Friday, May 24, 2013


Well it's finally summer in these parts. I've had ice cream three days in a row and the A/C has been turned on to combat the heavy impending-thunderstorm humidity.

I wrote those first two lines 4 days ago and clearly I jinxed myself. It's zero-c (~30f) in these parts today. FML. Moving on...

In the past year I've really taken to the phrase "stop the glorification of busy" because I, in good company, am sick of hearing how busy you are and sick of telling people how busy I am. I get it, you get it, we are ALL DOING ALL OF THE THINGS. My general state tends to involve having a lot on the go and if it's not on my schedule then I probably don't want to do it. Instead of telling people how busy I am I try to tell them how HAPPY I am. In response to "How are you?" I've instead been trying to say things like: "Great, playing lots of Frisbee  lots of wedding events coming up, an exciting summer ahead for sure!". Responding with "Oh we're so busy!" was often accompanied with a crooked face like "woe is me and all my social engagements, it's so draining!" or carrying a sense of "oh my life is sooooo much more exciting than yours." because really, it's not. I made these choices and you've made yours, they shouldn't be compared. I was BUSY planting grass seed and pulling weeds last weekend so no, my life is not more exciting than anyone else's. That is nothing to brag about. You do your thing and be proud and I'll do mine, and then let's share how great those things were instead of putting on a dramatic showing of how we're drowning in our self-planned lives. Shut up, Erica.

You know what's not on my schedule these days? Blogging.

Things that are on my schedule?
Playing Frisbee.
Training for Fall half-marathon. (Now that I've told you I can't back down...)
Planning upcoming doom nuptials.

I suppose things have already quieted down in these parts this year but now I'm making it official by telling you not to expect much until... an undetermined date between September 20th and December 31st... maybe.

Yes we're planning a wedding and that involves a lot of fun things to share but they are largely the same as any wedding. I'll wear a dress, people will consume food and booze, there will be music. After the whole debacle is over I'd love to share some of our more personal touches - like the centerpieces my dad is making, and our ridiculous wedding cake - but not until we're on the other side.

I wish you a safe, and wonderful, and ice-cream filled, and HAPPY summer!


  1. i was JUST thinking about this after i kept (unsuccessfully) trying to end a mult-iday, multi-e-mail "i'm so busy" competition with my (pregnant) sister in law. this is totally an area where i don't want to be the one upper!
    since when did proving how busy you are to other people become desirable?? i like your approach, and it has been the one i've taken too.

    1. Right?? It's not a competition! Let's all quit competing and just be happy for each other. I fear it's easier said than done but certainly an admirable pursuit.

  2. Hi Erica! It's been awhile and i was just stopping by... Anyhoo. I had this very conversation with a friend of mine a few years ago. Her wise solution? Answer 'How are you?
    with "My life is full!" I've always loved that. Well I'm off. My life is full!

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