Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Looking Forward

It's today, it's today! Happy new year!!

We had a wonderful party last night with some of our closest friends - played some wackadoo games and slept until noon today. A great success :)

Our crew - including Brooke who joined via telephone!

We played a ridiculous game that I learned from my brother - we call it the Cereal Box Game. The jist of it is that you put a cereal box on the ground and everyone has to pick it up with their mouth without having any body part other than their feet touch the ground. After each round you cut off a chunk of the box making it shorter and shorter until it's just a flat piece of cardboard. Reference video. Give it a go at your next party!

Enough relishing in last nights festivities - let's go forward!

Rob and I had an awesome walk today in which we discussed our goals for the upcoming year. We made several relationship and personal goals and talked about some of the fun things that are coming up this year. Discussing this while on a walk was a great ideas as we could both stay focused on the conversation - good tactic.

Some things I'm looking forward to:
  • Seeing my family more than ever! I will see my parents three times this year - quite an accomplishment as I haven't seen my dad in two years and I saw my mom twice in the same window. They will visit for my brother's wedding in May and then again for our wedding in August and then...
  • Going home for Christmas! It's happening. 
  • Duh, getting hitched. 
  • Travelling to New Orleans for Mardi Gras this February - I'm going with a bachelorette party. I am excited and afraid. 
  • Seeing a lot of family in general as a result of wedding activities, will be good to get to know Rob's family a little better. 
  • I will get my P.Eng... hopefully this month, even. 
And now for some personal resolutions:
  • Listen to more music and expand music tastes - my music taste is awful these days - Rob is extremely helpful in this area.
  • Buy less things, spend more time - we don't need any more stuff - buy less stuff and instead SAVE the money or spend it on experiences - this goes for gift giving as well.
Relationship goals:
  • Act and react with good intentions - this stemmed from each of us realizing that we often don't give the other the chance to react differently (better) and pre-react to bad behaviour when the bad behaviour hasn't even come out yet. So - act with good intentions and react with good intentions. 
  • Evening, non-judgemental chats - discuss what made us happy and unhappy before bed without the goal of getting advice, simply to share. We don't need any stress before bed so we're keeping it simple. 
Despite recovering from a big night I feel like a million bucks today. Last night when everyone was leaving it was decided that the theme for 2013 will be "2013 - FUCK YEA". I love it. 

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