Sunday, December 30, 2012

Looking Back

Reflection time!

This week Rob and I were discussing different year-end rituals and how sometimes it feels forced to review the year behind or predict the year ahead. I agree that it can but I also think that no matter what puts me in a reflective mood, I'm going to use that ju-ju and REFLECT. So, here's my reflection on 2012.

Speaking of reflection...

Big things:
  • We went to the USA - a LOT!
    • Trip to NYC - it's so close! We need to go again, soon.
    • Trip to Orlando - I still can't believe I booked a flight on Monday and left on Wednesday. Turns out spontaneity isn't a synonym for impending doom. 
    • Trip to Chicago - why haven't you been to this city? It was perfection. I would live here
    • Trip to Buffalo - always a classic
  • We did a bit of work on the house and now I am overcome with the DIY itch and it can only be scratched by a new rotary sander that I'm going to buy today...
  • My brother got engaged! He will be married in May 2013 and I can't wait for all the good family time that we'll get!
Huge things:
This happened. A small gesture that will forever change my life and yet, hasn't changed a thing. I mean that in the best possible way. My mother reminds me on a weekly basis that I should never expect anyone or anything to change without major cause and specifically not to expect marriage to change anything. Well, we have successfully managed to live the same life pre and post engagement and damn, it's a good life. I look forward to being married and having an unchanged life.

This year, more than ever I felt confident and strong. When confronted with a bad situation or dealing with bad news, the constant thought that 'I can get through this' and 'there is literally no part of this situation that is going to kill me so I can soldier on' was stronger than even this year and I came through on the other side more easily than I've ever anticipated. I think this is in large part due to Rob's undying support and patience. He listens to my ideas and never makes me think they are stupid or unworthy of our time. Damn, it's a good life.

To review my resolutions for this past year

  • Reduce household garbage - ongoing, this upcoming year's focus will be to not only use the recycle and green bins but to just plain produce less waste. 
  • Be more kind in all cases - I think about this a lot - I'm not sure how succesful I was but I feel better about my relationships than ever before so we'll consider this a temporary success and vow to keep working on it.
  • Reply to emails - I started striving for Inbox: 0 and it was a big help - if an email requires no action, archive it, otherwise it sits staring at you! Success :0
  • Wear more dresses and skirts - moderate success - finding fun tights was helpful.
  • Be thankful - based on how I feel this week and the messages I've sent I can honestly say I have been more outwardly thankful and it feels GREAT. It's one thing to feel it inside but it just amplifies the feeling to share it with others, especially those that you are thankful for. 

Do you reflect at the end of the year? Do you do this alone or with your family? Do you think all this New Year stuff is a bunch of BS and it's just another day passing?

Next up: Looking Forward & 2013 resolutions

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  1. This will not be a surprise, but I L.O.V.E. the end of the year for all these reasons! Yay reflections and yay goals. Come back to NYC anytime. xox Happy 2013!