Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favourites ver. 28

This post was almost ready to go last Friday and then we had an ice storm on Thursday night. We woke up on Friday well past our alarm because our power had gone out. The lack of power lasted 9 hours and included many frantic trips to co-worker PK's house to get work done and pack home to bail the sump pump pit. Needless to say blogging wasn't on my radar!! Moving on...

(besides the aforementioned ice storm)
I had to restrain myself every day from tweeting about how it's still winter. There were days when I thought for sure we were in a Groundhog Day sequence of winter-slush-winter-slush. Not funny.

BUT NOW! NOW! The birds! They sing! The rabbits! They shit in my backyard! The dog! He sheds! and eats the shit! Ah yes, Spring, she has sprung.

Compost Cookies from How Sweet Eats - crazy and delicious. Yes, those are sprinkles you see. 

2. We have basically decided on a honeymoon. We're going to ... everywhere! Sort of... we're going to drive down the West coast of the US. The plan is to drive from Seattle to LA. It's going to be a big crazy trip and I would LOVE if you could share any must-sees etc. More to come...

This dog has become insanely snuggly of late... after he wiggled out of the pile of sheets he came and leaned against me as I read my book in the doorway.  It's becoming a nightly ritual. 

3. The closer we get to the wedding the more obsessed I've become with "A Practical Wedding". It just makes sense. I love 90% of what's posted and the other 10% isn't so bad either. Specifically, THIS POST sang beautiful sweet angel baby voices to me. I sometimes feel like I'm being judged that my life is too simple or that I spend too much time at home. These things make me happy and you can't argue with happiness.

4. After making the same shitty recipe on 3 separate occasions I've added an action to my Pinterest boards - COMMENTS. Now I'm trying to comment on my pins once I've made them. I'm not deleting bad recipes because chances are I'll find it again, re-pin it, and be back at square one; just adding little review notes for next time. My 'What's For Dinner?' board is the most active these days.

5. Favourite food blog these days: Pinch of Yum. Her recipes are wonderful and she lives in the Philippines so you get a good dose of what her everyday life is like, too! Lovin' it.

 Can I just say what we're all thinking? Those spoons are ridiculous and adorable. 

6. Finally tried this fro-yo craze by going to Menchie's this week. The staff were super friendly! We tried most of the yogurt flavours and I wasn't in love with most of them. A few of them were extremely sweet but I settled on pistachio, chocolate, and mixed berry. The toppings were awesome, love the fresh fruit!

7. Now that the weather has turned for the better ("who can say I've been changed for the better... I have been channnnnnged for good" - name that song!!)... I've started running again. Specifically, Rob and I have been running together - it sure makes a difference to have company! A friend sent me this article the other way, what do you think?

8. Les Links:
Rob is gone for a whole week so it's up to me to keep the fort down here with minimal help from Boomer, wish me luck!

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