Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stuff I love: Winter Uniform Edition

Alternate title: Stuff I love: try not to leave the house edition

Well it's winter here. Finally. After last year's poor excuse for a season (What, was it -15c like 4 times?) it's been a steady -10c for a good month. Maybe it's been less or more, my brain is fogged over from today's blowing snow.

Only two things get me out the door these days: going for groceries so I can further stock my freezer with comfort food and dog walking. Haven't they come up with a way to get them to look after themselves? Lazy creatures, I tells ya.

So, in my ventures to the great outdoors this has become my standard uniform, with a few extras.

1. Arctic Parka - this jacket was a Christmas gift from my mom two years ago. It covers my bum, it's crazy warm, and there's just no substitution for down insulation. The giant (non-flimsy, actually warm) hood is a great perk, too.

 The hood is also great when you don't want to make eye contact with anyone. 

3. Power-stretch Glove - slim profile gloves that are warm enough to fight off the wind but flexible enough to... 'scoop' without having to remove.

I have an extra left glove if you're interested...

4. Studio Pant w/ Liner - I have these sans liner and I'm wishes I had purchased avec liner. A friend of mine has them and told me they are her go-to dog walking pants. Sweat pants that have some semblance to regular pants? Sign me up.

The difference is that I usually have a shirt on. Ain't nobody wanna see that!

5. Cozy scarf - I have this scarf in pink and damn it is SO COZY! I unwrapped it at Christmas and it was passed around the room for all to try on. It's massive and perfect for travelling as it doubles as a shall/blanket. Oh ya, it's on sale. BOOM.

Careful your boyfriend doesn't steal it. 

6. Aspelina W boots - I don't have these boots but I have other Tretorn brand boots, these just look so warm and toasty and maybe even a bit cute with the purple lining? Let's just forget trying to be cute in slushy snow, mmk? Also: waterproof. Win. (BTW I have these boots that I wear with an extra liner but they could be warmer and taller).

Can you help me tie them please?

7. Hands-free Reflective Leash - I love this thing. You can adjust the length so you can wear it cross-body or around your waist so your hands are free to stay warm in your pockets! Also has convenient pocket to carry bags and large reflective bands so you don't get hit by a car.
Also convenient for tying the dog to a tree during late-night licorice runs. Don't YOU want to eat licorice while watching Fringe? Thought so. 

Maybe someday I'll write a Winter Uniform: Going out in Public edition. I'd have to go out in public to do that, though...


  1. i love winter, but i have to say that right now, i'm kind of done with it. we've had far too many really cold days with not enough snow to make me feel like any of it was worthwhile, if that makes any sense.
    i ordered the scarf! (but in blue)

    you should find your glove twin. one of my favourite youtubers (josh sundquist), who is a leg amputee, has someone that has the other leg with whom he shares shoes with. that is kind of awesome!

    1. I think winter starts to weigh on everyone come Feb/March... you're not alone!

      I hope you love the scarf! It's so soft and snuggly.

      Haha if I ever find my glove twin I will have a stack of lefties! I keep them all in case I ever donate my gloves to sally anne :p

  2. So I kind of love that #2 is missing from this list. I kept thinking "WHERE IS NUMBER 2???"" and now I've spent 3 minutes daydreaming about what it would be.

    - ear muffs (would be a shocker because i still don't get how they're supposed to work)
    - those heat packs for your pocket to keep your hands warm
    - face mask

    Do enlighten your loyal readers if you have a #2!


    1. bahahaha I'm pretty sure #2 was a toque that I couldn't find a picture of!! It's purple... and lined with fleece... but earmuffs wouldn't ruin my hair... you're a quick one there, Dary.

      Doy! I have a giant pack of heat pads leftover from a work project. I wonder if I can tape them to the dogs feet?...

  3. I always stack up on so many layers when it is cold outside. My friends make fun of me for dressing in ridiculous amounts of clothes; just to keep warm haha



  4. Anonymous10:51 PM

    hello, it's april now. is this thing on?