Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Favourites ver. 27

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, semi-regularly... every-other... randomly... on Friday!  

... and then I woke up and February was over? What the?

1. Do you love cookbooks? If yes then you will love 'The Piglet' - a yearly cookbook competition run by the fabulous Food 52 blog. 16 books published in the previous year go head-to-head with celebrity judges and food writers to give commentary. A very cool way to see which hottest cookbooks should go on your Amazon wish list. Fingers crossed for Smitten Kitchen!

2. Winter in Ontario is a sonofabitch. I love me some serious snow and cold but there never seems to be the right balance in these parts. We are forever in a cycle of snow-melt-slush-repeat. Enter the eternal battle to find the right boots. Forget Uggs (salt stains! slush!), forget leather (salt stains! slush!), forget heels (ice! snow!), forget anything that isn't waterproof (did I mention the slush?). I have given up on finding anything cute and have resorted to insulated rubber boots. Do YOU have a secret solution to fashionable, waterproof, and warm boots? I will pay you for your answer. With cupcakes.

At least I'm not in Manitoba

3. I made a headboard! It was pretty easy, too! After we finished the project and I was admiring our handy work I felt like we had just turned our otherwise utilitarian bedroom into some kind of swanky-ass hotel. What a game changer. I don't care if you make one or buy one - adding a real life headboard makes a HUGE difference. (I used this DIY for reference but there are literally thousands of similar articles available).

Need to hang some artwork and add some colourful details... main goal was getting it on the wall! The rest comes later...

4. We're coming off a long weekend filled with some serious home-time and we even BABYSAT. Someone actually let us look after their small child... without supervision! I suppose it was a success given that we returned the baby in her original condition. It was a bit scary at first (I have very minimal baby experience) but it turns out all you have to do is sit there and make sure they don't ... do anything stupid? Something like that. Rob was googoo over how cute this little girl was. Excuse me while my brain explodes.

5. I got tickets to see The Book of Mormon!! It's going to be in Toronto starting April 30th. Finally a musical that Rob might actually like...

6. Onto the links!

Have a great weekend friends! I'm going to a wedding and also bridesmaid's dress shopping... wish me luck!


  1. That headboard is cute! I like the simple look :)

    xo Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer! It's real life in these parts, no throw pillows!