out what this means
72. Learn how to properly throw a baseball - quit throwing like a girl
73. Win the hockey playoff pool - booyea
74. "Make my boyfriend marry me" (his words while we were brainstorming) - HOLLER in progress. 
75. Finish reading 'The Joy of Cooking' - even the part about skinning a squirrel
76. Live closer to my parents - likely the most painful and difficult item on this list. A life-long pursuit I imagine. 
77. Learn to drive stick - just in case. 
78. Teach someone to sew - why is it such a lost art? It's easy. Let me teach you. 
79. Take up painting again - I'm not sure how I feel about this. I don't know if I'm actually interested in doing this. 
80. Own a house outright - hell ya. 
81. Be an expert at something - 10,000 hours spent on...?
82. Go on a spontaneous, last-minute vacation Completed June 2012
83. Successfully play matchmaker - I have successfully matched roommates, does that count?
84. Swim a lap (cannot currently do more than tread water) - it feels so damn good to swim, get over fear of water while I'm at it.  
86. Ride a mechanical bull like a boss - do I care about this? I mostly laugh at the people that attempt it. TBD...
87. Teach an entire bar to line dance - you know you want to.
88. Give out homemade treats for Halloween (to those that will accept them and not search for razors) - I think 'get to know my neighbours' is also crucial here. 
89. Start a book club - or a women's club, or some kind of club that isn't 90% guys. 
90. Participate in a cooking challenge/competition - YA, it's ok if I don't win. 
91. Complete a 1-year photo challenge (photo every day) - the committment is terrifying
93. Donate back to my EngSoc - make sure it goes to EngSoc and not the school. The society needs the money. 
95. Learn a really awesome song on piano & perform it - another one I go back and forth on. Need to evaluate if this is important to me
96. Go on a crazy girls-only weekend with Cro & Griz (others welcome) - THIS will be GRAND
97. Have a good relationship with mother-in-law - totally working this one out. I think the final seal will be producing a spawn of her golden child. 
98. Learn to let go - a life long pursuit, making considerable progress. 
99. Be proud of who I am and tell my story to other families - HYFR. 

New items:
101. Enjoy my wedding for what it means to my life and not what it means to those judging me.
102. Embrace my future-in-laws as my family
103. Make a financial/life plan for myself, Rob and our future family. Including but not limited to: RRSPs, life insurance, living will, savings, etc.
104. Buy less stuff, you don't need it.
105. Get my GD P.Eng. Seriously. Do this. NOW.
106. Bake a cake every month for someone - with reason or without, doesn't matter. Inspired by this post.
107. Consider the viability of alternative careers. Engineering isn't the answer to all life's problems.
108. Get over my dislike of mushrooms and other foods I have avoided for too long. Disliking food is obnoxious.

Have you revisited your list recently? It's interesting to see the changes in just one short year - changes in accomplishments and also in direction...

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