Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Livingroom Update: Coffee Table

Remember my livingroom? You can see all the before pictures here and some of the after pictures here.

One of my favourite pieces that we added to the room is the coffee table. This is what we were replacing:

It's from Ikea, too dark, falling apart, glass top drives my bonkers with fingerprints etc. Basically the worst.

And now for the replacement...

TA DA! Our new table!

I would like to sleep on it.

The story of this table...

My wonderful uncle hooked me up with the table top. The piece of wood is hemlock (not the poisonous kind), reclaimed from the roof of an air plane hangar that was torn down. Specifically, an air plane hanger that was built as part of a WWII training facility, near Brantford, Ontario. I believe it's this one - No. 5 Service Flying Training School. More history here. My uncle stained the wood for me and I finished it using this product. I did 5 coats - our coffee table gets a lot of traffic so the extra two coats were an easy decision for extra protection (and recommended by the aforementioned uncle).

That's the inside of the building - my table came from the white planking you can see on the ceiling.

Table top post-stain, pre-treatment

Attaching legs with help from Rob. 

See how shiny it is post-treatment? The extra coatings really made the colours and textures pop. 

The table legs are hairpin legs, which I procured from this company. I conducted all business via email and the guys at were extremely easy to deal with and I had my order very quickly. Doesn't it make your life easy when people are friendly and professional? Ya, I thought so. I ordered raw steel legs because the table would be inside and not subject to the elements. I coated them with this product. While the stainless steel legs would be more durable they are twice the price and I didn't feel that they were worth it for my project.

The assembly was pretty simple, I used #10 panhead screws, as recommended by the hairpin legs guy

Yes, that's a bowl full of remote controls. This is real life, people. I ain't got time to cut fresh flowers or clean up the broken vase and spilled water when the dog knocks it over. 

I love that our coffee table is one of a kind, solid wood, and (partially) made by me! If you're looking for something similar check your area for stores like Timeless Materials that sell reclaimed products that can easily be turned into benches, end tables, or coffee tables.


  1. Remotes in a bowl = genius.

    1. ahaha the bowl is fancy therefore I'm fancy... even though it's full of remotes... there is no flaw to my logic