Thursday, October 31, 2013

Welcome back, me


How have you been?

Some things have happened over here.

For starters I had a pretty awful summer. I was out on a work trip for most of July that involved working many hours and losing touch with everything at home. Rob suffered his fourth and worst injury of the year, rendering him horizontal for several weeks.

Upon returning from the work trip we had that wedding thing to pull together.

Thankfully the summer ended with a beautiful, perfect, awesome, and amazing wedding day.

Things I want to tell you about include:

- Uh cello, the wedding.
- The honeymoon (I get why you all live in California)
- The half marathon
- The HOLIDAYS. It's November now so I can say that.

For now I leave you with this little gem that made it's way only the front of our Thank You cards. See y'all sooooooooon!

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