Saturday, December 22, 2012

Friday Favourites ver. 25

It's still Friday... in my mind...

You guys, it's totally Christmas. Well, it will be in like 4 days. How did that happen?? Are you ready?? I have 2 batches of cookies, 2 desserts, 1 dinner to attend, 1 dinner to make, 2 families to visit, and 1 dog to drop off at the kennel and THEN it will be Christmas.

This week? This week was alright.

1. On Sunday, as Rob and I were installing a light fixture, standing on our kitchen chairs in our pajamas, we realized that it was our third dating anniversary and that maybe we should do something more romantic than curse at each other in the dark (though maybe that's your thing...). We went for a nice dinner to celebrate our LAST EVER dating anniversary. Are we still dating once we're married? The terminology confuses me.

 A little make-up and BAM I'm a real person

2. Per tradition, and for the third time, we went to see the Stuart MacLean Vinyl Cafe Christmas Concert at Centre in the Square. If you've never heard of it, it's a bit of a variety show with stories and music and the most moving Christmas medley ever. I was nearly brought to tears it was so beautiful. The musical guests were the Vinylettes - 3 beautiful women with equally beautiful voices - and Reid Jamieson. The acoustics in CITS are like none other and you really feel the music all over, it's wonderful, take your family.

*Reid's newest album is 'Songs for a Winter's Night' and it's full of delightful Christmas-y tunes. Listen to (and purchase!) the whole thing here.

3. I got a new camera last week to... compliment my iPhone. It's called a 'compact systems camera', kind of like an SLR little brother, very easy to hold with one hand (it's this one if you're curious). I'm hoping to learn a lot over the holidays and then register for a beginner class in the new year. In the meantime I've been reading these articles which have proven quite helpful so far. Here are a few of my first shots...

I'm not sure why but I really love this picture. This is what I spent 90% of my free time doing (baking) and to be able to capture nice pictures of the process is going to be a fun, and rewarding experience

Requisite dog picture, duh. 

Links this week:
Have a wonderful holiday next week, I mean it, DO IT. Hug your family, cherish the time you have with them, turn the TV off, listen to each other, and eat some junk food. You deserve it. xo

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