Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Stuff I Love: link party

I am a slave to my reader. Getting the 'All Items' tab to equal zero is a bigger accomplishment than getting Inbox = 0 (I file like a MOFO).

My life... 5 days a week

Some new things I'm reading lately:

1. Bev Cooks - holy shit she's funny. Ridiculous, and funny. She also makes wonderful food. I'm looking forward to trying this sausage ragu ASAP.

2. Young House Love - thanks to Kaylee for the intro - their home projects are so beautiful and they make them all seem so very DOABLE - which is important.

3. I'm Charming You - wonderful, Toronto based, blogger/socializer. Good fashion tips, product reviews, and general hilarity.

4. The Pintester - a ridiculous account of her attempts at ridiculous pins... somewhat NSFW (language).

5. Sweetapolita - beautiful, baking creations... I want to make every.single.thing she posts.

Some old favourites:

1. How Sweet It Is - "for people who, like, totally love food". Top 3 favourite food blogs. She's funny, clever, and takes great pictures. She also makes TDF food.

2. A Practical Wedding - not just for wedding advice but for general relationship insight. So many of their articles make me feel more normal and having me saying 'me too!!' and 'right??' out loud... to myself.

3. Nothing But Bonfires - Holly is hilarious and has great taste. I want to be her friend and steal borrow all her DIY ideas.

4. Smitten Kitchen - because, duh.

5. The Oatmeal - another one that has the whole population of the internet saying 'right??' out loud... to themselves... and then sharing on facebook.

What's in your reader these days? 

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