Friday, May 02, 2014

Friday Favourites ver. 29

What are the haps internet peeps?

Nope, I haven't transmorphed into a hermit. 

Some favourite things of the past infitiy months!

1. Ahhhh Emma Stone, you sassy, beautiful, hilarious, creature. Don't ever stop.

After listening to that I promptly put this song on repeat and also... for who knows what reason... this song. The 90's are my #1 all-time, favourite decade for music. 

2. Super star food blogger The Pioneer Woman posted her top 32 favourite movies. I am embarrassed at how few I've seen but I will preach from the mountain tops how much I loved "Good Will Hunting", "Rain Main", and "The Lord of the Rings". (Uh I clearly have a thing for fantastical math geeks? huh?) Are your favourites on the list?? What's missing?

3. I picked up this dress at Banana Republic a few weeks ago and it is hella comfortable. Am I too old to say 'hella'?

4. This ode to cupcakes is PERFECT TRUTH. The cupcake will never die.

Related - a friend recently gifted me the Robicelli's cookbook and I want to quit my job and make every recipe. The job quitting is necessary as every recipe is extremely involved. And also: cupcakes.


6. Here are some pictures of my dog jumping in the snow THAT IS FINALLY GONE. Good riddance to winter. 


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