About Me

Random things suitable for an 'About Me' page:

1. This is what I look like. I'm the one with the blond hair. The furry-headed one is the dog and the furry-faced one is the former boyfriend, now husband. This is pretty accurate, I wear those glasses everyday, I hug that dog everyday, and I make Rob hug the dog everyday.

2. I live in Ontario! It's ok. The weather is awful. 
3. I am in my mid-twenties and it's not as bad as I thought it would be when I was 19. When do I have to stop saying 'mid' twenties? Let's say when I turn 40...
4. I have a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo. I use it it to pay the mortgage. 
5. I work for a Transportation Consulting firm. You're probably not interested in the details. They pay me so I can pay the mortgage.
6. I get my rocks off by CRAFTING and SEWING and BAKING and COOKING but mostly hugging that dog. 
7. I make a lot of cupcakes and sell them through www.iheartcupcakes.ca
8. I have a dog (HOW DID YOU GUESS??) named Boomer. He has big, floppy, velvet ears that I'd like to make into a scarf.
9. I live with my former boyfriend turned husband, his name is Rob and he thankfully cares for me more than he cares for that dog. It wouldn't work otherwise. Only one of us can put the dog first. 
10. I've been blogging since April 2004. You can check out my awful 18-year-old adventures in the archives but don't waste your time.  
11. Thank you for stopping by!!

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