Friday, December 07, 2012

Friday Favourites ver. 24

In which I post fun and favourite things from my week, semi-regularly... every-other... randomly... on Friday!  

1. HELLO CHRISTMAS!! Let's get real for a second. Christmas is 18 days away. Less than three weeks. 2 weeks of work, 1 holiday party, 1 Frisbee game, 2 cupcake orders. Christmas. It's coming. Whether you like it or not.

We aren't doing much decorating in these parts - largely because we don't have a lot of decorations and those things cost money. We put lights up on the house and instead of a tree I purchased a wreath made of real balsam fir branches. I hope heaven smells like balsam fir.

I mash my face into this thing every morning. DEE VINE. 

Our first year attempting lights... not bad! I was the ladder holder

2. I love that December brings a huge influx of gift guides. It's the thing to do. My friend Amber Marlow is writing a bazillion of them and all so far have been delightful. If only Rob read all the blogs that I read...

3. Coworker PK's adorable and amazing puppy has moved on to her advanced training. I went with PK last week to drop her off and it was a crazy combination of heart-warming and heart-wrenching. She was so happy to be there!! PK was trying to have a nice goodbye moment with her but she was too concerned with collecting every toy in the room. I will miss her so much but I know she's on to do bigger, better things with her life!

I think they will miss each other the most

4. Wait a minute. Did I tell you the deck is done? What the hell, E. Well... it's done!! Just in time for the snow to cover it for the next 6 months! Once the warm weather hits there will be no delay, we can plunk our fannies down and enjoy that SOB like it was meant to be! You're invited. Bring chips.

Before! What a mess! I miss the sun...

After! Stupid grey sky...

5. Links this week:

Happy weekend!

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